Reliable IT outsourcing for complex software development

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Reliable IT outsourcing for complex software development

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Reliable IT outsourcing for complex software development

Web software outsourcing is a go-to service in the modern IT market that helps businesses find the most optimal developer rates and save costs without sacrificing the end product quality. Outsourcing ultimately helps avoid a whole scope of corporate expenses for workplace organization, extra employee training, and education, and purchasing expensive hardware.Moreover, IT outsource is the best way to hire developers with expertise in a particular industry domain.

Dedicated team

Suppose you are looking for top-level developer outsourcing. We employ seasoned specialists of all relevant specializations, with in-depth expertise in their profiled niches and years of specific domain experience. From web and mobile backend/frontend/full-stack developers and QA engineers to UI/UX designers, project managers, and system administrators — we provide top-notch experts and all types of outsourcing services.

Services scope

At DICEUS, we offer the widest range of customer software development, implementation, consulting, maintenance and support, and optimization outsourcing services. We can set off a full-on outsourced project to be handled top-to-bottom, implementing basic software architecture, drawing up user-inviting UI/UX design, covering functioning software with manual and automated tests, and deploying it in the market.

Digital transformation

In today’s fierce market conditions, it’s crucial to keep all business activities and structure up-to-date to offer customers and clients something genuinely outstanding and outrun the competition. Namely, we can offer you effective IT outsourcing solutions empowered with advanced technologies and the latest software trends, such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, big data, blockchain, and the Internet of Things.

Quality guarantee

In terms of IT development outsourcing provided by our specialists, we offer guaranteed high quality of services at all stages of collaboration. In particular, we have knowledgeable experts to take up requirements management, and we always set up consistent communication with the client throughout the project completion. Our project managers have all the tools and capabilities to provide analyses and reports on all project specifics.

Software Development Outsourcing

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Software Development Outsourcing

We are an outsourcing company of your choice if you are looking for software IT outsourcing that won’t make you go bankrupt while getting the top-notch quality of service and a highly competitive software solution to hit the market.

We have been adjusting our IT outsourcing service and the way of providing business-boosting capabilities for years to help you reach new market horizons and improve overall performance. Contact us right now to find out the approximate terms and costs of your outsource product development.

Benefits of outsourcing IT services

Turning to a reputable outsourcing software company is an ultimate way to streamline your business here and now without going too far and spending too much. We provide all the opportunities for you to save on unnecessary expenses, employ specialists that focus on core areas of development and technologies they excel at, get access to niche-specific resources, and much more.

High quality

Our portal development company developers are continually raising their expertise level, from time to time, attending various IT conferences, and independently researching modern technologies. This is reflected in the quality of their work. Instead of trivial, stereotyped solutions that are often found among developers from India, our clients receive unique projects that later occupy top niche positions.

Cost savings

You shouldn’t necessarily go for the most expensive service provider to get efficient collaboration and competitive product quality. Due to the difference in wages, infrastructure levels, and rates by geographical locations, you get an excellent opportunity to complete a project at a fraction of the cost an American company would require. Our outsourced specialists will help you get better quality at a lower cost.

Streamlined performance

Profiled specialists that are savvy in particular fields of software development and implementation do a much better job at handling particular approaches than “universal experts” that want to cover everything at once. We have experts with years of experience and expertise training in narrow technological and business management practices to help you achieve top results fast.

Faster implementation

Due to different time zones and hiring specialists for achieving particular goals, you get an ultimately accelerated workflow and project completion in the shortest terms possible. Outsourcing of software creation always comes out faster than handling full-cycle project development — outsourced experts can literally work. At the same time, you rest assured, while the narrow specialization helps them focus on core tasks.

No turnover risks

By hiring a software outsource company, you are guaranteed to get the job done without switching contractors — no more employee turnover, which spawns plenty of project-undermining risks and extra costs. Outsourced workflow is consistent and implies completing specific tasks within particular time frames from the get-go, smoothing out all operations, and helping avoid any interruptions or risks.

Our IT outsourcing services

Our outsource software development company offers a cost-efficient yet highly qualified IT workforce for hire. We will gather a team dedicated to your particular project needs to achieve the most business-relevant outcomes.

Requirements and planningIt is crucial to settle with your exact project requirements and the overall vision of the project at the initial stages of collaboration in order to achieve the best results and meet your particular expectations.
Design and architectureReliable software needs a sturdy foundation. In terms of outsourcing software development services, we offer experienced designers and software engineers that will build firm pillars to support your end product.
Frontend and backendLet dedicated specialists handle all the crucial parts of your future software solution. Our IT oursource company will build a high-performance, stress load-resistant back end and equip it with a front end that’s based on the latest trends.
QA and testingEnsuring that everything works the way it should after implementing a project’s functional part is paramount to the overall success. We provide both manual and automated testing services to ensure the highest quality.
DeploymentTo make things easier for you, we will also help you deploy the finished solution properly in its field of operation. We know how to organize a product release and market introduction most properly.
Further supportWe are not dropping your project along the way — you can count on us in terms of continuous tech support and software maintenance long after the product completion. We will also consult you where need be.

What impacts your project duration

Handling a project cycle in the shortest terms is an effort that requires thorough planning and preparation. With realistic expectations and a well-thought-out schedule in hand, it’s pretty possible to achieve. The following points figured out timely can help minimize your project development duration.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms
  • Pre-defined budget

What affects your project costs

The project budget is a crucial thing to be approximated and calculated beforehand. Many underlying specifics depend on it. It’s important to go through the following aspects to avoid unpredictable expenses along the way.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team
  • Change requests

What we need from your side

You know best what you are expecting to see as a result of the project completion. That’s why your direct participation is yet another crucial workflow moment. It’s best that you are able to provide the vision of the following points.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)
  • Budget scope

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What is an IT outsourcing company?

Hiring a company that provides outsourcing services for software, you hire a professional assisting force ready to streamline the required processes with the narrow-field specialization. DICEUS is an IT outsourcing services company that can take your internal business tasks and handle them with the help of dedicated expertise so that you save time, costs and focus on the underlying business management tasks.

How does an IT outsourcing company work?

An outsource software development company gathers custom third-party teams of profiled specialists with the client’s particular business goals, project specifics, and requirements in mind. We compose a team for handling your tasks based on your budget, goals, needs, and expectations. This allows for achieving the most individualized approach and delivering results that satisfy the client all around.

How do I choose an outsourcing partner?

When it comes to software outsource, you should look for a reputable, reliable, and tested provider that doesn’t put its status as a defining aspect of services pricing and cooperation conditions. DICEUS is your information technology outsource partner in handling rough business patches, optimizing software solutions of any complexity, and building complete software solutions or separate assets from scratch at the most optimal price-quality ratio.

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