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Project management

We use best practices to create project management solutions for the construction industry. Manage projects, plan, track time and resources, coordinate teams and contractors with bespoke solutions from DICEUS. Our team can develop both desktop and mobile versions of software to automate your everyday work with projects.

Cost estimation

The construction and engineering industry is rather complicated that requires accurate estimations of time, costs, and efforts. We create such solutions that can do those things in one place, including basic and custom features according to your needs. In addition, our team has experience building robust accounting platforms to run financial processes effectively.

Custom construction software

Our team develops custom-tailored ERP software with all the features you would like to use for better planning, estimations, time tracking, project monitoring, and lots of other purposes. Thanks to the in-depth business analysis, we will build a comprehensive roadmap to deliver the solution that meets your needs and requirements.

Business process management

We build sophisticated BPM systems that help companies manage all business processes and adapt them to changes. Besides, we offer data migration, cloud migration, legacy system modernization, system integration services to help our customers stay competitive and manage their business processes in the most efficient way, using innovative technologies.

Equipment management software

Track construction assets onsite and offsite with the help of cloud-based equipment management software. We can build solutions powered and integrated with GPS tracking, real-time analytics, and IoT technology. Such solutions make equipment management processes simpler and efficient.

Scheduling software solutions

Scheduling modules or standalone scheduling software for the construction industry helps organize shifts and appointments, time and attendance monitoring, accounting, and many more. Our analysts will explore your existing software and come up with the optimal solution for integration, optimization, or modernization.

Today, the construction industry faces many challenges: the shortage of workforce, gaps between demand and supply, bids and deals loss, time overrun, and others. Rethinking business models and operations are what most construction companies do nowadays. Innovative technology is something that could change the way they are doing business remarkably. We are a construction software development company providing business analysis, consulting, development, design, and testing services.

According to Deloitte

Talent and material price volatility may continue to defy the construction industry. However, technology has the potential to help companies build the spaces, homes, and cities of tomorrow.

According to Ernst and Young

The construction niche addresses the issues related to low productivity and margins, but digital disruption can help. Businesses have to focus on the legacy issues and plan their digital future.

According to McKinsey

Lagging construction productivity costs the global economy $1,6 trillion a year.

According to DICEUS

Custom construction software solutions development may help you seize new opportunities, stay competitive, and become more productive.

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Benefits of cooperation with DICEUS construction software developers

Regular reporting

Our project managers provide customers with real-time information about the work progress and release updates. In addition to regular project status reports, you will get reports on the pre-defined metrics that help measure the quality of the services and solutions delivered.

Agile development

With agile methodology, the development is performed in sprints that usually last from 1 to 4 weeks. It means that the process is iterative, which speeds up the time-to-market. Before the development starts, we provide you with a work breakdown structure and a critical path analysis.

Focus on results

We are a result-oriented company that values the time and resources our clients spend on their projects. Our mature software development life cycle allows us to deliver the software solutions on time, scope, and budget with minimal risks.

Flexibility and scalability

We strive to do your cooperation with us as comfortably as possible thatā€™s why we offer various cooperation models, including fixed price, Time and Material, dedicated team. Our offering includes staff augmentation services if you need to quickly hire construction software developers.

Our construction software development process

At DICEUS, we offer construction industry software applications delivered on time, scope, and budget. Hereā€™s how it works.

Business analysisWe build software for construction industry in accordance with your specific needs and requirements. First off, our business analysts conduct in-depth research on your niche. Based on the analysis, you will get detailed software specifications and requirements for approval.
Software developmentDICEUS specialists have experience working with construction enterprises and developing bespoke software for them. Our industry experts work closely with analysts, architects, and developers to communicate the key challenges of the niche and find the best solutions jointly.
QA and testingOur QA engineers examine and measure the quality of all solutions we develop for our customers in the construction industry. You will be able to look through the testing documentation and get reports on recent fixes and changes.
Maintenance and supportWe provide a full range of maintenance and tech support services to improve your software, add new features, or just fix something. For support purposes, we have many flexible options like on-call, during some hours on business days, or 24×7 support.

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Frequently asked questions

What IT solutions for construction industry do you offer?

We develop all types of construction software products for desktop and mobile. They can be empowered with the most innovative technologies like big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. Based on your needs, we offer custom development, system integration, legacy system modernization, upgrades, and other related services.

What is the best construction project management software?

The best construction project management software is the one that meets your everyday needs and challenges. It should comply with your processes and automate those as much as possible. If you have any specific operations, it would be better to build a bespoke solution.

Do you offer legacy software optimization?

Today, every industry evolves as technology solutions offer an ocean of opportunities to grow and innovate. To stay competitive and productive, you must go with the times and reinvent how you manage construction projects and business in general. We help companies optimize and upgrade their software to be as efficient as possible.

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