IT infrastructure outsourcing 

In today's digitally-powered world, achieving business success is impossible without employing an efficiently functioning IT environment. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (to say nothing of startups on short commons) can’t afford to keep an IT department on their regular payroll. The only way out for them is to hire an IT outsourcing company to take care of their digital assets. 

Our IT infrastructure outsourcing services 

An organization’s IT environment includes professional software (web and mobile apps, website, database, ERP, CRM, and other solutions), hardware (computers, printers, scanners, servers, etc.), and the network that links the equipment. IT outsourcing services provided by DICEUS cover multiple aspects and details of the development and management of this ecosystem.  

IT infrastructure audit 

Being created by various developers at different times, a typical IT environment of an enterprise is an intricate system where some elements operate well while others underperform. A qualified team of our experts will thoroughly analyze its current state, identify the existing bottlenecks, and outline the strategy for doctoring the detected inadequacies. 

IT infrastructure design 

IT infrastructure’s architecture and functioning can help you solve all your business tasks efficiently. To achieve it, our seasoned specialists formulate technical requirements for the system, define the tech stack and other resources necessary for its seamless operation, develop the infrastructure’s scheme, and provide its end-to-end implementation. 

New processes development 

If your legacy infrastructure is beyond repair, we can create a new one for your enterprise. This job covers the entire infrastructure development life cycle – from devising a comprehensive plan for building a new system and assessing involved risks to setting up and configuring an efficient environment where all elements integrate and play well with each other. 

Cloud management 

On-premises IT environments live on borrowed time. Organizations that seek to hydrate the cloud will find the full scope of support from us, including consulting on the choice of the provider (AWS, Azure, or any other brand), data and application migration, configuring the new cloud environment, and guaranteeing the integration of all solutions within the cloud-powered infrastructure.

Security services 

Cyber security is one of the primary concerns for modern organizations with a digital footprint. We administer a full cycle of security measures (system and software security audits, penetration testing, encryption, authorization, etc.) to protect our customers’ IT environment, minimize infrastructure compromise chances, and avoid the leakage of business, financial, and personal data.  

Helpdesk support 

We provide round-the-clock L1, L2, and L3 support for your IT ecosystem for all stakeholders. Your employees can apply for assistance and advice about the functioning or malfunctioning of your enterprise’s digital assets, and our vetted experts will help them handle the problem and offer troubleshooting, root cause analysis, code-fixing measures, and issue recurrence prevention. 

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Our benefits  

Outsourcing is a viable engagement model that has been gaining ever-increasing traction within the high-tech field. By outsourcing IT infrastructure services to a competent vendor, you can enjoy the following boons. 

Cost efficiency 

An in-house IT department is a big-ticket item. By setting up one, you must splurge on working space, equipment, and utilities, to say nothing of personnel-related expenditures (training, sick leaves, vacations, etc.). If you opt for the outsourcing model, you will have to pay only for the job done by the third-party team and save on all other costs. 

Maintaining core business focus 

Owners of non-tech businesses have a lot of tasks and responsibilities to attend to, so they don’t have time to go deep into the IT realm and learn its nuts and bolts. By hiring qualified infrastructure vendors, they can leave all high-tech issues in competent hands and direct their efforts and resources to business spheres where they excel. 

Access to unlimited workforce 

Outsourcing opens the door to the global IT talent pool. Now in your high-tech personnel search, you aren’t confined by the boundaries of your city, region, country, or even continent. You can find a first-rate vendor hailing from the other side of the planet whose level of expertise and price suit your financial and quality requirements to a tee. 

Short time to market

Infrastructure outsourcing is just what the doctor ordered if you count on the quickest implementation of IT environment design, optimization, management, audit, support, etc. By choosing a dedicated team outsourcing scheme, you immediately obtain a crew of high-profile professionals at your disposal. They will start working at once to complete the project as soon as possible. 

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Factors affecting the cost of IT infrastructure services 

Enterprises looking for outsourced IT infrastructure services consider cost reduction as the major benefit this approach ushers in. We can precisely assess the budget you will have to allocate for it after we become aware of the following details. 

  • Project scope and complexity 
  • The urgency of project completion 
  • Tech stack the project will require 
  • Engagement model you prefer (Dedicated Team or Time & Material) 
  • Type and level of IT infrastructure services you expect to receive 

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How to start outsourcing IT infrastructure services 

Given the ocean of vendors present in the IT outsourcing market, selecting the optimal one is never a cakewalk. What should you do to find the best fit for your needs and wallet size? 

Tip 1. Come to grips with your expectations Before you actually begin your headhunt, you should understand what outcome you want to obtain. That is why you should start with identifying functional, technical, and business requirements for your future IT infrastructure. These must become your guide in further search of a vendor. 
Tip 2. Analyze the market Comb out Clutch, GoodFirms, and other reliable vendor-rating platforms and focus on top-ranked companies with good reviews. Involving other niche sites (like Forrester and Gartner) where research papers and industry publications are displayed, you will be able to narrow the list of potential candidates to three or four names. 
Tip 3. Scrutinize the portfolios Each position on your preliminary roster should be thoroughly examined. The major characteristics of vendors to consider are the length of their presence on the market, industry experience, the tech stack they are competent in, workforce qualification, and pricing policy. 
Tip 4. Personal contact is the key However excellent a company’s site content may be, it is face-to-face (even if it is remote) conversation that will help you form your opinion of the potential partner. During it, you will not only figure out particular cooperation details but also gauge their readiness to showcase the completed project samples, the staff’s attitude, and their soft skills.
Tip 5. Get in touch with the previous customers You should start by studying reviews given on the vendor’s site. Then, set up communication sessions to speak to the ex-clients and learn how accurate the information displayed on the site is and how satisfied they are with the cooperation process and results.  
Tip 6. Pay attention to geography With access to the global bank of IT vendors, their location matters greatly. The wisest choice here will be a company from the country with minimal time zone difference from yours whose price/quality ratio is the most optimal.

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What is IT infrastructure outsourcing? 

In general, outsourcing as an engagement model presupposes hiring third-party specialists to do some pipeline activities for an organization. IT infrastructure outsourcing boils down to commissioning the services of a high-tech vendor related to the analysis, design, development, management, and support of a company’s digital assets as well as providing their security and cloud migration. 

Why do businesses choose to outsource their IT infrastructure? 

Training, maintaining, financing, and managing an in-house IT department that would take care of the enterprise’s infrastructure is costly and burdensome. By hiring an outsourced team, you immediately obtain a team of vetted experts with the best price/quality ratio who will do their utmost to complete the project as soon as possible and free your energy to deal with other urgent matters.  

What are the 3 primary components of IT infrastructure? 

An organization’s IT environment consists of hardware assets (PCs, servers, routers, printers, scanners, switches, and other equipment), software assets (all kinds of professional apps, websites, and other enterprise solutions like CRMs, ERPs, databanks), and networking facilities that connect machinery and workstations with software housed in them. 

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