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Banking loan software solutions

Today, retail and SMBs banks and corporate business banks are in need of efficient software solutions to offer their customers the best experience in every banking service and product. Loan management is currently facing challenges like the lack of proper fraud monitoring, long loan decision processing cycle, gaps in customer support, legacy interfaces, and many more. Our custom development services for banks include business analysis, UI/UX, design and development, legacy system modernization, integration, testing. And we will be happy to help you overcome your challenges.

Fintech money lending software

We actively partner with fintech companies to build new-generation applications and software solutions for the banking and financial sectors. Fintech is changing the global financial landscape by giving the world new fast and super-intelligent solutions for payments, lending, money transfers, and many more. We have expertise in artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, blockchain, machine learning, IoT, and many more. Each of these technologies can be used to build new-level lending management software offering fast loan lifecycles, secure data processing, regulatory compliance, and high operational efficiency.

Loan module in core banking

We have experience modernizing, integrating, and customizing digital lending platforms for core banking systems like Oracle FLEXCUBE. Driven by new regulations, policies, and standards, banks have to regularly audit loan origination, lending management, decision engines, debt collection systems, and other functional modules. Being an official Oracle partner and having expertise in other core banking systems, we provide professional core banking and lending software development services for all types of banks globally.

Loan decisioning software

Considering borrowers’ needs in faster loan approval decisions, lenders start harnessing new technologies like artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to build intelligent and automated lending software for banks, financial companies, mortgage firms, and credit unions. New solutions should ensure better risk management, improved customer relationships management, and higher return rates. Our lending software development company offers end-to-end custom development and expertise to meet your lending software project needs in the shortest time possible.

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Benefits of custom money lending software

Detailed client overview

Most modern fintech solutions for lending provide a holistic view of a customer to make it easier for relationship managers to offer the most suitable credit products. Such features are usually realized with the help of artificial intelligence implementation, which allows analyzing clients’ needs and recommending them the relevant products as well as forecasting future demands. Predictive analytics is also used to help banks and financial companies build effective new product development strategies.

Smart deal dashboards

Custom lending software development ensures the supply of all necessary modules to quickly manage loans for retail and corporate customers. Deal dashboards are one of the best solutions to track the status of the credit deal, monitor tasks, and receive data-driven next action recommendations with the help of predictive analytics. Loan management in one centralized place reduces the time for a loan approval decision, ensures quick responses to customer requests, and eliminates the high workload of relationship managers.

Shortened loan lifecycle

Lenders are actively searching for the best ways to shorten the loan lifecycle time and provide their customers with a better experience. And that’s possible to reduce the loan processing time from weeks to days by automating data aggregation, enabling stronger verification processes, automating the documentation flow and processing, integrating lending software solutions with existing systems. Our team can do that for you by using our knowledge, skills, and expertise in lending software.

Improved customer experience

High satisfaction with company services and products can be reached only by providing excellent customer support and on-time response to customer requests, needs, and demands. Modern custom or customized off-the-shelf loan software solutions can help you reduce customer churn, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. We will help you identify the gaps in your customers’ experience and develop the solution that will bridge those soon.

Our custom money lending software development process

Discovery phaseYou might know that loan management software is quite a complicated system consisting of many important modules like lending origination and onboarding, loan decision engines, loan calculation modules, and many more. Thus, we start with a thorough business analysis and in-depth discovery of your lending lifecycle. Our analysts explore how you verify customers, check their credit history, score and rate them, service and report loans, collect payments, etc. Based on the BA findings and your initial requirements, we’ll come up with specifications.
Design and developmentAs soon as software specifications are agreed upon, the team can proceed to the development following the project roadmap and work breakdown structure. The client, in his turn, is always aware of what is going on as we send regular project status reports with pre-defined metrics to measure the performance and quality. Our software development life cycle is mature, with a well-defined change request management procedure. In case you would like to make any changes, we will provide you with detailed impact analysis.
Testing and UATTesting is performed starting from the very first stages of the project. Our test engineers are experienced in all types of testing and guarantee on-time bug detection and fixing. Before the project start, you will get a detailed testing strategy developed concerning your project scope, complexity, and requirements. User acceptance testing is also a crucial stage based on the acceptance criteria list created beforehand. In such a way, we can measure customer satisfaction before the deployment and product release.
Deployment and launchTo successfully deploy your loan management software, we will need to check your IT infrastructure for any technical issues and gaps. Based on the audit findings, we will give you respective recommendations on fixing the problems and prepare for the deployment phase. We will also need the involvement of the employees responsible for the deployment from your side. For a successful launch, we also prepare user documentation if it was agreed on the initial project stages.

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What impacts your project duration

The duration of lending software development depends mainly on the number of functionalities you would like to realize. Here is a list of other factors affecting the project time.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected time-to-market
  • Team composition
  • Chosen platforms and technology stack
  • Integration needs

What affects your project costs

The price of lending software development is affected by the following things.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

Banking and financial projects especially require involvement from the client-side. Usually, we need at least several hours per week from you during the requirements gathering sessions and formalizing the specification. Here is the list of basic things we need from you.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available, for example, software architecture and mockups
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)
  • Project deadlines

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Frequently asked questions

What is a loan management system?

A loan management system is an automated software solution providing back-office and front-office support for banks and financial institutions in managing and servicing credits. Today, these systems are evolving in cloud-hosted and AI-based powerful machines that can significantly improve customer experience and improve banks’ performance.

How do I set up a loan management system?

The answer depends on what type of user you are, a bank, a small credit union, or an individual borrower. For all targeted users, loan management looks differently. It can be a huge module as a part of your core banking or a simple mobile app for a retail customer. We will provide you with professional consulting on setting up lending software if you are a bank or a financial institution.

What are the four types of loans?

First off, you should differentiate between personal and corporate loans. The former can be of four types: unsecured personal loans, secured personal loans, fixed-rate loans, variable-rate loans. Corporate loan types are bridging facilities, overdrafts, term loans, swingline facilities, and other. Depending on the type of loans your business provides, we can offer you the best custom-designed software solution.

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