Android application development services

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Android app development, along with iOS app development, is one of the most popular software development services in the world. Indeed, due to the constant growth in the number of mobile users, many business owners launch Android-based apps – both as an addition to existing services and as independent commercial products. Outsource Android development to real experts able to implement the most daring business ideas.

Android application development services

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Android application development services

Custom Android apps

Custom Android app development requires not only a high level of expertise from programmers but also sufficient creativity. At the end of the day, you get not just a working software solution, but a product that will favorably differ from existing ones and can compete with them. Hire us to get the best Android app outsourcing team to implement any scope of your business ideas.

Android App design

The design of Android platform solutions has its nuances. It is crucial that the app fully complies with the principles of Material Design. Then, there’s expertise in the specifics of Android devices interface to get intuitive and simple navigation for an ordinary Android device owner. Our Android app development agency is ready to take on projects of any complexity and purpose.

Web-based apps

Web app development is a time-consuming and complicated process that requires the effort of several specialists’ teams at once. Some of them work on the front-end; some build the back-end; some are engaged in the design, and others – test readymade software. Given the whole scope of work, product owners should go only for experienced Android app development outsourcing specialists.

Android app testing

To get a high-quality Android application that works without failures, QA testers of our Android app development USA team cover the program code with test cases and check it for bugs. If bugs are found, the application is sent for rework and then re-tested, until bugs are absent in test scripts. This approach ensures that the product is sturdy and stable enough for performance in the field.

If you want to get a team of highly qualified specialists who will carefully study your business requirements and make every effort to create the best Android application, contact the representative of our Android application development company right now.

We have gathered in our company experienced Android developers who constantly improve their tech skills and offer the best Android application development services at the most affordable price. Estimate the budget of your project by contacting our managers.

Android application development

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Android application development

Benefits of android app development services

To get the most competitive Android application, it is important to find not only experienced specialists but also to conduct a thorough market analysis and identify already existing top solutions in a specific niche. Your Android mobile app development team may have to reproduce some functionality, but doing this seldom results in making the final app look authentic. Contact us to get the solution closely matching your preferences and needs.

Android expertise

Our specialists boast more than five years of experience in Android applications development. We constantly follow leading IT market trends, explore new tools, and improve our skills. Our specialists also attend international conferences from time to time to acquire new experience from their Western colleagues. As a result, the solutions we create are competitive, easy to use, and adapted for further modernization.

Industry knowledge

Before the Android mobile application development cycle, we carefully study your business niche and target audience. This helps us achieve maximum focus on the end user, as well as ensure that the created solution has a stable position among its competitors. Also, the high quality of the application allows its owners to invest less costs in marketing and advertising – the launched product will simply sell itself.

Intuitive design

We always try to find a compromise between the application looks and usability, especially when its target audience is quite diverse. For this, our team uses individual approaches, worked out over years of continuous experience. As a result, even the most complex native Android application’s functionality is presented in an extremely intuitive format, and end users do not have to study manuals to learn how to work with it.

High quality

Reliability, availability, and scalability of created solutions are the main principles of our Android app development company. We never sacrifice quality to offer our clients the lowest rates, as developers from the Third World countries do. Along with this, we constantly monitor the rates of our Western colleagues to provide much more favorable cooperation conditions.

Our android application development services

Usually, the Android application development process for any mobile platforms consists of several stages. In our team, a group of specialists is responsible for the implementation of each of these stages. This helps to achieve not only the highest quality of the final solution but also the fastest possible launch date, since only independent groups can optimize the software without interrupting the main work processes. There are four main stages of Android app development services.

Requirements gatheringCollecting requirements allows us to formalize the product owner vision and get an accurate list of technical specifications for a future application. To do this, we conduct interviews with the product owner representative or personally with him or her, and collect data based on the current state of the particular business niche. This approach helps us create a top-end, cost-efficient, and user-oriented Android software solution that is in no way inferior to its competitors.
Wireframing and designTo eliminate costly reworks at the last stages of the Android app development process and to speed up the time to market, we create an interactive template and then demonstrate it to the client. Thus, the product owner gets the opportunity to check whether the developers’ vision (based on the list of tech specifications) matches his or her personal vision of the product and, if necessary, adjust the requirements. It will not take long and will help reduce the total number of edits.
Development and testingDevelopment and testing of an Android application requires the participation of several independent specialist teams that work on the project simultaneously. This approach makes the Android app creating process seamless and speeds up the launch of the readymade solution in the market. Also, our QA specialists constantly test each new added feature to minimize the likelihood of finding bugs after product launching and presenting it to the target audience.
Deployment and maintenanceYou do not have to worry about taking responsibility for deploying your readymade Android platform solution and uploading it to online app stores (in particular, Google Play) – we will do that for you. If necessary, you can also always contact us for technical support and application modernization services, which is quite a natural necessity in the context of constantly changing technological trends. We guarantee you an affordable pricing policy and high efficiency.

What impacts your project duration

Only a few of our clients have a clear idea of the product’s time to market. Let us find out what factors influence the length of the custom Android development process.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms
  • Number of unique features

What affects your project costs

The project budget is usually discussed at the very beginning of cooperation – at the stage of drawing up technical requirements. Find out what other aspects affect the development cost.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team
  • The number of change requests

What we need from your side

You cannot take any part in the project development process. The main thing for us is to get a complete list of product requirements and your own opinion about the desired results.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)

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Frequently asked questions

How can I verify my Android app idea?

If you have a great business idea for your future Android application and have a plan to implement it, the first thing you must do is find a team of experienced Android developers. They will conduct a thorough market analysis to identify competitors and eliminate the likelihood of launching a duplicate application, which usually just takes a lot of your time and money and does not bring any profit.

Which technologies and tools do you use?

Our specialists use the most modern approaches and tools for Android development, ranging from authentic solutions developed by Google specialists to more universal ones that help create cross-platform applications. This type of application is suitable for use also on iPhone devices and is considered many times more cost-efficient than native software. Contact us to analyze all the benefits of both native and cross-platform solutions.

Can you help me in uploading an app to Play Store?

You do not have to worry that you will have to upload the created Android application to the Google Play Store – our tech specialists will do it for you. We will also take responsibility for promoting it within the store to leave your competitors far behind and accelerate the return on your investment. And, of course, we will take care of the in-time uploading of the updates of your Android app.

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