Software QA consulting 

The development of a software solution is a complex and effort-consuming process aimed at delivering a highly functional product of top-notch quality. Yet, even when you have a finished software piece on your table, its operation may turn out to be substandard. By commissioning quality assurance consulting services from a competent vendor, you can avoid such an outcome and guarantee the seamless operation of any type of software your enterprise relies on in its workflow. 

Reasons why you need software QA consulting 

The management of many organizations believes that all their problems related to the quality of high-tech products end with setting up an in-house IT department where QA experts are a part of the team. However, the value they bring to the company can be maximized by inviting an expert software QA consultant, especially if you notice one of the following ominous symptoms:

  • Endemic critical errors in the solutions your internal team releases, which point to an inadequate QA approach 
  • Longer than you expect time-to-market of new features or products 
  • Expertise dearth when either your QA employees lack the necessary skills with particular software architecture, design, technology, etc., or the in-house crew is understaffed 
  • The looming necessity to pass software security compliance certification (PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA), process certification (ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 13485), or QA maturity certification (TMMi Foundation, TPI NEXT® Foundation) audits 

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Scope of our software QA consulting  

DICEUS is a high-profile QA consulting company whose specialists are well-versed in all aspects of quality assurance. They have an in-depth awareness of the specifics of professional solutions in multiple industries and provide the following software QA consulting services on a turnkey basis. 

QA process set-up 

Our vetted experts analyze the fine points of your enterprise software (its architecture, functional requirements, etc.) and project delivery pipeline. With the analysis results at their fingertips, they define the testing scope, determine the testing team lineup, and come up with a testing plan, which includes cost estimation and timeline establishment. 

QA process audit and consulting 

Any professional QA consultancy has the examination of the current QA routine as a departure point. We expose bottlenecks and pitfalls of the QA process, assess its maturity by looking at the custom/TMMi/TPI model as a benchmark, propose ways of upgrading existing QA maturity, and devise a QA process revision and enhancement strategy.

Test automation set-up 

At first, a seasoned software testing consultant gauges the feasibility of implementing test automation for the project liable for QA procedure. If the study confirms the expediency of this testing method for the given solution, they outline a test automation strategy, recommend suitable testing scenarios and tools to be leveraged, and arrange for automated test data generation.  

CI/CD pipeline optimization 

In case your organization has an established CI/CD pipeline in place, software test consulting experts of DICEUS will assess its efficiency, propose measures as to its optimization, implement feedback loops, set up continuous improvement, and integrate continuous testing into the process. If such a pipeline is missing, we are ready to launch it from scratch. 

QA and testing services 

Our services aren’t limited to QA consulting only. The qualified mavens DICEUS has on its staff can provide quality assurance and testing as full-fledged services. They perform the entire scope of tests and other QA procedures using cutting-edge tools, present you with a detailed report on revealed issues, and suggest a system of moves to eliminate the flaws. 

QA optimization 

No matter how good your QA pipeline may seem to you, there is always room for improvement. To increase its efficiency, we determine quality standards relevant to your software, perform a review of your IT ecosystem, update current QA processes by automating them as much as possible, and analyze user feedback to detect problem zones and tap enhancement opportunities. 

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Why choose DICEUS for software QA consulting 

High-profile QA specialistsOur certified engineers, well-versed in the latest tech, can offer knowledgeable advice and qualified assistance in performing QA procedures for a solution of any type or complexity. 
Constant expertise upgradesQA experts of DICEUS attend professional workshops and participate in numerous development courses to hone their hands-on skills and enlarge their knowledge base. 
The broad field of competenceHaving delivered multiple projects for fintech, retail, logistics, healthcare, insurance, and other organizations, we know these industry domains’ IT needs and problems inside out. 
Full control of the hired teamWhen you sign a contract with us, you obtain a competent QA team equipped with the necessary skills and tools, which you will use at your discretion. 
Reasonable pricingWe keep our rates totally transparent with no hidden fees up the sleeve, so you can be sure no extra expenditures will appear down the line. 
Client-centric philosophyWe readily adapt to our customer’s preferences in communication schedules and channels and accept all feedback with due consideration. 

Some facts about us

2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

Our software QA consulting process 

The success of any project is largely conditioned by a properly chosen strategy for its implementation. During 13 years of presence in the IT outsourcing market, DICEUS has developed a meticulous and efficient roadmap for providing QA consulting services. 

Step 1. Discovery phase We kick off by meeting up with customer representatives and other stakeholders to learn their needs and requirements. Also, our experts study relevant documentation and examine the QA process employed by the client organization. The major deliverable of this stage is the QA assessment report, in which we determine the QA maturity level and pinpoint improvement areas. 
Step 2. Project planning With all the pertinent information at our disposal, we outline the project scope, suggest possible solutions to the problems we detected, and identify risks and limitations that may hamper project fulfillment. Then, we draw a detailed plan containing specific tasks, a timeline of their performance, target KPIs, a workforce roster that will tackle the project, and the tool kit necessary for it.  
Step 3. Project implementation After the devised plan gets the green light from the client, our QA team gets down to work hammer and tongs. We implement the proposed solutions, supervise the process to forestall potential issues, and handle those that crop up (if any). Alongside QA routine improvement, consultants ensure knowledge transfer to the customer’s QA crew in the form of a comprehensive knowledge base and training materials. 
Step 4. Post-project analysis Once the QA processes optimization has been put into effect, we review and assess the outcomes and deliverables of the project. In tight cooperation with the internal QA team, we analyze the results, reveal obstacles and bottlenecks the project encountered, and provide actionable recommendations (both technical and procedural) on how to avoid issues in the future. 
Step 5. Support and maintenance As a responsible vendor, DICEUS never calls it a day as soon as the project is over. Our consultants monitor the performance of the in-house team for some time to let it master the nuts and bolts of the enhanced QA process, offer further improvement-driving suggestions, issue relevant reports with a FAQ section, and stand by to react to possible problems on short notice.

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What is software QA consulting? 

It is the range of activities related to assisting the in-house QA team of an organization in different aspects of testing software products and ensuring their quality. As a rule, they include auditing and optimizing existing QA processes, launching such processes from scratch, CI/CD pipeline optimization, and test automation set-up. 

What are the benefits of hiring software QA consultants? 

Even if you have an internal QA team as a part of the IT department, its members may lack competence in certain technologies or software architecture types. As a result, the efficiency of the current QA pipeline may be substandard. A high-profile outsourcer will step into the breach, provide qualified advice, and take part in optimizing QA processes.  

How do I choose the right QA consulting firm? 

The selection procedure starts with analyzing your needs, requirements, and budget you are ready to allocate for consulting services. Then, you should study the market by combing out vendor-rating platforms (like Clutch or GoodFirms) and compile a shortlist of candidates. To choose the best among them, visit their sites to scrutinize portfolios, staff qualifications, experience in your niche, geographical location, and pricing policy. A good idea is to contact previous clients and discover their satisfaction with the cooperation process and outcomes.  

How long does a typical software QA consulting engagement last? 

It all depends on the nature of the service you commission. Consulting on a specific software type, QA training, or QA process audit can be completed within two weeks. QA process improvement, test automation implementation, and pre-certification QA assistance may take twice as much. The longest to perform (up to six weeks) is the QA process set-up. 

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