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DICEUS provides custom software engineering and IT outstaffing services for businesses and tech teams worldwide. With our 13-year experience in IT staffing, we guarantee hiring top professionals quickly. Our well-established sourcing, recruiting, and hiring processes ensure smooth onboarding of employees and zero attrition rate.

Hire top talents

Due to the resource and time-intensive nature of efficient recruitment, IT outstaffing provides an excellent solution for identifying highly reliable professionals from a pool of candidates that may be either over or undersaturated. By opting for outstaffing, businesses can overcome challenges in the labor market specific to their niche. This approach allows you to work with existing recruitment procedures while addressing challenges that require considerable time and effort. With outstaffing, you can conduct interviews, select the most promising candidates, and expect a reliable performance that aligns with your expectations. 

DICEUS will be happy to help scale up your team or develop your project through specialized outstaffing services.

outstaffing services

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outstaffing services

UI/UX designers

Are you seeking a software solution with a smooth, intuitive interface packed with user-friendly features and a perfectly balanced, on-point user experience? Look no further than DICEUS, an IT outstaffing company that will help you achieve this in a cost-efficient way.  The methodical and well-adapted outstaffing strategy leads to substantial cost savings when assembling a dedicated team of highly qualified specialists in the industry. Our carefully curated pool consists of experienced and dependable UI/UX designers who are ready to tackle your project with utmost dedication and professional expertise.

Frontend developers

As much as it can be rich with content, functional, and useful all around, your book (i.e., your software solution) needs a motivating, attractive cover. We provide software engineers that will help you provide smooth navigation and transitions, set the whole interface in motion properly on all required devices and platforms, properly position user-centric elements and objects, and more. For this, we individually pick available specialists from our pool of candidates according to your detailed requirements. All the needed experts get to work as soon as possible and turn your solution’s bare bones into a usable product.

Backend developers

Impressing and engaging target end users is essential. But the interface for product administrators, managers, and developers themselves is no less important. The core of your tech product or solution must be maintained properly to avoid unsolvable system conflicts and issues, prevent common errors, and keep every part of the project well-maintained. Professionals you hire through our IT outstaffing services have a sturdy, flexible backend among the top basic priorities when working on a project of any form, purpose, and complexity.

Other experts

Do you lack the particular professionals or expertise needed to tackle specific business challenges and objectives? Do you already imagine how hassle-filled recruitment and total employment of specific specialists are with your own corporate powers? Our recruitment pipeline has many IT experts to make your life ultimately easier. You no longer have to search for decent candidates that seem to be so rare in the market, interview people that won’t eventually work for you, and handle tons of recruitment and employment bureaucracy.

DICEUS is a reliable trusty outstaffing agency with 13 years of experience that can save you costs on full-blown employment and nerves on all the paperwork and corporate nuances. We provide 100% reliable candidates and help you organize and settle all the required employment specifics, including onboarding and retention.

IT outstaffing services

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IT outstaffing services

Benefits of IT outstaffing services provided by DICEUS

Outstaffing is the ultimate solution for any business seeking to either handle short-term tasks, tackle specific project aspects, or get the project done full-cycle without dedicating tons of resources to the cumbersome processes of recruitment and employment. It allows cutting down costs while having the brightest minds in the industry, bringing you guaranteed results. With all this in a bunch, you get to speed up your product’s time-to-market, achieve in-depth flexibility of cooperation with your dedicated team, get to control your hired force at every project stage.

Flexible collaboration

Professional IT outstaffing services allow for the next level of collaboration flexibility by giving you full or any other level of control over all involved workflow processes. Thus, the outstaffed talents will jump into the ongoing project without any hindering issues as well as launch a new workflow from scratch based on the best industry practices. DICEUS provides a pool of experienced software professionals who know how to efficiently set things straight in the workflow of any structure, complexity, and format.

Transparent workflow

Hiring a dedicated team through IT outstaffing, you get a team focused solely on your project and your business specifics for as much time as needed to complete the set tasks and achieve goals. Our specialists are trained to go from task to task and dive into the nuances of switching projects. You gain total control of their performance via any convenient communication and interaction channel, as well as through detailed reports composed on schedule or demand right when you wish.

Reasonable pricing

The outstaffing approach helps achieve outstanding price cuts and more than optimal labor rates through a multitude of budget-saving opportunities. You don’t need to invest in recruitment and employment processes with all the related bureaucracy, taxes, organization, workspace, hardware and software preparation, licenses, etc. With IT outstaffing, you get access to tools and tech stack that your team must use in terms of your project. All you need to cover are the affordable rates of the dedicated team.

Guaranteed quality

At DICEUS, we have a vast talent pool of outstaffing candidates that consists of highly qualified software engineers ready to take your project execution and deliver high-quality outcomes. All specialists we provide have proper certificates, extensive experience, and in-depth expertise combined with a natural passion and talent. The outstaffed dedicated team is strictly focused on the results you get from the get-go, laying the proper foundation and pushing your project.

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Our product development via IT outstaffing process

Every project is unique, calling for an individual approach, including collaboration format, tasking, project structure, lifecycle aspects, and other specifics. That is why we provide recommended outstaffing candidates that fit your particular requirements and business specifics (such as niche, product type, budget, market environment, overall complexity, etc.). However, we try to keep it structured according to the best practices of software development, leading every other project through the essential stages and phases.

Business analysisBefore the workflow is set in motion for a particular company or project, specialists need to prepare the ground and research the specifics of your business environment and company operation. For this, every project is kicked off with a thorough study of market tendencies and dynamics, similar existing competitor solutions, niche expectations and other specifics, your requirements and goals, and all the minor and major stuff related to the future project. This allows us to build a firm foundation for further implementation of the product in stages.
Design and developmentAfter completing the preliminary planning and analysis phase, designers take the reins to sketch and establish the fundamental structure of the future comprehensive product. This process involves crafting the application’s framework, often referred to as the “carcass,” which serves as the foundation for further prototyping, visual customization, and other enhancements. Once the design is finalized, it is handed over to developers and software engineers, who transform the basic software framework into a fully functional solution. This refined product is then equipped to respond to user requests and assists users in accomplishing their goals through an intuitive interface and comfortable user experience.
DeploymentWe provide outstaffing services that cover every minor and major aspect of implementing a complete product fully prepared for work in a given environment. That is why the business analysis, design, and development phases are followed by the professional deployment of your product in the proper operating environment. We will provide you with people who know how to efficiently present a fully-built product in the market and deploy it according to quality standards.
Technical supportYour hired outstaffed dedicated team will not drop your project even after its full deployment and launch. We have specialized tech support professionals that will also help keep your product stable, error-resistant, and efficient for users during its direct operation in the field. Thus, dedicated technical support specialists handle errors due to the traffic overload that may happen during the early stages of operation; mend security flaws that may appear only once the product is “out there,” update the running software and patch the holes.

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What impacts your project duration

DICEUS is a long-running outstaffing agency with strictly set internal standards of product quality, execution, and timing. We put much of our expertise into setting the shortest project duration time frames possible. To achieve the fastest time-to-market though, we also need to keep the following aspects intact.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected time-to-market
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology
  • Chosen methodology

What affects your project costs

As an experienced vendor of IT outstaffing services and various digital solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch execution for every project we undertake. The ultimate outcome of your outstaffed project will be significantly influenced by the following key factors.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time & Material, Dedicated Team
  • Number of add-ons

What we need from your side

We know how things are done in the industry and always recommend and outline the most efficient, business-profitable workflow and project completion scenarios. You can affect all involved processes positively by keeping the following aspects in line.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap, if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation, if available, for example, a test strategy or test cases
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)
  • Project deadlines

Learn more about DICEUS

2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
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Frequently asked questions

What is IT outstaffing, and how does it work?

IT outstaffing is hiring a dedicated team of software or other IT experts only for certain project tasks or a single project without actually going through full-on recruitment and employment. Basically, you “rent” the required workforce, paying only for the job done, no extra costs attached. DICEUS is a provider of dedicated outstaff teams and specialists for hire.

What are the uses of IT outstaffing services?

You may need the assistance of an outstaffed team in many different situations and circumstances. For instance, if you are looking to cut costs on a short-term project execution or you need certain specialists hired only for a particular amount of time or for the completion of specific minor or major yet few project tasks.

What is the cost of IT outstaffing?

The final pricing of your IT outstaffing effort is calculated individually and depends heavily on many particular project specifics. One thing is for sure – it is more affordable than full-on hiring a staff specialist, providing them with all the conditions for fruitful work, and paying for it all from your pocket. On top of that, at DICEUS, we help optimize costs to achieve the most optimal project rates in many ways.

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