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Vitaminise Mobile App for Insurance Vitaminise Mobile App for Insurance Vitaminise Mobile App for Insurance Vitaminise Mobile App for Insurance Vitaminise Mobile App for Insurance Vitaminise Mobile App for Insurance

Unique features

Self-service symptom checker (Avatar) Self-service symptom checker (Avatar)

Self-service symptom checker (Avatar)

The insured can report current symptoms by selecting them from a list of body avatars. Natural Language Processing helps understand patient inputs, inform about possible diagnoses, and receive a recommendation for which specialty of doctor to schedule an appointment with.


The insured can connect with doctors online instantly and get consultations, treatment plans, prescriptions, or referrals for additional exams. Moreover, more accurate diagnoses can be determined by utilizing an extended feature with clinical-grade remote physical exam devices.

Telehealth Telehealth

Voice recognitionVoice recognition

Insurers can extract policy numbers, incident descriptions, dates, and other necessary information for claims registration from customer conversations in real-time. Moreover, insurers can verify a caller's voiceprint against known fraudsters, allowing for the immediate detection and identification of fraud.

Video recognitionVideo recognition

This technology can detect fraud by analyzing the person's authenticity, monitoring driving behavior through telematics and video, and assessing claims by analyzing video proofs.

Image recognitionImage recognition

With image recognition technology, users can assess damage (property or vehicles), whereas insurers can improve underwriting by identifying details affecting risk profiles and fraud detection.

Vitaminise Mobile App recognition
Preventive Medicine Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine

Promote a healthy lifestyle and decrease the cost of claims. Insurers can encourage customers to lead a healthy life by participating in various programs and challenges and earning points for this. These points can be exchanged for discounts, gifts, free courses, health check-ups, and more.

Human-like AI-based communication

Vitaminise chatbot understands context, recognizes voice and written messages and allows clients to buy a policy or file a claim. The chatbot can communicate in multiple languages simultaneously.

Human-like AI-based communication
Digital wallet for insurance cards

Digital wallet for insurance cards

Policyholders can keep insurance cards in a digital wallet and use their policies whenever and wherever they need. Digital insurance cards can be added to Apple Wallet and Google Wallet via an ID card management functionality of the insurance company’s mobile app. Keeping cards in one secure and easily accessible place is convenient for customers, which results in enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Remote physical exams with smart clinic solutions

By integrating a mobile application with portable devices for patient examination, the insurance company will be able to provide medical examinations by clinical staff online, regardless of where the insured is and what illness he/she has—acute or chronic. Such examinations may include, for example, listening to heart and lung sounds, examining the ear and throat, measuring blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and other parameters. In addition, such solutions work on artificial intelligence and help doctors in decision-making.

Remote physical exams with smart clinic solutions

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Discover the main features of the Vitaminise Mobile App

Benefits of the Vitaminise Mobile App

For insurance companies

  • Reduced costs on customer support
  • Decreased costs of claims
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved CX and increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced paperwork and eliminated manual jobs
  • Automated key processes

For customers of insurance companies

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Access to self-service features like appointment
  • Online claim submission
  • Online quote generation and policy purchase
  • Personalized offerings and recommendations

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