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Retail apps

Seize the opportunity to attract more customers and provide more personalized service with custom retail apps. We have experience creating solutions with content-based filtering features and expertise in building relevant search algorithms for e-commerce.

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Ecommerce app

Use our retail software development services to build e-commerce solutions with intuitive UI and UX that meet your target customer needs and ever-changing market demands. Our experts will help you make the right choice of software that fits your business needs and goals.

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IT solutions for retail  

Implement IT solutions for the retail sector with DICEUS — we offer supply chain management systems, warehouse solutions, e-commerce platforms, point of sale solutions (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), and other custom-designed applications.  

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AI solutions for retail

We offer our expertise in artificial intelligence to help retailers get a better overview of their supply chains and inventory, reduce the number of workforces needed to track delivery, predict customer demands accurately, categorize products and services better, and provide personalized customer support.

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POS software

Discover what is possible for your retail store, restaurant, or brand with our retail software development services. We have expertise in building a variety of POS features: in-store or on the go payment processing, contactless payments, multiple payment methods, customer-facing display, and many more.

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CRM systems

We build and integrate customer relationships management systems (CRMs) with advanced analytics to analyze historical and real-time customer data and predict future demands, trends, and preferences. 360-degree view systems can improve customer retention rate and your business revenue significantly.

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Payment gateway integration

Modern fintech is full of great solutions for payments and wallet integration. We offer our expertise in payment gateway development and integration concerning your current and future business requirements in scaling up, fraud detection, compliance, and others.

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Total global retail sales are growing rapidly and are expected to reach 26.69 trillion U.S. dollars by 2022. Obviously, the reason for that boost is not only the growth of consumerism as a phenomenon but also the evolution of next-generation technologies that improve retailers. Such technologies as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and others make it possible to rise to the challenges posed by digital disruption, evolving customer expectations, employee attrition, inefficient internal communication. Our retail software development company offers a wide range of custom development services to help you meet the challenges and grow.

According to KPMG

Even before COVID-19, it was becoming increasingly clear that store-based retailing has passed its zenith.

According to Deloitte

It seems that for 2020, those retailers who prepare for the worst will likely fare the best.

According to Accenture

83% of retail executives agree that the integration of customization and on-demand delivery will mark the next big wave of competitive advantage.

According to EY

Today and tomorrow, successful retailers will be those that achieve the perfect balance between relevance, agility, efficiency and risk.

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Key advantages to choose DICEUS for retail software development services

Retail expertise

Our team is always willing to help retailers tackle their industry challenges using the latest technologies expertise and our end-to-end custom development services. We have experience developing, testing, integrating AI-based solutions for retail, predictive analytics, point of sale software, recommender systems, and many more. Book a free call to get professional IT consulting for your retail business.

Guaranteed outcomes

Unlike many other software outsourcing vendors, we guarantee the expected project outcomes. We’ve made it possible by establishing a quality-driven software development life cycle encompassing all critical stages and adherence to quality standards. In the initial stages, we provide you with a project roadmap and work breakdown structure to demonstrate which smaller parts your project is made up of.

Quality focus

High quality of the product and alignment with requirements are ensured by a well-defined quality assurance process, testing, and effective internal communication between testers and developers. Our test engineers are highly-skilled in all types of manual and automated testing of retail software solutions.

Full-range services

Here at DICEUS, we deliver software on time, spec, and budget because we build a mature process of software development. Also, that is possible because of our wide custom software development service suite that counts more than 20 services that match any IT service need, including data migration, system integration, UI/UX design, legacy system modernization, and many more.

Our retail software development process

Our well-defined software development processes allow us to guarantee high-quality project outcomes. Every retail software project requires following a sequence of stages like business analysis and requirements capturing, design stage, execution, testing, deployment. If a client needs further technical support or maintenance, we are always ready to provide that with multiple options at your disposal.

AnalysisDepending on your retail business specifics, we select the right approach to business analysis to gather all project requirements. Next, we use these functional and non-functional requirements as a basis for writing software specification that is agreed upon with a client. Ultimately, if everything, including design, is approved from the client-side, we can proceed to development.
DevelopmentBefore this phase, we select and approve with you the team composition, concerning the required skills, seniority level of developers, technology stack, project manager’s competencies, etc. Most of our PMs have PMI certificates; they are responsible for clearly communicating project requirements and goals to the team. For all clients, we offer a customer portal to control the project progress.
TestingAt the project start, our QA specialists develop the testing strategy and plan that are followed throughout the development process. We define and document the needed manual testing types or automated tests to cover all test cases associated with your retail software product.
DeploymentWe check your IT environment before the deployment date to identify all existing gaps and technical issues that impede successful deployment. After the analysis, we provide you with the list of such issues and recommendations on fixing them most efficiently.
SupportWe provide end-to-end technical support with multiple options and maintenance services in case you would like to add new features to your retail software product or integrate it with third-party applications. Reach us out to get consulting on software support options.

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Frequently asked questions

What is retail and ecommerce software solutions?

These are software products, either custom-designed or out-of-the-box, that are used by a retail business for enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, customer relationship management, payments, and many more. Our retail software development company offers the fullest range of custom development and integration services for retailers.

What services does a retail software company offer?

Retail software development companies usually offer design, development, testing, integration, and legacy system modernization services. Besides, these companies should have strong expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, business intelligence, blockchain, robotic process automation, predictive analytics, etc.

How much time will it take you to develop my retail software?

The time of an IT project for the retail sector depends on the complexity of the project, i.e., if you need a simple mobile app for a small e-commerce startup, it will take a few months. In case it is an enterprise-level ERP, it could take up from multiple months to a year. Contact us to get an accurate estimation of your project.

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