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Retail enterprise apps

DICEUS is a seasoned provider of retail app development that has been delivering applications of various complexity for middle-sized and large businesses. We have a pool of savvy, experienced specialists that know how to create high-performing, intuitive, inviting retail solutions with market-defining design and development techniques. We can help you tackle any retail niche and outrun your competitors with an app that runs smoothly, motivates users to make convenient purchases online, and makes your business management easier.

Retail apps for startups

The market of modern startups is rich with fierce competition, which makes it quite difficult for entirely new projects seeking recognition in their target niche to make it. To boost your promotional powers, you can start impressing potential users and customers with an outstanding retail software solution. A high-quality retail app is an indicator of a serious-minded, customer-focused retail startup. This is why, at DICEUS, we put a heavy focus on elaborating our e-commerce development techniques, honing our team skills, and delivering top-of-the-line products.

In-store retail apps

The modern age of technology and all-around Internet connection gives us great business-boosting opportunities to explore. Are you looking to reinforce the productivity and convenience of your brick-and-mortar store to ultimately increase sales? We have specialized professionals to help you equip it with a versatile in-store retail solution. It will allow customers to shop at your store in full comfort while easily browsing through the whole assortment of your offers and readily getting all the information they need via a fast, responsive, automated app.

E-commerce apps

When it comes to retail application development, DICEUS has a well-formed stack of e-commerce technologies and tools which, combined with the expertise and experience of our specialists, help us achieve the sturdiest, smoothest-running software solutions at reasonable costs. We build everything from basic one-page stores to full-on online shops with any extent of assortment to large online marketplaces. With profiled consulting among our major services, we can also point you in the most cost-efficient, business-boosting direction when building a new app.

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Benefits of retail app development with us

Quick time to market

We can help you achieve the shortest development lifecycle and fastest time to market for your product by putting well-tried and tested techniques and approaches into practice. In particular, we tailor well-formed workflows to specific project needs and requirements, which helps us maintain cost-efficient, highly productive development cycles that run smoothly and bring finalized results in the shortest terms.

Predictable budget

Due to a professional approach to planning the project workflow and the support of flexible collaboration models, we can calculate the most closely approximate budget at the early stage of the project. This will help avoid numerous risks and pitfalls, granting transparent costs, clear milestones, and a full vision of the project or startup potential. You can already start estimating the scope of costs you will need to cover by contacting us right now to discuss what you have on the agenda.

Regular reporting

One of the major philosophies of our retail mobile app development practice is keeping everything as transparent as possible. By constantly keeping you in the know, we can achieve the best results, precisely matching your requirements and exceeding your expectations with the final product we deliver. For this, we maintain regular reporting on all big and small patches of the project completion.

Quality assurance

DICEUS professionals also know firsthand the importance of thorough testing of finished solutions. This is why we don’t limit the testing phase only to technical manual and automated tests. We have a separate department of QA specialists that help make sure the built app can satisfy the needs of target users in practice without putting them off with UI/UX flaws.

Our retail app development process

Discovery phaseNo matter the type, scope, and purpose of the project, the kick-off phase is project discovery, where our specialists get to know the client and their vision of the future product. This is where we discuss all the deal-making specifics, gather requirements, settle the workflow aspects, outline major milestones, conduct preliminary market and competitor research, and settle all other prep stage specifics to kick off the smoothest workflow.
DevelopmentWith all the preliminary information and a clear vision of the product, we immediately start the complex technical part of the project – software development. This stage usually consists of two big efforts – design and development. First, we outline the structure and design the foundation of the product. Then, we fill the carcass with functionality and set all features in motion by hardcoding certain parts and integrating others.
TestingThe crucial finalizing stage of retail application development of any size and shape is thorough testing. We have separate teams of testing and QA specialists that combine manual and automated tests and conduct quality assurance testing via honed user perspective-driven techniques. This allows us to thoroughly polish products before launching them into public use and to avoid tons of headaches related to a flawed finished solution.
DeploymentLast but not least important finalizing stage, we don’t drop your project right after completing all software. We also help you most properly deploy it in the required operational environment. This can be integration with a bigger system, publication in an app marketplace, or launch of an app in any other manner you need. With deployment handled by specialists, you will be able to eliminate and avoid numerous post-launch tech issues.

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What impacts your project duration

Projects of different complexity, purpose, and scope take different amounts of time to complete. We do everything we can to accelerate the process. These are the factors that directly affect the ultimate duration of your project.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms

What affects your project costs

Project budgeting is also a very individual aspect. We can help you calculate the most closely appropriate end costs of your project. But you can already keep in mind that the following factors influence the final price of the project.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

As a qualified retail app development company, DICEUS takes full responsibility for full-cycle project completion. We put our expertise and experience into delivering guaranteed high quality. Here’s what input you can provide to help us achieve even better results.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

Can you help us choose the right technology stack?

DICEUS employs specialists with a wide range of expertise in a variety of retail software development tools. Collaborating with us, you get instant access to a professional tech stack. And, surely, we will help you select the most fitting tools according to your specific needs, requirements, and other project nuances.

Do you provide IT consulting for retail app development?

TYes, we have a separate department of IT consulting specialists focused on sharing insightful knowledge with clients and their teams. We can help guide your project in the most proper, long-term efficient direction based on the knowledge we have accumulated through over a decade of professional operation in the field of eCommerce software development.

Why are custom retail apps better than ready-made ones?

Creating a custom solution that is closely tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the client and project is an opportunity to build something unique to distribute your products. With a custom approach, we can develop an app with any type and number of features you wish, with an authentic design that perfectly translates particular business attributes and style.

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