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ERP for any industry

Our company offers the professional development of exceptionally adaptable, high-quality, organization-wide ERP software services and systems fit for any industry that can benefit from process automation and data analysis with subsequent comprehensive reports. Based on your industry and needs, we develop a tailored enterprise resource planning solution to drastically improve your decision-making and streamline other major internal processes.

Custom development

With over ten years of experience, our team can offer you custom development of a suitable ERP solution. We start with a discovery phase and, based on requirements, proceed with developing functionality for your needs. Custom solutions help align all internal parts of the company and avoid data migration problems or improper integration with existing systems that can sometimes happen with ready-made software.

ERP implementation

Our ERP implementation process includes the vital planning stage with necessary information gathering, design, and configurations, followed by the actual development. Next comes the deployment stage, during which our team completes the data migration and configuration, finishing with thorough testing of the system and all its functionality to prevent or timely react to any emerging issues.

System integration

Custom ERP software helps combine all your internal business processes into one system and increase the effectiveness of your project management. Our ERP developers focus on integrating your company’s every essential function into one system, which helps upgrade communication across all departments. We assist in the system’s assimilation process to ensure its proper adaptation.

ERP software development

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ERP system development

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Benefits of our ERP development services

Understanding your business

Our software development company can provide you with customized ERP software that can better understand your business and its needs than an off-the-rack solution. This is all due to a tailored work processes automation that analyzes your workflow and offers straightforward and relevant insight. There’s no need to adjust your work to the software anymore – not if the software is already calibrated to match you.

Delivering on scope

We always deliver on scope, which means we follow previously established and mutually agreed deadlines, and, in case of unforeseen circumstances, always report back and try to find a solution that will benefit both sides. We aim to strike a fine balance between quality and following all your requirements, and we don’t wander off with our own ideas about your project without your approval.

Providing regular reports

Our ERP development company understands that the success of any business endeavor depends on analyzing the wins and losses of the past and acting on them rather than letting things play out on their own. This is why we offer regular customized reports that are so valuable because they can help you make well-thought-out decisions based on facts and statistical research.

Offering unique expertise

With over a hundred large-scale successful projects in our repertoire, our team is competent enough to offer you unique expertise on all things ERP – from simple planning and nurturing an idea to launching a full-scale project. We also have valuable experience creating highly customizable solutions that require little to no effort in adjusting your company to new technology.

Our ERP development process

Requirements gatheringOur ERP development begins with gathering all your company’s requirements for the future system, including the input of not only the stakeholders but other essential workers as well. Every custom ERP is unique, and this stage is crucial for determining which issues the software will fix for you. The information gathering covers initial planning sessions over a couple of offline or online team meetings, documentation assembly, and agreements.
Design and developmentWe believe UX/UI design to be one of the main parts of ERP development since our solutions have numerous navigation and interaction elements. Therefore, they have to look both cohesive and refined. All modules should work seamlessly together and have a well-organized structural appearance. From there on out, the rest of the development stage is meant to prepare the system for a successful launch.
Testing and QATo ensure an ERP project will flourish, our team makes a future system undergo rigorous testing, which can sometimes go hand in hand with the development process to adjust any configuration and any decision made along the way. We analyze its performance, quality, and whether the solution does match all of your initial requirements, as well as any security or integration needs.
Deployment and supportBefore the system goes live, we do a final assessment and then give the all-clear. The final chunks of data are uploaded and approved. Your company’s team members will go through the onboarding process to learn how to use the new system before the old one is discarded. After the system is up and running, our purpose is to provide continuous support and make necessary adjustments and upgrades.

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What impacts your project duration

Depending on project size and other significant factors, the custom ERP software development fulfillment period can last from a few days up to a few years. The following aspects determine the overall span of the project.

  • Project requirements
  • Scheduled time-to-market
  • Team composition
  • Chosen platforms and technology stack
  • Integration needs

What affects your project costs

To determine the total cost of your ERP solution, we take into account numerous factors. They depend on the specific solution that is planned to be implemented.

  • Scope of work and project’s complexity
  • The number of upgrades and customizations
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

The more relevant details and feedback we receive from your side, the better the result of your project is going to be, because, that way, we can be sure we’ve met all your expectations. We would appreciate the following information.

  • Your detailed vision of the future ERP
  • How would you define the project’s success
  • Relevant documentation covering your business processes
  • Meeting schedule and your availability
  • Deadlines

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What are the basic modules of ERP systems?

Depending on your business and its challenges, you can choose from the following basic ERP modules – Finance and Accounting, CRM, Human Capital Management, Procurement, Manufacturing, Order Management, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, and Warehouse Management. All of them, in one way or another, help with data centralization and task automation.

Do you provide ERP modernization services?

Yes, we do. We believe that sitting idly by and not modernizing your equipment and software can, in the end, cost more than timely upgrades. That’s why you can come to us if you need to update your software to match your current needs. In addition, we will analyze the overall complexity of modernizations required and provide you with appropriately budgeted and fitting solutions you can choose from.

What unique features can you build for our ERP?

It depends on how unique and unusual for a standard system your requirements are. Our more than a decade of ERP systems development expertise allows us to heavily adjust the already existing popular features, such as integration, automation, data analysis, reporting, financial management, customer relationship management, sales, marketing, supply chain, or manufacturing, and work within these areas.

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