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Video conferencing

In healthcare and medicine, specialists of all responsibilities and ranks must stay in touch and be available to urgent occurrences at all times. Such is the difficult faith of a doctor, nurse, or even a facility administrator. A thoroughly integrated custom video conferencing solution allows for the most convenient way to discuss the agenda and consult with colleagues and staff remotely via a dedicated live video chat. In times of the global pandemic, remote conferences are especially relevant as doctors must continue working under any circumstances.

Cloud-based solutions

Regular healthcare facilities and specialized medical centers alike generate huge volumes of sensitive data that is needed to be accessible and fast retrievable at all times. This calls for an extensive storage solution that can dynamically scale up along with the accumulation of data and not take up unreasonably huge chunks of budget for this purpose. This is where cloud-based storage or a custom cloud-powered platform of any kind would be a perfect solution, allowing you to pay for the exact amount of data you’re storing in a space that is almost unlimited to scale.

Remote patient monitoring

Modern telehealth software development practices allow us to build high-performance connected services that grant constant real-time monitoring capabilities. In terms of healthcare, this comes in more than handy when it comes to keeping track of patients’ health conditions (especially if we’re talking about critical, bedridden patients and disabled people), promptly reacting to urgent situations (seizures, heart failures, etc.), and even reminding certain patients about timely taking the proper treatment measures (taking meds on time and such).

EHR integration

Storing, processing, accessing, organizing, and managing patient health records otherwise is an essential complex of tasks that need the most highly responsible and thorough handling in any healthcare facility or medical establishment. Not only the patient data register must be neatly organized, fast accessible, and properly functioning at all times, it needs to grant a high level of protection for all the documents stored. You can achieve a high level of data security while avoiding tons of manual routines (and errors that come along) via an electronic health records system.

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Benefits of our telemedicine software development services


Years of specialized practice in the field while working on dozens of projects, each with its peculiarity, helped us hone and test our skill, gain invaluable industry insights, and build an in-depth internal understanding of healthcare software creation mechanisms. We truly consider our practical experience precious as it allows us to provide the highest quality of performance through well-tried-and-tested approaches. For further results, our core staff constantly takes up extra training and qualification boost courses to improve the expertise.


It is simple to undermine a software development client’s reputation, budget, and/or trust even if the provider is focused strictly on client-side benefits. This is because lots of internal info gets in the hands of the contractor company and it must be handled properly. And this is exactly why you can turn only to reliable, firmly established in the market company. With the 10-year experience, numerous accolades, an extensive portfolio, and compliance with all the major security standards, we can guarantee to handle your data well.


The pricing of a telemedicine software development project is always a very individual thing that depends on a number of underlying factors and points. The final cost is influenced by the general scope of the project, the time, specialists, and tech stack it requires for completion, management efforts, possible licenses, and many potential extra costs. Those are all very individual factors that need a lot of preliminary analysis and preparation. But we always focus on achieving the most reasonable rates based on your project specifics.


The terms of full project completion and time-to-market of every other product are also very individual points that depend on numerous individual factors. At DICEUS, we know how to speed up the project progression by posing the most relevant clarification aspects (requirements, goals, budget, tech stack, team composition, etc.), offering well-tried-and-tested workflow and development approaches that are based on combinations of best practices, providing fully-formed custom teams, and more.

Our telehealth software development process

DiscoveryEach project must be well elaborated in terms of all major and minor specifics beforehand to be smooth and successful. This requires a bunch of preliminary efforts, including the gathering of requirements and specifications, discussion and approval of workflow models, project milestones and deadlines, business, tech and market research, as well as other phases of preparation that should help lay the sturdy foundation.
EngineeringThe most complex and work-intensive stage of every project is, of course, the software engineering stage, where we hardcode, connect, or integrate software and set things in motion. Depending on the tech stack and scope of work, our programmers can go different lengths in terms of custom approaches that may involve combining certain technical aspects, auditing software for the best decision-making, and enabling all the underlying features.
TestingThorough testing of the created software structures is paramount to the overall success and benefit of telemedicine software development services. This is why we polish up every project with multiple iterations of combined manual and automated testing initiatives throughout all features and functions. At the same time, in-depth Quality Assurance is also carried out to officially seal the rates of software’s efficiency in the field.
DeploymentThe last pre-release stage of every project is a smooth, proper deployment of the created software in the compatible environment. This requires expert input because different operating environments have different compatibility specifics and require proper approaches. This concerns integrating the software with a bigger system or platform, installing the application on the required devices, publishing software in the appropriate market, etc.

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What impacts your project duration

We can help you calculate the approximate timeframe of your project completion during the preliminary research and discussions phase. The terms differ greatly from project to project. We can achieve the most optimal terms if we timely clarify the following aspects.

  • Project complexity and scope
  • Project completion urgency
  • Chosen technology
  • Engagement model: Time and Material, Dedicated Team, Fixed Price

What affects your project costs

We need to consider and analyze multiple factors to get a picture of the approximate project budget. Some expenses may potentially appear during the existing workflow. That’s why we need to have the following info for the best calculations.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

We take full responsibility for all major and minor aspects of the project’s completion. But you can help you achieve the top results with your direct input. Contribute to the project’s success by clarifying the following points.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation
  • Client’s availability for requirements gathering sessions

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What modern technologies are used for telemedicine software development?

Depending on the scope and complexity, a telehealth software development project may involve a range of technologies of different levels and purposes. From common programming languages (Java, PHP, Python, etc.) to advanced tech solutions, like Big Data, AI, AR/VR, Machine Learning, and other integrations that allow achieving thorough workflow automation.

How do you ensure data security aspects while creating telemedicine solutions?

We comply with all the major data security regulations and standards, grant web connections through the proper connection protocols, and keep our workflows fully transparent in order to grant you security and protection of collaboration. In terms of telemedicine software development services we deliver, we offer regular reports on all details of workflow, constant communication, and thorough tracking of our work efforts.

How much does telemedicine software development cost?

The final cost of the telemedicine software development project depends on a multitude of deciding factors. A more thorough visualization of your future project is required here. You can contact our telemedicine software development company to get some rough estimates and beforehand calculations of your approximate budget.

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