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Project overview

The healthcare industry is brimming with emerging innovative approaches and advanced integrations. While complex technologies help achieve higher specialist and company performance, modern mediums, like the web we all love and use, can be beneficially used to better reach out to people in risky health situations. In particular, people striving to lose extra weight can now use an absolutely innovative weight loss challenging platform from HealthyWage.

Client information

HealthyWage is a US-based provider of services focused on advanced weight loss methods. The company’s main goal is to help overweight or susceptible to extra weight people get a good motivation to get in shape. The company team came up with an absolutely authentic idea that should efficiently push people towards great life quality changes.

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Business challenge

The main market-related task was to generate efficient challenges and other strategies for encouraging and motivating users eager to lose weight asap. The heaviest focus is on the smooth user experience that delivers regular bets, challenges, mini-challenges, and motivational initiatives that bring people together in a competition. To make the competition fair and protect the whole thing from cheaters, we also needed to develop dedicated data analysis tools.

Technical challenges

Many complex tools were involved in this certainly expertise-driven project. Python, Java, Angular, standard web development, and mobile adaptations all required numerous efficient language-focused approaches and lots of effort as a whole. The early iterations of software architecture and code weren’t perfect so we had to refactor big parts of the project. This, however, gave us the window to include some more basic features and capabilities.

Solution delivered

HealthyWage is a web platform with dedicated Android and iOS apps that allows a US-based audience of users to win money while losing weight. In simple words, you can bet that you lose a certain amount of weight. You seal the contract with the website and either get a financial reward for your successful efforts or compensate the bet yourself if you don’t fulfill the betting conditions. Think you can lose 10 kilos in 6 months? Bet the system and get extra motivation to do so.

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Key features

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  • Various challenges

    There individual, team, and even corporate challenges, all with respective rewards and unique conditions that should motivate you to keep fit.

  • High availability

    With the dedicated website and applications for both Android and iOS, HealthyWage is really simple to start interacting with at any time, anywhere.

  • Gamification element

    Gamification is a powerful tactic in today’s world of software solutions that makes cumbersome processes more fun and rewarding.

  • In-depth analytics

    The platform uses smart algorithms to collect and process statistical data that users making weight loss bets are helping to generate.

Value to our client

  • Powerful motivation

    Challenge or a full-on competition is the greatest way to push anybody towards going for it to prove their strengths.

  • User success stories

    There are a number of real-life success stories by users that found the HealthyWage platform to be truly life-changing.

  • Easy to manage

    All interactions with the platform are utterly simple - you can either go register on the website and pick available options or do the same via an app.

Our tech stack

  • python Python 3.6 
  • django Django 2.1 
  • javascript JavaScript
  • angular js Angular
  • java Java
  • Swift Swift 

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