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What we offer

According to Deloitte, all of us use at least 4 to 5 mobile applications every day. We can monitor a lot of things using apps – check what’s the weather like today and track a payment we made yesterday. Mobile applications have become a driving force to grow and develop for most businesses today. And what becomes more important is providing secure and user-friendly services with these apps. That’s why it is crucial to perform all necessary types of testing before letting your mobile app go live. Here is what we offer for technology companies, startups, and enterprise-level organizations in terms of mobile app testing.
  • Functional testing

    We perform mobile app functional testing services to verify that your mobile app has those same functionalities defined in the software requirements specification document. This service can be provided either as a part of a custom software development project scope or separately as a managed testing service. How does it work? Our testers will first identify test data and expected outcomes; then, they will write and execute test cases and compare the actual and expected outcomes.
  • Usability testing

    Our mobile application testing company provides usability testing to ensure that your targeted user is satisfied with the experience and interface of your mobile app. Usability is crucial for any mobile app, and especially for those delivering some kind of service to users like mobile banking or patient monitoring. Based on usability testing outcomes, we will help you identify what areas and features could be improved and how it would be better to do that.
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    • Performance testing

      To evaluate the performance of a mobile application, we set up simulated environments to check what level of user experience the app would provide after release. Our quality engineers are focused on gaining the real objectives of performance testing, which validate the performance during high workloads, defining the system’s capacity, ensuring that the app could work under critical conditions, etc. This service may include stress testing, load testing, spike testing, and capacity testing.
    • Compliance testing

      Being a technology partner to the companies functioning in various industries, we know how it is important for them to be compliant with industry standards and regulations. Thus, we offer compliance mobile app testing to ensure that your apps for iOS and Android devices are fully compliant with industry standards (PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, PSD2, and many more) and mobile software guidelines. If any gaps are found, our industry experts will recommend you how to fix that in the shortest time possible.
    • Compatibility testing

      Our QA engineers will ensure that your mobile application works equally well on various mobile devices, browsers and their versions. For that, they apply compatibility testing using simulators and emulators as well as automation tools to accelerate the delivery of outcomes. Please contact us for compatibility testing services and our engineers will define all the platforms and environments your mobile app is projected to run on.
    • Security testing

      Our security mobile app testing services cover application level and mobile device level areas, including server-side penetration testing, API testing, code analysis, forensic analysis, etc. We consider that every mobile application is unique thus, requiring a particular approach to security testing. That is why our test engineers select the appropriate skills set and toolset to cover all vulnerable spots that could appear in your app.
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    We are an application testing company with a comprehensive approach and methodology for mobile testing. By providing a variety of testing that covers security, functionality, usability, performance, compatibility, our team has already earned the trust of many companies working in various sectors like healthcare, banking, insurance, logistics, retail, and others.

    For every software development project, we develop a unique testing strategy to meet its needs and industry specifics. So, rest assured as our QA team will align test goals with business requirements, identify key performance indicators and test acceptance criteria, prioritize test scenarios, match the testing approach with the entire software development life cycle.

    Benefits of DICEUS mobile app testing services

    Today, the mobile landscape is growing more rapidly than ever before. With a variety of mobile devices, operating systems, browsers, it becomes vital to develop more and more testing scenarios. Functional and non-functional requirements, especially for commercial applications, should be carefully considered, as well. We are among a few mobile app testing companies to provide specialized testing, including API testing, microservices testing, mobile enterprise system testing, and many more.

    Technology expertise

    Apart from online mobile app testing services, we provide custom, web, and mobile development, system integration, legacy system modernization, software audit, software support, and a lot of other IT-related services. That means you can outsource mobile testing along with any other services required for your project in one place. Besides, we have vast expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation, etc. So, we can help you empower your application with any of these technologies.

    Comprehensive services

    We are one of the top mobile testing companies that offer such a wide range of mobile app development services, including cross-platform development, corporate app development, finance app development, game development, healthcare app development, extensions for web apps, iOS/Android app development, and many more. Testing can be delivered as part of the mobile development project scope and as a separate managed service.

    Specialized testing

    Usually, app testing companies offer a standard set of services that include the most widespread types of mobile app testing. Here at DICEUS, we understand that a traditional approach doesn’t work for all. That is why we practice the development of custom testing strategies for specific or complex projects, for example, mobile banking, mobile ERP system, open banking testing, etc. Please reach us out to get free consulting on your unique project.

    Test automation

    Testing automation can significantly reduce a mobile app testing cycle and shorten the software engineering life cycle, respectively. Along with manual testing, which is an integral part of mobile development, our team provides automated testing, especially for complex projects. Our specialists will define if your project needs automation and what ROI it can potentially bring if adopted.

    Our mobile application testing process

    DICEUS is a mobile application testing company to ensure that your mobile application features align with requirements. We will discover your project and identify both functional and non-functional requirements, create a test strategy, write and execute all necessary testing scenarios, and provide you with regular reporting.


    We start mobile app testing with a discovery phase, where our QA specialists define the process, the right approach, and testing tools. Next, we create a testing strategy and discuss service-level agreement conditions along with all needed metrics.


    While defining and setting up the mobile app testing process, we develop a comprehensive strategy, harmonize all existing testing processes, if any, and make up the team. From the client-side, we will need all available testing data and knowledge.


    The scope of mobile app testing services includes environment setup, test scenarios writing and execution, testing data gathering, reporting, etc. If you have any unique requirements, we will take those into account.


    Mobile apps are very often upgraded, which means that continuous testing is a common thing. Once your app is released, we offer further maintenance and support, including user feedback gathering and audit. That will help you keep the application up-to-date.

    What impacts your project duration

    Mobile application testing services are usually delivered as long as your app is being developed. Here are the primary things affecting the project duration.

    • Project requirements
    • Expected deadlines
    • Team composition
    • Chosen technology and platforms
    • Type of testing

    What affects your project costs

    The project cost is affected by the number and types of testing provided. The following things also impact the services price.

    • Project scope and complexity
    • Chosen technology
    • Project completion urgency
    • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team
    • Type of testing

    What we need from your side

    From the client-side, we need a knowledge transfer and all testing data if it is available. Here is a list of other services we need from our clients.
    • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
    • High-level project requirements
    • Project-specific documentation if available, for example, software architecture and mockups
    • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)
    • Project deadlines

    Our tech stack

    • jira-1 Jira
    • Git-Icon-1788C Git
    • TestRail TestRail
    • Docker Docker
    • android icon Android
    • Java Java
    • Flutter Flutter
    • JavaScript JavaScript
    • ios iOS
    • Ionic Ionic
    • Kotlin Kotlin
    • Swift Swift
    • type script TypeScript
    • xamarin Xamarin

    Frequently asked questions

    How to test the performance of a mobile app?

    To check the mobile app’s performance, testers usually use various tools, such as JMeter, Gatling, BlazeMeter, and many more. For mobile app testing, we select the right testing tools that fit best for your specific product.

    What are mobile app testing services?

    Mobile app testing services we provide include usability testing, performance testing, functional testing, compliance testing, compatibility testing, and other types of testing. The scope of our service includes analysis, planning, test strategy, etc.

    How much does it take to test a mobile app?

    The time needed to test a mobile application depends on many factors, including the project complexity and scope, types of testing we use, the need to write automation tests, etc. From your side, we will need access to all testing data available.
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    • Benefit from well-defined QA processes

    • Get access to an extensive talent pool

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