Custom POS software development

What we offer

Payment gateway integration

No matter how your target customers prefer to make purchases, online or offline, we can help you smoothly integrate a payment gateway API with your existing website or app or build a custom payment gateway from scratch based on a combination of the top current engines. It is crucial to have the payment processing solution of the highest quality because it is what enables sales as a whole. That’s why we provide top-of-the-line expertise for your projects.

Mobile and web app development

It is essential not to miss out on covering vast chunks of active market segments in modern commerce. Such huge chunks are made up of an enormous community of mobile customers and an extensive crowd of browser shoppers. And you need some sturdy software to work with these active, demanding audiences of users. We can help you create and launch such software based on over ten years of practical experience, savviness in implementing the best practices, and access to top tools.

POS analytics and reporting

The software integrated with a POS system is also essential, providing meaningful analytical data and assets for reporting. Thus, a regular point-of-sale cash register combined with the proper software can generate valuable statistics for quarterly business sales reports and helps track seasonal demand spikes, periodical customer behavior, demand for certain products, regularity of sales throughout different categories, profits accumulation rates, and much more.

EPOS maintenance and upgrade

At DICEUS, we offer high-quality POS system development services. We also grant constant maintenance of the finished software and software in production and further upgrades. We have dedicated tech support and maintenance teams to keep an eye on the smooth performance of your point-of-sale software. And to make your systems even more efficient, we conduct analyses, recommend, and implement further technical upgrades that should help you better adapt to scaling market conditions.

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Benefits of our POS software development services

Retail industry expertise

We have been operating in the IT field for over ten years, and we have some of the most passionate, bright minds of e-commerce in the industry onboard. These extensive experience and expertise delivered by top professionals allow us to share business-boosting knowledge and skills with you to advance your retail business up in the global market.

Quick time to market

Due to our extensive field experience, we can deliver accelerated POS application development that saves your time and money. For this, we have well-adjusted workflows with outlined subsequent project completion stages and seasoned specialists that jump in the project without missing a single detail along the way.

Wide tech stack

Collaborating with DICEUS, you get access to a rich technical stack and the professional skills to wield the tools. We have specialists with rich expertise and experience in a wide range of programming languages, software frameworks, designer tools, and other means necessary to tackle the POS software development of any scope and scale.

Quality assurance

Our goal is to deliver a product that perfectly meets user expectations by pinpointing and eliminating the most relevant pains of specialists managing points of sales and ordering processes, clerks and cashiers, etc. For this, we conduct thorough quality assurance sessions where specialists test the finished solution from the user’s perspective.

Our custom POS software development process

Discovery phaseTo approach your project in an authentic way and tailor the end product fully to your needs and requirements, we need to thoroughly prepare from the start. The discovery phase is the backbone of the whole project, which is made sturdy and reliable through detailed preliminary research, requirements gathering and approval, client discussions, milestone settling, market dynamics, and competitor products analysis.
Engineering phaseAt this stage, the magic of programming and setting all features and interactive elements in motion happens. This is where our software engineers hardcode custom parts of the future solution, integrate the required readymade assets and additions, and finalize the functional part of the product. As a result, you get a fully functioning solution that needs little polishing before the full-on release to public use.
Testing phaseEvery software product we produce goes through thorough testing procedures to make sure it is as flawless as possible when it is delivered to target users once it “hits the shelves.” This is where we employ the assistance of testing professionals that combine manual and automated testing approaches, passing the software through multiple testing iterations. We do this until we achieve the shinest, sturdiest product possible.
Deployment phaseEven a finalized, fully polished operational product needs a proper introduction to the public. Especially for this, we also offer professional assistance in deploying your finished software to its operational destination. Be it a page in the mobile app market or digital environment in some existing system — we know how to properly handle compatibility specifics, integration aspects, and other points crucial to the smooth launch of the product.

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What impacts your project duration

We can only calculate an approximate timeline of your project based on a variety of important factors. However, we put a lot of expertise and professional effort into delivering the fastest workflows without quality sacrifices. Here’s what forms your project timeline.

  • Number of features
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen tools, tech stack, and platforms
  • Frequency of change requests

What affects your project costs

The final cost of the project is individual. It depends on a range of the underlying expenses that should take place during the project completion. We can calculate the safe budget boundaries based on the following factors.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team
  • Staff augmentation options

What we need from your side

As a seasoned high-quality POS software development company, we off an all-around reliable input when it comes to project completion. Help us achieve the best results by providing the following points.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if you have
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation, if any
  • Your availability (needed for requirements gathering sessions)
  • On-time feedback

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to develop and integrate POS software?

The project’s timeline is dictated by the scope of work at hand, the complexity of tasks and features to be implemented, technical stack, and other factors. A more accurate timeline can be estimated once the team understands the things mentioned above. So, feel free to contact us for project timeline estimation.

Do you have any experience in developing POS software?

DICEUS has an extensive staff of in-house specialists savvy in the point of sale software development. We give you high-level expertise in the niche, well-tried-and-tested technical skills, and the reliability of an industry-leading service provider. Right now, you can apply for a free 30-minute strategy and see our portfolio in the relevant niche.

Do you provide technical support and maintenance?

We eagerly maintain and support all technical aspects of every product that we create, finalize, and launch. For this, we have separate dedicated support specialist teams that have all the tools and skills for monitoring the performance, fixing minor and major bugs, and handling other individual issues during the post-launch phase.

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