Payment gateway integration

What we offer

Consulting and audit

How to securely take money from your customers and deposit it in your bank account is what we offer to explain from A to Z with our audit and consulting services. We know the very modus operandi of any payment processor beginning from the international credit card networks and up to local online banking providers. Your business will be carefully examined to figure out what payment gateway integration services fit you best. Our payment gateway solutions can work as a POS channel capable of reliably authorizing all transactions between customers and your business.

Custom development

To provide your customers with a sense of confidence in any transaction, we offer custom payment gateway solutions for both e-commerce merchants and brick-and-mortar stores. The rapid adoption of online payments can boost your business as little else does. In addition, custom development allows your project to stay invulnerable to data breaches and cyber threats. We have nothing against out-of-the-box solutions if they can be properly customized. At the same time, we believe that truly well-tailored payment gateway integration can be carried out through custom development in the smoothest way possible.

Integration services

Our payment gateway integration services can help you get more customers from all over the world. Your customer base is getting huge when securely encrypted transactions appear to protect sensitive personal data. We can integrate payment gateways into your shopping cart service to make your business utterly customer-friendly with instant all-in-one calculations (taxes, delivery charges, etc.). DICEUS offers integrating the fastest possible payment processing algorithms into your business to spare your customers from waiting in lines.

Maintenance and support

To let your store be open around the clock, we provide the full scope of maintenance and support for the integrated payment gateways. Our service team can help you focus on your sales strategies instead of being bothered by technical issues. Our payment gateway solutions always follow the highest security standards approved by your central bank. We support our clients in addressing possible payment restrictions (age, location, etc.) to avoid legal issues while their customer audience keeps growing without hindrance.

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Benefits of our payment gateway integration services

Retail expertise

DICEUS has broad hands-on experience developing various retail software solutions. Our retail expertise allows us to provide highly effective gateway integration for any sort of online store. As our specs combine both retail expertise and technical competency, we can help our customers realize what advantages their competitors seem to have as well as how to fill the gap. We always try to equip our customers with the most advanced payment gateway solutions bringing their business to the next level.

Flexible cooperation

As we strongly believe, a fruitful cooperation is another revenue driver for everyone involved. Our deep expertise in payment gateway integration cannot remain useless for store owners of any kind. Besides, each of our customers is the one who chooses the way to share our knowledge. Turnkey development from scratch, system modernization, staff augmentation, support and consulting: we accept any sort of cooperation if the final result is win-win. DICEUS is flexible enough to practice a multi-pronged approach to our customers’ needs.

Wide tech stack

Multiple payment models are available on the online payment market today. There should be multichannel solutions to cover them all. It is hard to achieve this if developers do not master a rich technology stack. But DICEUS does. No matter what platform is used by which organization, we can always undertake smooth payment gateway integration with robust API. Besides, we find no constraints in dealing with any sort of devices since all types of web, mobile, desktop, cloud-based, and cross-platform development techs are in the scope of our tech stack.

Fast time to market

An ability to create a multichannel payment gateway solution with 99.9% uptime is not enough. It is critical to do this as fast as possible – time is money. Every hour of delay can take dozens if not hundreds of potential shoppers away from your store (to your competitors’ pleasure). DICEUS offers one of the shortest time-to-market in the segment. Both perfectly mastered Agile development methods and widely practiced DevOps techniques allow our engineers to release errorless payment gateway solutions in record time.

Our payment gateway integration process

Discovery phasePayment gateway solutions should be designed with various options in mind: recurrent payments via subscription models, payments via POS terminals, gift card payments, Big-Tech platforms (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay), digital currencies, etc. Before getting to payment gateway integration, it is crucial to determine which options fit the customer’s project and which don’t. That’s why we pay special attention to the discovery phase when all needs and desires of our customers are meticulously collected. “No creation out of thin air” is what we appreciate to satisfy our clients.
IntegrationThe very integration of a payment gateway solution requires a clear understanding of the payment services which the customer’s software potentially supports. What if PayPal, for instance, can be integrated only after your shopping cart service obtains certain modifications? If there is no time to modernize your website, an external gateway via a “redirect” function can be implemented. Adding payment options with the subsequent adjustment is also part of payment gateway integration services as well. DICEUS provides the entire process on a turnkey basis.
TestingTesting a payment gateway solution must be carried out to achieve both a smooth user experience and secure encryption of payment details. DICEUS never leaves testing payment gateways overlooked. Every query string and every variable that runs through payment sessions are tested in the context of the amount of data and the gateway response. We always provide a wide array of functional tests under different settings to check how the solution behaves while handling various orders.
MaintenanceEvery payment gateway solution seems to require certain maintenance sooner or later. Not because the solution fails in executing some functions, but because of the very dynamics inherent in the online payment sector. Digital payments are growing rapidly across various sectors, and payment gateways may not stay beyond the growth. Getting a payment gateway upgraded with the most up-to-date fraud-checking feature is just one of the numerous use cases when maintenance and technical support can be required. DICEUS offers payment gateway integration with all necessary maintenance provided by default.

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What impacts your project duration

The time required for payment gateway integration can significantly vary from project to project. The overall duration depends on the following decisive aspects:

  • Project requirements
  • Expected time-to-market
  • Team composition
  • Chosen platforms and technology stack
  • Integration needs

What affects your project costs

The final cost of each certain payment gateway solution is determined by the following aspects:

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Preferable technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

To make payment gateway integration appear with no delay, we usually ask our customers for the following info:

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation
  • Project deadlines
  • Your availability for requirements gathering

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to integrate payments?

The question implies many variables to address: the integration method (direct or external), time to wait for the approved access to API from a payment provider, the scope of adjustments necessary for a certain shopping cart, the number of desired payment options, etc. A typical period for a professionally conducted payment gateway integration usually varies within several weeks, including a discovery phase preceded.

What payment platforms are you expert in?

DICEUS has never faced insoluble obstacles with any payment gateway: our specs’ qualification is sufficient to successfully address all possible issues of payment gateway integration. At the same time, to minimize operational risks, we suggest our customers deal with the best-in-class payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe, Payline, Adyen, and

Do you provide POS development services?

POS terminals have long become an extremely convenient sales channel for many commerce activities: restaurants, stores, service providers, etc. DICEUS cannot afford to stay beyond the technology, therefore. We offer custom development of various POS solutions that can optimize your business activities in many ways: make payments, monitor sales, track inventory, print reports, etc.

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