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Enterprise software development | DICEUS

Enterprise software development services are in great demand today and for a good reason. Are you looking for qualified contractors to create a custom enterprise solution? You’ve already found them! We are an experienced enterprise software development company that provides a wide range of software development services. Our experts are ready to advise you right now – just contact us.

Custom enterprise software development services

Our company has been delivering custom enterprise software development for years. Custom services are great as they allow you to get a unique product tailored to your particular business needs. As a result, you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible at reasonable costs without spending huge budgets on redundant functionality of ready-made solutions from popular enterprise software vendors.

Legacy application modernization services

We have specialists that focus on your business needs and develop new efficient solutions to modernize your legacy systems. You will benefit from increased flexibility and security. We conduct an audit and determine how effective existing applications are. We have extensive experience in the transition from legacy solutions to microservices or cloud solutions, which will additionally help in your business development.

Enterprise system integration services

We also provide software integration services. Particularly, we offer integration of customized and ready-made APIs and software solutions, covering also ERP integration, customer relationship management (CRM), and enterprise content management (ECM) systems. With our approach to creating service-oriented software architecture, your company will gain additional configuration flexibility and ability to easily create new features.

Digital transformation for enterprises

We have expertise in the latest technology trends such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and big data. Thanks to this, you can get the software product that would comply with the latest market and customer demands and ever-changing requirements of your business industry. In addition, we always take care of the security of corporate data, ensuring full compliance with international network security policies.

Enterprise software development | Solutions by DICEUS

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Enterprise software development | Solutions by DICEUS

If you want to get something more than just a working product – a solution inspired by the latest trends in the IT world, please contact us! You will see how quickly the investment will pay off.

Explore our expertise right now by checking out our portfolio. Perhaps, this is where you will find new ideas for your business and understand how to profitably transfer them to the digital plane.

Benefits of enterprise software development

Enterprise-level software development will contribute to the rapid growth of your business. Moreover, the whole process doesn’t take much time. We can help you reduce your project budget and improve the overall business efficiency, equipping your project with the latest security protocols and enriching it with advanced features. Let’s find out exactly what benefits you will get.

Cost efficiency

With high-quality enterprise software development, you get a completely ready-to-use product rich with features you particularly need. As for ready-made solutions, they may contain completely unnecessary features included in the project cost. With a custom approach, you can avoid license fees and optimize expenses throughout the project development cycle.

Business focus

By opting for custom software development, you get a product tailored to the particular features and needs of your enterprise. As for the off-the-shelf software, it may often have no features you need, or, conversely, include redundant functions that are useless for your business. To stay authentic and tackle the most relevant business needs, a custom development cycle is the best way to go.


Enterprise owners always want all their operations to be managed via specialized business software to be reliable and secure. The latest security protocols that we use in our solutions will help you avoid many financial risks and unnecessary expenses. In the long run, you can reduce the cost of operations, which will lead to the maximum return on your project in the shortest time possible.

Extra features

Lacking features and capabilities you need can be a big issue when it comes to off-the-shelf software. In this case, the only possible option for obtaining the desired functionality will be to turn to custom enterprise software development services where a more flexible and effective approach is applied. We can build a new solution from scratch or integrate custom features with your existing solutions.

Our enterprise software development process

Our enterprise software product development team provides a wide range of services, covering initial consultation, customer and enterprise research, requirements analysis, architecture planning, mock-up development and prototyping, optimization and maintenance, front-end and back-end development, UI/UX optimization, further tech support, and more. Going through all these essential project stages consecutively, naturally, the whole process consists of several stages.

Requirements gatheringFirst, we should hear out all your ideas, wishes, requirements, and limitations. After that, our business analysts thoroughly check everything, align your requirements in detail, and the project staff offers the most suitable solution. As a result, we get a detailed project plan for further work.
DesignThe next step is to start working on prototypes of the future application. Designers create software layouts to showcase text, graphics, and other elements according to the underlying structure. At this stage, you will already get a general idea of your project.
ArchitectureAt this stage, we engage in elaborating the UI/UX design of your application. You can also order MVP development to test the functionality of the application without spending extra time and money. Also, at this stage, the essential basics of software architecture are drawn up.
Frontend and backendWhen the design and interfaces are approved, all elements are passed to the developers. To create the client and server parts of software, the program code is written based on well-known libraries and frameworks. If you wish, you can also discuss your ideas with the team or personally check the results.
Testing and QAIterative testing allows us to eliminate various errors and make sure that the application meets the requirements. Our projects are subjected to all required testing types, both manual and automated. The code quality of checked with SonarQube, code reviews and cross-reviews made by developers.
DeploymentUpon completing all tests and approving the final assembly, you get a finished project with all the essential components you need, such as UI/UX, code, documentation, database, etc. The deployment must be done through your operational environment, so our engineers will pre-tailor the product to your system requirements.
MaintenanceYour software is now live. For our part, we will provide you with full technical support and product support. If necessary, you can instruct us to correct or remove some features, optimize data, etc. We also provide regular updates and can integrate third-party software if you need.

What impacts your project duration

Traditionally, enterprise web software development consists of several stages. Each of these stages involves various specialists and, ultimately, determines the project deadline. The main aspects that also affect the release timeline include the following things.

  • Requirements for the project
  • Deadlines expected
  • Number of team members
  • Chosen platforms and technologies
  • Budget allocated

What affects your project costs

We can rarely inform our clients about the project cost on a first call. Nevertheless, everybody is eager to know the most approximate project budget. Usually, this aspect is calculated from many factors, such as follows.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Technology stack
  • The urgency to complete the project
  • Engagement models: Time and Material or Dedicated Team
  • Seniority level of engineers

What we need from your side

In order to speed up the release date and maximize the budget, we need your input. Typically, maximum involvement is required only in the early stages of project development. Here’s what we need from you:

  • Project objectives and roadmap
  • Requirements for the project
  • Any project-specific documentation
  • Client’s availability for requirements gathering meetings
  • Examples of readymade solutions that inspire you

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What is enterprise software development?

Enterprise software development is the development of bespoke enterprise software solutions for businesses functioning in various industries. It is aimed at delivering high-quality systems that can bring meaningful business values like automating production, optimizing supply chains, improving customer relationships management, getting higher revenue, and many more.

What technologies are used for enterprise software?

We use both good old proven technologies and recent trends-driven approaches. Due to the ever-growing business demands in most markets right now, our clients are particularly interested in big data processing and in moving their software environment to the cloud. This approach helps achieve almost infinite scalability, centralize data access, ensure high data processing speed, and guarantee end-to-end security.

How to find an enterprise software development company?

In order to find the right enterprise mobile software development company for you, you should conduct thorough market research, find software development companies with adequate rates and good reviews, identify their approach to development (what teamwork and software creation models they are expert at), and check the technology stack they provide. All that should fall in line with your goals, demands, and capabilities.

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