Chatbot development services 

Having been present in the field of AI conversational chatbot development for over a dozen years, DICEUS has acquired in-depth theoretical competence and versatile hands-on skills to deliver high-end chatbot development solutions for enterprises of all sizes across multiple industries. 

Benefits of AI-powered chatbots for enterprises 

An efficient client-organization interaction is a crucial success factor in any contemporary business domain. In our technology-driven age, the fulfillment of this task should be delegated to artificial intelligence, fueling robust and intelligent custom chatbots that can usher in numerous boons for companies.

Increased customer engagement

By implementing custom chatbot integrations with various messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and the like), businesses enable customers to stay in touch with them whenever and wherever they are, thus tremendously boosting customer experience. 

Reduced customer support costs

Natural language understanding mechanisms coupled with pre-defined conversational flows and scripts employed in chatbots allow them to answer the lion’s share of inquiries swiftly, learn about clients’ concerns, and offer to submit additional documents and photos, thus replacing support personnel and curtailing expenditures on its upkeep. 

Insights into customer behavior

When integrated with analytics tools, chatbots may serve as a source of various client-related data that can be leveraged to shape marketing strategies, launch targeted and personalized campaigns, plan data-driven customer retention measures, discover up/cross-selling opportunities, and more. 

Automated operation

Like any AI- and machine learning-driven solutions, chatbots are second-to-none business process automation tools. Depending on the type of industry, they can streamline and facilitate claim submission workflow in insurance, audit trails, help with autofilling of information via data ingestion from open data portals, and do dozens of other things to automate regular shop floor operations. 


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Our chatbot development services 

By commissioning our custom chatbot development services, you will obtain an end-to-end creation of bespoke chatbots that will include the complete roster features you need to take your customer support and engagement to a new level. We offer the following AI chatbot services. 

Discovery phase

A properly arranged and implemented preliminary stage is half the battle. During it, our vetted chatbot developers discover all the details of the future project, analyze the customer’s existing digital infrastructure, study business and technical requirements, choose a platform, map out the architecture, and select specific AI, ML, and NLP tools to be utilized in the project.

Chatbot development

With the plan of action at our fingertips, we put it into execution. Since the efficiency of chatbots is conditioned by the properly construed scripts, during the full-cycle chatbot software development, we prioritize outlining and selecting the sequences of conversational messages in view of user intentions, aligned with customer’s goals, tone of voice, and branding.

Chatbot integration

Our specialists will create a system of APIs that will enable the chatbot to retrieve the necessary data from and work in sync with the enterprise’s core IT environment or any of its elements (ERP, CRM, etc.), different payment systems, social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), messengers (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, and more), or third-party software (for instance, open data portals, e-commerce sites, Android or iOS applications).

Testing and deployment

QA is an essential part of the chatbot development pipeline. We let our solution go live only after we thoroughly check its performance and ensure it contains no bugs or glitches and functions according to expectations. When the solution has been deployed, we stay with our customers for a while to monitor its performance and give advice on handling it. 

About us

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Why choose DICEUS 

With the plethora of IT vendors offering their services in the oversaturated IT market, it is vital to opt for a competent and reliable chatbot development company. What makes DICEUS a perfect choice as a provider of AI chatbot development services? 

Focus on customer experience

Our approach to chatbot development prioritizes customer experience since the company’s clients are the ultimate users of chatbots and should get maximum value from leveraging its capabilities. 

Custom chatbot expertise

We have delivered numerous projects of this kind, which allowed us to acquire vast experience in building such solutions and master the cutting-edge tech stack necessary for accomplishing SDLC.

Understanding your business goals

During the discovery phase, we investigate the peculiarities of our customer’s business niche and the organization’s current state and objectives to create a chatbot that meets all client requirements and expectations.

Efficient solutions for your industry

DICEUS has cooperated with enterprises across different sectors, including banking, retail, insurance, healthcare, logistics, and construction. This experience has given us an understanding of their major principles of operation and allowed us to adjust the solutions we build to their industrial needs and specifics.

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What are the key benefits of using chatbot development services?

By commissioning custom chatbot development, you obtain an efficient 24/7 interaction channel with your clientele that can respond to their inquiries and increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Besides, chatbots can automate your pipeline routine, curtail support team costs, and provide insights into customer behavior that can serve as guidelines for your strategic data-driven decisions. 

How can chatbot development services automate repetitive tasks? 

You can cut down on the workload for human personnel by delegating to chatbots such routine tasks as answering FAQs, confirming orders, making payments, processing returns, scheduling appointments, updating clients about their order status, gathering customer data and feedback, and more. 

What is the difference between rule-based and AI-driven chatbots in chatbot development services? 

Rule-based chatbots function according to pre-defined rules and algorithms that map out conversations and can be altered only by developers who introduce changes to them. AI-fueled chatbots rely on machine learning techniques, which means they can understand the intent and context of a question before answering it and modify their responses depending on the information they collect. 

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