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Delivering high-quality software products for startups since 2011. Our team has strong expertise in creating CX and cybersecurity strategies, product discovery, custom development, digital channels, user journey mapping, and more. Let's build a next-gen solution together!

What we offer

Our tech startup consulting services include customer experience (CX) research and strategy, product discovery, market-fit analysis, cybersecurity strategy, custom software development, SaaS product development, and many more. We will help you build the most effective project roadmap, estimate the development, and select the right tech stack. Also, DICEUS provides IT staff that can strengthen your in-house product teams and help scale the development.

Our expertise encompasses IoT technologies, AI/ML, big data, cloud computing, and many more new technologies often required to build a robust product with a firm brand name. In addition, our digital business startup consulting services will be helpful if you want to cover the following aspects.

Startup development stages

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Startup development stages

Customer experience (CX) strategy

Competent startup business consultants of DICEUS will assist in shaping a comprehensive CX strategy, starting with research and competitor analysis, on through problems and business goal statements, the definition of customers’ needs, goals, and motifs, down to crucial hypothesis generation. Together we will collect tons of customer behavior and decision-making process data that will enable you to meet your clients halfway and provide them with the most satisfying customer experience.

Cybersecurity strategy

Even the best-functioning software product is worthless if its security isn’t up to the mark. So we advise startups on cybersecurity risk assessment and management, recommend to them efficient procedures and policies, conduct security audits, develop an information security roadmap, design threat models, perform penetration testing to expose vulnerabilities and security gaps, and train employees on how to integrate security considerations into the software development pipeline.

Product discovery

The discovery phase is mission-critical for the success of any IT project. Realizing this core truth, our startup consulting firm will take you through it so you can find out everything about your business goals and target audience. You will tap into your customer’s pain points and explore how to solve their problems with your product. Besides, you will understand what functionalities are needed, what tech stack your developers should use to build, and how long it will take.

Digital channel development

Any business consultant for startups knows that in the early third millennium, enterprises can’t ignore digital channels of reaching out and staying in touch with their clientele. The mavens of DICUES will update you on the full-cycle mobile app and web portal development to create ultimate contact venues where companies and consumers come together. Besides, their expert opinion on chatbot creation will allow you to build solutions that streamline companies’ workflow and customer service.

Market-fit analysis

The IT-savvy startup workforce often does not qualify to find out if their technically superb idea holds water business-wise. Our high-profile tech startup consulting specialists will investigate the breach and compensate for this deficiency. They will help the clients understand how effectively their product fulfills the underserved needs of a particular market niche. They will gather intelligence on potential customers, pinpoint the value proposition of your solution, and determine its market fit by applying specific metrics.

User journey mapping

To gauge the success of a product, it is vital to know how users will interact with it. Having this goal in view, we fathom user needs and, by interviewing them, create and describe buyer personas with their motivations and frustrations about the product, identify step-by-step activities they want to have with it, determine business processes related to the interaction of users with the solution, and finally create user stories where software features are explained from the user’s perspective.

Integration consulting

Modern software products never function as standalone solutions. They should play well with numerous third-party products and systems to be efficient in their operation and provide a complete customer experience. Our consultancy for startups is called to provide end-to-end support of the software integration process from planning through configuration to installation with the extended post-launch advisory services and troubleshooting meant to ensure seamless integration of solutions.

Cloud consulting

Today, old-school legacy on-premises software lives on borrowed time. Ours is the age of the cloud. And startups that fail to realize it can hardly expect to market a viable product. If they lack expertise in this domain, our startup consulting company will provide a wide range of cloud consulting services. The seasoned specialists of DICEUS with high-level cloud technology skills will assist our clients in building, operating, managing, and maintaining an optimal cloud environment.

The powerful advent of Industry 4.0 caused a rise in the number of IT startups, and this upward trend will intensify in the foreseeable future. The founders try to monetize their offbeat ideas across the entire scope of software development sectors – from building apps to offering professional SaaS solutions. However, being specialists in some fields, they may have inadequate expertise in others, especially in business.

If this is your case, DICEUS is here to close the gap. Hire our vetted mavens to provide all kinds of startup consulting services that will enable your enterprise to develop a fully-functional and secure software product that will find its market niche, bring satisfaction to your target audience, and guarantee your business a high ROI.

Discovery phase scope of work

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Discovery phase scope of work

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Benefits of our startup consulting services

Startups are always on short commons, so their founders are tempted to practice a DIY approach and act on a hunch in as many use cases as possible. Yet, in the world of business, it means a sheer disaster. A much wiser way to take is to enlist the consulting services of an experienced company with qualified personnel. So why choose DICEUS among hundreds of others?

Extensive CX expertise

The ultimate goal of every startup is to market a viable product that will bring a stream of revenues into its coffers. It can be achieved only by providing a superb customer experience to the end users of your software. Our specialists have top-notch competence in this field, so you can receive valuable advice on delivering CX-rich solutions.

13 years of startup consulting

IT outsourcers often partner with big enterprises and get used to large-scale projects and big-ticket decisions. That is why vendors fail to understand their needs and challenges when cooperating with startups. DICEUS has a decade-long history of consulting startups, so we know this domain inside out to be on the same wavelength.

250 tech experts

Being good at front-end or mobile technologies, startup developers may have inadequate back-end, integration, or cybersecurity skills. If you need qualified IT consulting in any high-tech field, we are sure to have specialists among our several hundred-strong staff who can step up and help you with timely counseling.

Design and engineering services

Sometimes, even the best advice is not enough. Startups are notorious for their shortage of hands (which, in the IT world, means brains). In case you require not just consultation but action, the vetted designers and software engineers of DICEUS can join your team at any project stage and facilitate its implementation.

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Tech startup consulting: How it works

The high-profile expertise of service providers is vital for the efficiency of consulting. Yet no less key is a well-thought-out and properly organized process workflow. 10+ years of collaborating with tech startups have allowed specialists of DICEUS to devise a four-step consulting pipeline that we follow in our work.

InquiryWhat does inquiry mean in startup consulting? Simply put, our experts get together with the clients and listen. We pay attention to every little detail they share with us concerning their idea, value proposition, history of the venture, background of its founders, personnel qualification, and other information related to the case.
Requirements gathering sessionsWhen the storytelling is done, it is our turn to speak. We start asking questions to understand what we are up to. Our employees determine project goals and objectives, identify relevant stakeholders, elicit requirements from them, document and confirm these requirements, and then go through the list to prioritize items.
Product discoveryNow we dig deep into the product the startup will market. First, we identify its target audience, learn everything we can about users’ needs, desires, and pain points, and see whether the solution-to-be addresses these issues. Plus, we pinpoint functionalities of the product that will do the job and the technologies needed to build them.
Discovery deliverables transferAfter we have collected all the necessary project-related data, we hand all records, dossiers, and documentation to the client. Since our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, we don’t call it a day even when the consulting is over. DICEUS offers further design, engineering, support, and maintenance services if our partner requires them.

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2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

What impacts your project duration

Consulting can last indefinitely. But if some specific project is concerned, it is conditioned by the following five factors:

  • Project requirements
  • Anticipated deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Selected platforms and tech stack
  • Change requests

What affects your project costs

Startups have no spare money to waste, so they want to understand how much our services will cost them down to a penny. We can give the precise number when we know the following:

  • Onboarded technology
  • Project scope and complexity
  • The urgency of project completion
  • Chosen engagement model
  • Release date

What we need from your side

Consulting is a two-way street. It can never be efficient if parties are not on the same page. Therefore, to facilitate collaboration and provide maximum satisfaction to all stakeholders, we should be aware of the following information.

  • The project vision, goals, and roadmap (if it is available)
  • High-level project requirements
  • Existing project documentation (software architecture, mockups, or any other papers)
  • Project deadlines
  • Client availability schedule (requirements gathering sessions usually last a couple of hours a week)

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What do consulting services include?

At DICEUS, we help startups with outlining customer experience and cybersecurity strategies, guide them through the product discovery pipeline, advise on digital channel development (with a focus on mobile apps, web portals, and chatbots), perform market-fit analysis and user journey mapping for their future product, and provide cloud and integration consulting.

What is a consulting model?

The traditional consulting approach centers around two key concepts: (1) recruiting individuals, preferably top-notch talent, and (2) invoicing clients at a rate for each hour or day to obtain the expertise, workforce, or proficiency of this talent. The emphasis on providing more advanced expertise or a more basic workforce on the customer’s side of things varies depending on the type of consulting or the brand.

What are the 4 types of consulting?

The types are distinguished according to the area where the service provider’s expertise is applied. Strategy consulting helps to shape the long-term vision of a company. Operations consulting deals with the elements of an organization’s workflow. Financial consultants issue advice on how to manage the finances of a firm. IT consulting focuses on the employment of technologies by a company.

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