Vendor portal development 

As a seasoned IT vendor focusing on delivering business solutions, DICEUS specializes in customer and vendor portal development for clients worldwide. Our experience in the field and the wide selection of tools we wield allow us to build high-end vendor portal software of various types to oblige the most demanding customer.

Types of custom vendor portals we create 

The internal workflow of modern digitally-driven organizations is impossible without a CRM, ERP, a customer portal solution, etc., and vendor portals of different types can become another valuable asset for companies that want to step up their collaboration with business partners. 

Procurement portals 

These solutions are honed to provide efficient and cost-effective management of enterprises’ procurement pipelines. With such software in place, it will serve as a hub where buyers and suppliers can interact, conduct transactions, and solve any shop floor issues without resorting to manual procedures. 

Supplier collaboration portals 

This type of supplier portal solutions is a web platform where suppliers communicate and collaborate with customers (and with each other). Here, stakeholders share information, find each other to cinch a deal, request quotes, work together on various projects, and have effective tools for tracking the status of the project they are engaged in.  

Inventory and order management 

Such portals are indispensable for firms involved in sales since they automate and streamline the entire sales process – from order placement to delivery (and return if necessary) via all channels. A special module of the system takes care of inventory management which helps enterprises to keep track of the stock of goods and materials in their warehouses. 

Payment and invoicing 

The larger the company is, the more burdensome client billing and invoicing becomes. You can make it much easier by onboarding this portal type. It will automate the generation and processing of invoices by sending out custom invoices, requesting and tracking payments, and managing invoice delivery, thus minimizing errors and boosting customer satisfaction. 

Analytics and reporting 

By setting up a cloud-powered analytics and reporting system, you will obtain a single interface that will grant your employees easy access to historical and current data related to any operations within your organization’s pipeline and customer behavior. In this way, you will be able to map out data-driven marketing and business strategies for your company.  

Communication portals 

These solutions give an edge to vendor customer service, enabling individuals and businesses to interact with each other, learn the latest news in the niche, and share data via a variety of media (email, phone calls, texting, voice-over IP, etc.). Also, such portals serve as a gateway to a range of websites, links, and resources with relevant information. 

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Benefits of vendor portals for businesses 

An efficient, easy-to-operate, and technology-enhanced vendor portal ushers in numerous boons to organizations that leverage it. 

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Our services 

DICEUS, as a high-profile portal development company, provides end-to-end services in the following use cases. 

Custom vendor portal developmentThis is the core of our services in the domain. Our competent experts can build a vendor portal of any size and complexity in alignment with your business requirements and organization’s vision.  
Ready-made portal solution implementationIf you have acquired a boxed or a white-label vendor portal, we can lend a helping hand in onboarding it. Plus, the vetted mavens of DICEUS will assist you with embracing the product’s capabilities. 
Integration servicesSince vendor portals bring the most value when combined with a company’s ERP and other components of the IT environment, we will provide seamless integration of all your high-tech assets.  
Modernization servicesIn the contemporary fast-paced technological landscape, software gets obsolete swiftly, so, we will tackle its full-scale modernization and upgrading.

Why choose DICEUS as a reliable vendor portal development provider 

In the high-tech-fueled world of the early third millennium, digital service consumers have a vast choice of vendors to entrust their IT projects. What gives DICEUS the edge over its competitors in the niche of vendor portal development? 

  • Over a dozen years of presence in the software development market. That allowed us to acquire tons of experience.  
  • More than 130 completed projects for organizations across various industries (retail, logistics, insurance, fintech, banking, healthcare, and more). 
  • 250 qualified and certified developers with a broad expertise range to implement any vendor portal project.  
  • A consistent SDLC that helped us to successfully accomplish all projects we put our hands and brains to.  
  • Versatile tech stack, which includes a broad range of programming languages, front-end and back-end software, and state-of-the-art technologies (such as AI, ML, blockchain, IoT, etc.) our experts leverage. 
  • The Agile methodology we steer by in software development and project management is a surefire recipe for the fast creation of high-end IT products.  
  • The client-centered approach—we adjust the communication schedule and interaction channels to oblige our customers’ preferences and tastes. 

Our tech stack 

How long does it take to develop a vendor portal? 

To give a precise estimation of the time the creation of a vendor portal will take, we must take into account the following factors. 

  • Project nature and requirements 
  • Expected deadlines 
  • IT team composition 
  • Platforms and tech stack required for the project 
  • Change requests 

How much does it cost to develop a vendor portal? 

The sum you will have to allocate for building a vendor portal is conditioned by five considerations. 

  • Selected technology 
  • Project scope and complexity 
  • The urgency of project implementation 
  • Engagement model you opt for (Dedicated Team, Time & Material) 
  • The list of features the portal will contain 

Our case studies  


How can a vendor portal improve collaboration with suppliers? 

By harnessing a vendor portal in your relationships with suppliers, you will ensure an across-the-board standardization of shop floor processes, detect and eliminate existing bottlenecks, provide a range of self-service options, enhance document processing and sharing, and enable direct data updates. 

Can a vendor portal be accessed from mobile devices? 

Since the majority of people use mobile gadgets for accessing web content, a vendor portal should provide its users with a satisfactory mobile experience. It is possible when the vendor portal’s creators take care of it at the stage of the solution’s development and UI/UX design. 

Can a vendor portal integrate with other systems? 

Enterprise software solutions can display their maximum efficiency when they operate in harmony with other elements of the company’s IT ecosystem. Vendor portals are no exception to this rule of thumb, and they are normally integrated with the organization’s ERP and some third-party tools. 

What features should a vendor portal include? 

The functionalities roster is conditioned by the industry and business requirements of a particular company. However, it necessarily must contain vendor onboarding, inventory and order management, invoicing, performance tracking, analytics and reporting, and a self-service dashboard. 

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