iOS app development services

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iPhone app development requires proficiency in different software tools and technologies on top of the ability to implement branded Flat Design, which is the main feature of all authentic iPhone software. If you are looking to complete your project at the lowest possible budget without sacrificing quality, contact us. We will implement your business idea, regardless of its complexity, and provide reliable further technical support of a readymade solution.

iOS app development services

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iOS app development services

Native iOS apps

Native iOS app development is the only possible solution when it becomes necessary to employ the hardware of a user device. This approach also provides an opportunity to create the most “native” design for iOS platforms, making the final solution as attractive as possible for end users who are fanatical about iPhone and iPad products. We guarantee you the perfect price-quality ratio of our work.

Custom iOS apps

Custom Apple app development requires maximum creativity from developers because solutions are created completely from scratch without using any templates. This is usually a time-consuming process that requires full developer dedication. That is why it is better to look for a dedicated team that, unlike random freelancers, will fully focus on creating a unique application.

Enterprise iOS apps

In addition to implementing a quite difficult functionality, developers of enterprise apps sometimes need to possess a deep understanding of the client business niche specifics. Client team members, if there are any, should better be involved in the project, too. Such interaction allows our iOS app development company to get the highest quality product that fully meets owner expectations.

IOS app design

As you may know, iOS application design development has its peculiarities. In particular, in the past few years, proprietary iOS solutions have been based on Flat Design. This imposes special restrictions on the choice of fonts, styles, button design and their location, navigation elements, and so on. We consider all these details to make the finished solution niche-defining.

If you are looking for well-experienced, highly qualified developers who will offer you services at a competitive rate, please contact us. Our Apple app development experts will advise you on the project budget and suggest options for its optimization.

We will also conduct an end-to-end market analysis to identify your main USA and European-based competitors and outrun their offers. This will help you achieve a stable position in the market without much effort and a lot of money invested in advertising and app promotion.

iOS app development

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iOS app development

Benefits of iOS app development services

Reach us out, and you will get an undeniable quality of iOS app development services. All our products are reliable, scalable, up-to-date, and fully customizable for the end user. We also always sign an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with our clients to ensure maximum transparency of our work processes and prove that the created solution matches the client requirements. The result exceeds the highest expectations.

iOS expertise

For over five years, our development team has been specializing in creating native apps for the iOS platform with the help of Xcode. We always consider the main trends in mobile development and choose a tech stack for each project individually, not sacrificing either the quality of work or the functionality trendiness. As a result, you get a cost-efficient product that can compete with the leading solutions in your business niche.

High ROI

The development approach optimization and careful selection of software tools to implement your business idea help us achieve the fastest possible payback of the project, no matter how large its budget is. Moreover, projects that are implied for scaling and modernization are initially built with the reduction of costs and time to market in mind so that none of the unexpected project bumps affect the results.

Domain expertise

Our iPhone application development outsource specialists always improve their skills by visiting international conferences and taking special courses. Thanks to this, they can easily build even the most complex business solutions that require the participation of highly specialized professionals. The in-depth expertise of our staff has helped us successfully implement more than a dozen solutions in the field of medicine, insurance, banking, etc.

User-friendly design

Despite the possible complexity of the business logic of the created web solutions, we always optimize navigation and simplify interface elements. As a result, even the most multifunctional projects become intuitive and understandable for the widest target audience. Thanks to this, you can forget about compiling detailed manuals or receiving unsatisfied usersā€™ feedback – our applications are always utterly accessible.

Our iOS app development services

As one of the top iPhone applications development companies from Eastern Europe, we offer our experience and in-depth knowledge in more than ten specific IT niches, such as Insurtech, Fintech, Healthcare, etc. We can also build various kinds of entertainment apps to help you get the highest ROI in the shortest period. And, of course, we always provide timely tech support and software modernization services to transform your current iOS solution according to the main IT market trends.

DiscoveryTo maximize the competitiveness of your mobile application, it is important to analyze not only existing iOS market competitors but also analogs based on the Android platform. Our outsource iOS development specialists will conduct an end-to-end market analysis, determine the most advantageous features of top applications in your business niche, and select tech tools for its affordable implementation. At the same time, the obtained solutions are completely authentic.
DesignWe always carefully work out the design and user experience at the initial stages of the application development to avoid expensive edits in the next steps of our work. All the user interface visuals we create are inspired by the foundations of Flat Design – the unspoken set of web design rules among all proprietary iOS solutions. Along with this, we certainly consider the personal wishes and requirements of the product owner on top of the most relevant market trends.
DevelopmentThe processes of software code writing and testing usually require three different teams consisting of diverse outsource iPhone application development specialists. Some of them work on the frontend; some are responsible for the backend; others test the already created software modules. Such workflow allows us to faster approach the project release date (because all these teams work simultaneously and independently) and reduce the downtime caused by bug fixing.
MaintenanceAs part of our iPhone app development outsourcing services, we upload finished solutions to the App Store and provide further tech maintenance. Thanks to this, you do not have to look for a team of third-party IT specialists who would provide prompt assistance in tech problems and make changes to the existing solution. We guarantee maximum efficiency, affordability, and quality of our services. Contact us to get more info about the continuous tech support after the project launch.

What impacts your project duration

Depending on the complexity of the project, its development can take from several months to a year or even more. In general, several aspects affect the total time of implementation and the launch date.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms
  • Feature change requests

What affects your project costs

If your project is developed in a completely custom format, this requires much more investment on your part than in the case of creating a template solution. Thus, the project budget is formed by several factors at once.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team
  • The number of change requests

What we need from your side

To get a project that best suits your expectations and business needs, it is important for us to receive a list of individual specifications. Based on this, our developers choose a tech stack and develop the design and functionality of your future app.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available
  • Clientā€™s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a professional mobile app development company?

Instead of wasting your time looking for freelancers who are often unreliable, it is better to immediately contact a professional iOS development company. Reputable providers make legal deals and can guarantee to implement all your requirements specified at the stage of compiling the list of specifications. This approach provides you with confidence in the quality of the services and allows for the transparency of all costs.

Who offers the best iPhone app development services?

We are known as one of the leading iOS development companies in Eastern Europe. We have successfully implemented more than a dozen solutions for the Apple platform and are now ready to offer our mobile applications development services to you. Turning to us, you will never doubt the reliability and quality of the created solution. Contact our managers right now to discuss your project details.

What businesses could you develop a mobile app for?

We can boast of extensive expertise in more than ten areas of mobile software development (in particular, for iOS platform), including medicine, insurance, banking, etc. Now our solutions are successfully used by medical centers, insurance agencies, banks, etc. Contact us and get highly qualified specialists who know how to implement functionality specific to your business niche to work on your project.

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