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Cloud computing

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Cloud Computing

The day is not far off when non-cloud data centers irrevocably have to become history. According to stats, 94% of all workloads belong to cloud computing nowadays. This is the current evolutionary stage of data processing, and no evolution can go in reverse. We help organizations of any size follow the zeitgeist to appear in the forefront of the trouble-free migration from on-premise to clouds. Which way? Let’s take a look.

Business analysis

Starting with a thorough discovery of all computing activities of our customers, we detect gaps and challenges they are facing here and now. Such an audit helps customers recognize beneficial opportunities hidden in cloud-based infrastructures and processes. We can prove that cloud computing is more efficient than non-cloud one by default. Efficiency is what drives modern business forward — our professional expertise allows customers to see things through the lenses of doing business in clouds.

Cloud optimization

Our experts masterfully possess all basic migration models: a full (complex) one when the entire IT infrastructure moves to a cloud, a partial (selective) migration when only a part of an IT system becomes cloud-based, and a progressive (step-by-step) model implying a gradual relocation of all infrastructural elements to a virtual environment. Backup, synchronization, and using online migration services are all in the scope of our expertise. As a result, we can create the most relevant cloud-migration strategy exclusively for your business.

Cloud migration

Our experts masterfully possess all basic migration models: a full (complex) one when the entire IT infrastructure moves to a cloud, a partial (selective) migration when only a part of an IT system becomes cloud-based, and a progressive (step-by-step) model implying a gradual relocation of all infrastructural elements to a virtual environment. Backup, synchronization, and using online migration services are all in the scope of our expertise. As a result, we can create the most relevant cloud-migration strategy exclusively for your business.

Cloud app development

Highly customized software solutions created with individual features significantly facilitate cloud-based workflows. There are specific features that distinguish cloud applications from conventional ones. We know the ins and outs very well to prevent our customers from errors and downtimes in their cloud workflows. The efficiency of your business processes is everything for us. That’s why professional cloud app development that allows boosting business efficiency is an integral part of the migration strategies we provide.

Cloud computing tech stack

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Cloud computing tech stack

The maximally coherent approach to cloud migration is what we offer to our customers. We sincerely believe in the immense business potential of cloud computing to propose migration to our customers that will bring instant business value. Both a wide experience in cloud migration and deep knowledge of all cloud-related nuances belong to the cloud computing consulting services we provide.

Benefits of cloud computing consulting

The IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) way of doing modern business helps small and middle-sized organizations effectively distribute their financial and labor resources without spending much on traditional commercial facilities. Large corporations can seamlessly arrange global-scale workflows through clouds. But any company addressing a cloud-based business model needs to know what to leave as it is and what to relocate to a virtual environment. This is when cloud computing consulting comes into play.

Well-defined strategy

Individual metrics matter when cloud migration strategy is under development. Sometimes, it is better to look at your business from the outside: fresh eyes can catch something important you usually ignore in your routine. A well-defined migration strategy must determine which type of clouds (public, private, hybrid) corresponds to both the hierarchy and linkage of your infrastructural elements best. Our cloud computing consultants can compare your strategy with use cases from their previous experience to smooth out your migration process.

Cloud computing expertise

Our deep expertise covers critical factors of cloud migration such as flexible business scaling, meeting customer expectations, and maintaining your business continuity. They all are about development within virtual working environments. We can help you realize how much your downtime can cost as well as how many extra resources you may need to let your working routines go smoothly. We can develop a detailed individual roadmap of your cloud migration avoiding various traps inherent in amateurish approaches.

Development services

Our vast hands-on experience in developing cloud apps is always at your disposal. Highly skilled programming engineers represent our source of pride, whatever technological stack may appear in need. They know exactly what features provide the best workability of cloud apps. Our developers can offer various appropriate solutions for both public clouds and private ones. Hybrid environments deliver no problem for us as well. Cloud computing is more than familiar to DICEUS as we have been building software for clouds over the years.

Infrastructure management

Post-migration practices are hardly less crucial than the very process of cloud migration alone. There must be an expert who knows how to manage it properly. This is not rocket science, but cloud-specific nuances are available. DICEUS can train your staff to deal with cloud infrastructures in a cleverer manner than a trial-and-error method provides. From day one, your cloud infrastructure must bring money. Besides, fiduciary infrastructure management is in the scope of our cloud consulting services.

Our cloud computing consulting services

DICEUS is a seasoned, field-experienced provider of profiled cloud technology services. Working on a range of cloud aspects, both technical and business-focused, we offer valuable expertise.

Cloud strategySince cloud migration is never a single-click process, our cloud computing consultants are here to help you create an individual cloud strategy from A to Z. What can such a strategy consist of? Our experts assist you in choosing a migration model, a cloud type, a cloud provider, a migration technique, a migration tool, as well as other critical aspects. Besides, we can support you in both pretesting and post-migration management. But the best part about the strategy is in the clearest idea of enabling more productive workflows in a cloud.
Cloud assessmentThe “cloud service” term is not so straightforward to keep the issue simple. There are dozens if not hundreds of cloud service providers offering unique features. Only experts have the relevant knowledge to make a meaningful assessment of clouds. We assist you in cloud assessment with a set of specific metrics. We don’t impose our views on customers, we just save their time and money. To put it simply, we share our experience to help customers address virtual environments from the angle of professional cloud computing consultants.
Cloud optimizationComplete relocation of IT infrastructure to a cloud is not for every business. Data security considerations can prevent an organization from migrating to a public cloud. A large enterprise can move to a cloud very gradually in order not to interrupt corporate business processes. Such use cases are about cloud optimization. Our cloud computing consultants can build bridges between particular cloud functionality and your existing IT infrastructure, adjusting a virtual working environment according to your individual business needs.
Cloud adoptionAWS Migration Services or Azure Migration Tools? Backup or synchronization? Which toolkit to use and where to start? Our cloud computing consulting services have the right answers. DICEUS is a professional cloud computing consulting company that takes full responsibility for everything that happens on the way to clouds. We provide special training, enabling you to integrate cloud infrastructures with minimum possible requalification of staff. We also help you complete cloud adoption with effective post-migration management.

What impacts your project duration

The timeframe of cloud migration belongs to indirect objects of expenditure. But expenses remain expenses, and we strongly recommend you address the following duration-related factors before your migration begins:

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms
  • Chosen cloud provider

What affects your project costs

Even though cloud computing has numerous benefits for your business the excessive cost of migration can damage the desired positive effect. Address the following factors to get your calculations right:

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

Even the best consulting appears futile if no collaboration with a customer takes place. Lean our way with everything mentioned below to make your cloud migration frictionless

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

Why use cloud computing consulting services?

You will have to make multiple decisions throughout cloud migration. The decisions imply choosing between different options. Many options can look very similar in the eyes of non-experts (cloud software services, cloud providers, migration tools). How to make the right choice? Tossing a coin seems to be a bad idea in such a case. This is when cloud computing consultants come to the rescue. They don’t guess, they know exactly. They make no mistake in recognizing features and options that fit your project best.

Do you provide data and cloud migration services?

DICEUS has vast hands-on experience in cloud migration of any sort. We offer a full scope of migration techniques for both large corporations and small startups. An individual approach to each customer is our priority. No matter which particular business model you have, our experts are always able to set up and configure a cloud-based workflow of any complexity. Relevant staff training and post-migration infrastructure management are in the scope of our services as well.

Can you help me choose the right cloud provider?

Choosing the most appropriate cloud provider largely depends on your project requirements along with the characteristics of your current IT infrastructure. Besides, many other factors such as data privacy concerns, your data volume, a desirable business model, and the like can influence the choice. That’s why we recommend starting from the creation of an individual cloud strategy with a clear migration roadmap. Thus, we will be able to select the best possible cloud provider from the ones available in our abundant database.

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