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Project overview

Today’s e-commerce niche covers the widest range of services and initiatives that used to be offline-only not so long ago. The global pandemic conditions gave a powerful push for e-commerce to cover more industries and professional sectors. For instance, having long developed a habit of ordering products and services online, people massively enjoy the convenience of buying tickets to the show, flight, event, etc., without having to bother and waste time going to the physical ticket window. We worked on exactly such a solution for SimpleTix.

Client information

SimpleTix is a US-based international e-commerce provider that offers an advanced online ticketing and event registration web platform. The company currently serves customers across four continents and helps other businesses boost the efficiency of online ticketing fulfilments. SimpleTix hits the highest demand in the era of social distancing and remote services with simple to access yet versatile ticketing opportunities. The company’s platform also covers custom event creation, ticketing promotions, and event management processes.

simpletix development and optimization img project overview

Business challenge

In the current COVID-19-driven conditions, people and businesses seek utterly hassle-free, convenient ticketing options. An opportunity to order or buy a ticket online at the theater’s or venue’s official website is now the most standard option, not enough for modern demanding consumers. A need arises for more centralized, more available, and more convenient options. In particular, a ticket ordering and management resource available on any device, with personalized event creation and management opportunities.

Technical challenges

In a nutshell, for SimpleTix, we had to implement frontend software assets, redesign the platform’s event wizard, leverage internal Telerik controls, ASP.NET, and custom JavaScript functionality, and improve the overall UI/UX design. The client wasn’t satisfied with the existing tools for creating new customized events for platform users. They also wanted the design of their landing to match the overall design of the platform, setting everything in line with the established corporate attributes.

Solution delivered

We ultimately revitalized the SimpleTix platform to make it simpler and more intuitive for users to create and manage new events, boost the platform’s traffic attraction rates, and tie up the whole design to achieve consistent, authentic vibes. We had been provided with mockups and prototypes to tweak and create an initial MVC. We had to create a server model to store all the underlying data and bind it with the UI controls. The event creation wizard took the most effort, as we had to turn this tool into a very simple yet versatile tool for custom user opportunities.

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Key features

simpletix development and optimization img key future
  • Tweaked event wizard

    The wizard for creating custom events by platform users was completely redesigned and upgraded in functionality.

  • Improved functionality

    The web app performance was tweaked and optimized on low software levels to achieve the smoothest user experience.

  • UX/UI improvements

    A complex work was conducted on revamping the overall UX/UI situation so that everything looked and worked balanced.

  • Support optimization

    Platform users now get hints and directions on how to go around the platform and handle certain elements and features.

Value to our client

  • Fresh design

    A fully revamped UI/UX design is simpler to perceive, more inviting, and intuitive to handle for mass users.

  • Better customization

    Users are now more encouraged to create and manage custom events via an improved wizard.

  • Web functionality

    The platform remains highly-available via the web yet runs more smoothly and consistently than before.

Our tech stack

  • NET .NET 

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