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A timely adopted, customer-oriented management system optimizes processes, enhances resilience, and boosts profitability in a highly competitive business environment. CRM consultancy by DICEUS helps clients from all walks of today’s global industries implement unique solutions powering your most ambitious goals.

Why choose DICEUS as your CRM consulting partner

With DICEUS by your side, you get solutions for reliable automated control and complete business freedom created just for you at a reasonable rate. And we give you more advantages where that comes from, like:

  • We guarantee solutions to most of the challenges our clients face.
  • We leverage the experience of successfully implementing over 130 projects.
  • We possess extensive experience in CRM development across various industries.
  • We continuously expand our portfolio of consulting and CRM development projects.
  • We assist in implementing the best quality management, risk, and security methods based on ISO 9001 rules.
  • We are a certified Google Cloud and Microsoft partner.

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How DICEUS can help you with CRM

Our in-house customer relationship management consultants help plan the implementation or enhancement of your CRM in line with your customer management strategy. As a result, you gain enterprise-wide process automation coupled with reliable, comprehensive analytics and retain a complete history of interactions with all your customers.

Discovery phase

We base our strategy and roadmap planning on meticulous marketing research to ensure maximum coverage of your target audience and deliver solutions tailored to your needs. For this, we conduct a detailed audit of your system and seamlessly integrate your brand and presence with customer interactions.

Leveraging our in-depth experience in developing cross-industry CRM solutions, we unify your capabilities with an individualized approach that aligns with your business goals for effective competition in the market. Our solutions ultimately help boost sales, minimize excessive costs, and cut down on processing times.

Custom CRM development

Drawing from global experience in creating top-notch customer relationship management systems, we enable effective lead generation, sales funnel management, and customer lifecycle management. You will be able to attract leads based on key information about their activities across various channels, including social, digital, and mobile touchpoints.

Our CRM implementation consulting services offer a unique customer interaction experience and a data repository capable of meeting your company’s unique needs for data collection from multiple channels, service personalization, and improved business operations efficiency.

Legacy CRM modernization

Our specialists thoroughly assess your current system’s challenges and potential, helping you prioritize and implement changes that significantly enhance your CRM’s value. We optimize the storage and organization of customer data, implement advanced analytics, automate processes, and ensure necessary integrations.

Start leveraging capabilities that were previously out of reach. At the same time, we offer individual pricing that will quickly pay off. Customer retention has never been easier to handle and more reliable all-around.

CRM migration

Transitioning to a modern platform improves data quality, enables data-driven decisions, and enhances strategic planning through real-time analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence integration. You get to drive productivity and automate routine CRM tasks, allowing your employees to focus on strategic business tasks.

Our consultants will help you transition to an advanced system without risks of data loss or corruption. One leveraging new relevant features and collecting more customer information. We guarantee the complete security of your current data and no downtime during the process. Our proven migration model works for you 24/7.

CRM customization

We offer the implementation of advanced tools based on personalized customer interactions. Customization contributes to improved operations and interdepartmental cooperation, providing a unified view of data with enhanced efficiency and return on investment capabilities.

Convenient, user-friendly interfaces reduce training time, improve system usability, and provide multi-level data security against unauthorized access and cyber threats. Consulting CRM aspects, we help you to ensure compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, assisting with legal data handling.

CRM implementation

We do everything to give you smoothly running, high-performance systems free from common inefficiencies. Our products are automated where possible to smooth out routine tasks, offering real-time data access and enabling our clients to focus on strategic work and faster decision-making.

We offer unique algorithms and solutions that keep our clients one step ahead of competitors. You can employ our modern CRM architecture to benefit from cloud provider security measures, including regular audits, data redundancy, and disaster recovery capabilities.

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CRM modules we build and implement

We offer cutting-edge tools for optimizing and enhancing CRM functionality while ensuring 100% data integrity and security. Our custom modules fully align with the workflow aspects of businesses across relevant industries that deal with customer interactions and industry security standards.

Our approach to CRM consulting

We offer time-tested solutions empowered by years of experience in creating entirely unique systems. We explain the differences between platforms, allowing clients to choose the option that best suits their needs.

CRM auditBecoming your CRM consulting company of choice, we kick off the collaborative workflow by analyzing your requirements. We thoroughly examine existing systems for functionality, performance, and vulnerabilities to develop corrective measures. We study the market, conduct comparative analyses of suitable options, conduct interviews, and create technical specifications. 
Understanding customer goalsThen, we analyze the tasks your CRM system needs to address and develop workflows with ready-made or customizable features to support them. Technical specifications are coordinated with the direct involvement of the client representative, taking into account your preferences and desires.
RecommendationsWe do not argue with clients. We persuade them with facts, revealing the hidden potential of CRM in their line of work. Our recommendations are always based on the best practices of creating and using similar systems. Our consultants offer only practical solutions that have repeatedly proven their effectiveness.
CRM selection and customizationThe selection, configuration, and modernization of the appropriate system are carried out in close collaboration with the client. We always provide several options for you to choose from. We also consider expansion prospects, ensuring your system remains up-to-date.
CRM integrationWe assemble all modules into a cohesive system, which can be integrated with other platforms, websites, IP telephony solutions, etc. All customer information is centralized in one place and supported by advanced tools, enabling efficient interactions. We also offer the ability to create criteria based on client priorities.
ImplementationThe implementation process begins immediately after the client approves of the implementation plan. We will propose an algorithm that perfectly suits your needs. As a result, you will get an easily adaptable CRM system with a well-balanced data management mechanism and necessary integrations, making the workflow simple and intuitive for every team member.
DeploymentBefore deployment, we introduce you to new features and, if necessary, offer a test version created based on an individual approach. You can assess the convenience and practicality of each element. The process is carried out under the vigilant supervision of our specialists, ensuring a successful conclusion.
Employee trainingWe never leave clients alone with tasks and issues, providing training materials to unlock the full potential of implemented solutions and conducting certification training for staff. The process starts during the preparatory stage of implementation and continues throughout the system’s lifecycle.
Maintenance and supportWe value our clients, guaranteeing long-term technical and informational support and making sure your CRM is always in perfect working condition. Leverage our experience and capabilities to make your business better, stronger, more competitive, and cutting-edge!

Some facts about DICEUS

2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

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What are CRM consulting services?

CRM consulting services help identify the need for CRM system implementation or migration to a new one, select the best platform, and seamlessly implement or transition to one. CRM consultants have experience with various solutions and can assess your requirements to offer choices that align with your criteria.

Why do businesses need CRM consulting services?

CRM consultations allow businesses to achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) from their new software, make partner relationships effective and cost-justified, understand the intricacies of process management, and avoid significant obstacles in customer relations.

What are the key features of a good CRM consulting firm?

A good CRM consulting provider must have:

1.     Extensive knowledge base covering multiple platforms and various CRM options.
2.     An objective perspective based on extensive experience and an advanced approach to implementing available CRM solutions.
3.     Data security guarantees and no disruption to the client’s daily operations.
4.     Offerings of change management recommendations and CRM implementation strategies.
5.     A clear understanding of trends, enabling the application of best practices.

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