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Project overview

ProChain Enterprise is a comprehensive project management system focused on the planning of long-lasting strategical processes. Its modular system enables quick task creation, performance control, productivity assessment, and reviews on all levels. We are building a new version: a cloud-based application based on the modern tech stack.

Client information

ProChain Solutions is a software provider founded in 1996. The company delivers advanced project management tools to various businesses. ProChain has many clients, including businesses from Global 500. The solutions allow clients to increase project predictability and decrease risks, improve time to market, and increase productivity. The development is based on the Critical Chain approach.

Business challenge

ProChain Solutions is a company with a long history. It was founded in 1996 to provide efficient project management software to businesses of all sizes. Now, it has thousands of clients, many of whom are in the Global 500. Due to many other project management solutions, the main business challenge of ProChain was to remain competitive. It was pretty difficult to achieve because the current version of the ProChain Enterprise platform is falling behind and relies on legacy technologies. Despite the features being useful and demanding, they remain too cumbersome and inconvenient. Our clients realized that a major upgrade is vitally required and asked DICEUS to build a new version.

Technical challenges

ProChain Enterprise has a lot of cool features, but they are unavailable due to technical difficulties. Our team analyzed the current solution, spotted its major flaws, and proposed a new design with better UI/UX. The main goal is to take the full spectrum of features to the cloud, make the product more flexible, scalable, and competitive. Simultaneously, we have to add support for on-premises deployment.

Solution delivered

Now, we’re working on the next version of the ProChain Enterprise tool – v14. The software will be based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and will have modern IT architecture and infrastructure. The continuous improvement approach will make future development much simpler and ensure the client that the app will be updated regularly. All the core features will be available for cloud and on-premises users: project analysis, reporting, updating.

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Key features

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  • Advanced reporting

    Cross-project reports, resource usage data, visualization, and detailed info on each process.

  • Cloud and web versions

    Microsoft Azure cloud environments with an option to deploy the app locally.

  • Detailed management

    Dashboards, task lists, subprojects, alerts and filters, indicators, customizable views, permissions, priorities, and docs.

  • Microsoft Project support

    Seamless integration with Microsoft Project schedules without the obligatory connection for all users.

  • Overview of projects

    Simple management of large project portfolios and massive programs that consist of many components.

Value to our client

  • CI/CD strategy

    This option should enable further scaling and development linked to the most modern technologies.

  • Improved competitiveness

    The updated software will allow our customer to offer a cutting-edge product that meets the demands of users.

  • Optimized UI/UX

    The product’s design will become more innovative. The intuitive interface should help end-users to access any function quickly.

  • Restored features

    Thanks to improved performance and user experience, all key features will be available entirely.

Our tech stack

  • NET-Core-3 .NET Core 3
  • microsoftazure Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • React React

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