At DICEUS, customer satisfaction and high-quality project outcomes are at heart of everything we do. Explore what companies that partnered with us say about the collaboration with our teams. These testimonials are a testament to the expertise and innovation that define our partnerships.

Feedback left by DICEUS customers

Phil Reynolds
Phil Reynolds CEO, BriteCore

Applications for BriteCore's P&C insurance core platform

BriteCore USA USA

“The Diceus team has consistently supported the BriteCore team for many years. Their engineers are well-educated and highly invested in the ongoing quality of the BriteCore platform with sustained relationships that extend over four years. We appreciate everything the Diceus team brings to the table as a development partner.”

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Elena Markova
Elena Markova Board Member, UNIQA Ukraine

Discovery phase and mobile app development for insurance company UNIQA

UNIQA Ukraine Ukraine

“We were impressed by the depth of the UX analysis they did in terms of our customer's research, buyer persona creation, user journey mapping, etc. All the information like research findings, for instance, was presented in a clear form (presentations, Miro boards, clear infographics) so it was quite easy to understand what we need to build and why.”

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Ihor Zhyzhara
Ihor Zhyzhara Deputy Chairman of Board, Kniazha VIG

Chatbot development for insurance company Kniazha VIG

Kniazha VIG Ukraine Ukraine

“DICEUS developed a chatbot for our insurance company's medical and technical assistance departments. Now, we can support our clients online 24/7 through popular messaging platforms. The key functionalities include doctor's appointment scheduling, sending doctor's reports, submitting claims, and buying insurance. I liked the quality of services and especially the communication with the team.”

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Antoaneta Karagyozova
Antoaneta Karagyozova CPSO, Fadata

IT consulting for Fadata's insurance platform INSIS implementation

Fadata Germany Germany

“We are happy with DICEUS' software implementation services. The team's workflow is highly effective and professional in all aspects of the engagement. All clearly understand what goals we'd like to reach and do their best to do that as efficiently as possible. Overall, the partnership has been successful.”

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Robert Koval
Robert Koval Managing Director, TeamBase DMCC

BenefitNet insurance solution

teambase UAE UAE

“The collaboration has increased by as much as 25% each year, thanks to DICEUS' technical capabilities and quick feedback adoption. The team's professionalism, cost-effective rates, and consistent delivery continue to support both the engagement and product end-users.”

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Henrik Gehrmann
Henrik Gehrmann VP of Engineering at Clear Labs

Improvements of Google Cloud Platform environment for Clear Labs

Clear Labs USA USA

"Good collaborative partnership and ability to provide required skills and expertise."

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Steinar Talmoen
Steinar Talmoen Co-Founder at Nextcom Evolution

CRM system for norwegian software provider

nextcom Norway Norway

“Diceus learns and performs processes well. Their work is reliable. The developers understand our requirements very well, so we can assign them documentation directly. They know our system, and can develop what we need. And they can handle complicated tasks without needing much direction, if any.”

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Richard Haynes
Richard Haynes CEO at eTool

Subscription management and enterprise functionality in existing web apps

etool Australia Australia

“The project ran smoothly. Diceus delivered good work and increased resources in an effort to maintain deadlines. The project itself was adding functionality to an existing web app and Diceus had to quickly become familiar with a very large code base to deliver the work which is commendable. We will consider them for future projects.”

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David Abbott
David Abbott CEO at Take Note

Cloud platform development for Take Note

takenote UK UK

“We were relieved when we started the work with Diceus, the competence level promised, was evident with a real commitment to quality. They gained a quick understanding of our business which meant they were highly productive very quickly. The price was also competitive, reducing the costs of working with our previous partner in India and probably halving the price we would pay for less qualified developers in the UK.”

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Mohammed Albarrak
Mohammed Albarrak Solutions Development Manager at Lean Business Services

Medical errors reporting system

lean Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

“The platform automates the entire complaint workflow and ensures patient identity. We can now plan error compensation and prevention faster!”

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Alexander Baravkov
Alexander Baravkov Product Manager at Lion Trans in Georgia

Online car auction system

lion_trans Georgia Georgia

“The quality of the finished portal functions is excellent. Diceus provides expert development services at a reasonable cost. They deliver their work in a timely manner. Customers can expect a communicative and proactive team.”

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Søren Hundebøll
Søren Hundebøll Founder at RiskVille

RiskVille cloud solution for risk and insurance management

riskville Denmark Denmark

“Existing clients were introduced to the cloud software and are eager to adopt it. Although accustomed to full stack development, the team is flexible in this work, because they managed to develop a certain part of the stack. Diceus could recommend me alternatives to solve the issues.”

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Ashley Ragan
Ashley Ragan Managing Partner and Chief Technical Officer

Build-a-brand marketing and branding software


“Diceus has been my tech partner for the last 7 years. They are my right arm and have built my company some amazing technology. In addition, they have helped me stay on top of the latest tech stack, provided security solutions, and managed overall infrastructure. Our team members are a joy to work with, brilliant, and hard-working. I couldn't recommend them more.”

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