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    Better assessment of medical errors frequency
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Project overview

Medical Errors is an advanced error-reporting system that is aimed to prevent the recurrence of harmful events in healthcare and improve patient safety. It gives citizens multiple helpful capabilities to file their complaints, track the progress, and get appropriate justice.

Client information

Lean Business Services is a government-owned company operating under the Ministry of Health and working as a key enabler of E-Health innovation in Saudi Arabia.


Business challenge

Harm resulting from inaccurate medical treatment is an old concept known as medical errors. Among the most common causes of errors are patient-related issues, inadequate policies, inappropriate information flow. Patients suffer from harmful events due to medical errors that’s why the government has to respond to those issues by providing a relevant tech solution.

It took much time for people to receive justice and accountability in court cases on medical errors through civil justice systems. Some cases could last months from initial case registration till court processing. Thus, the Ministry of Health needed to provide people with a user-friendly solution to effectively manage complaints.

Technical challenges

Our client needed to get the new system integrated with the National e-Authentification service and National Healthcare portal. We had to integrate the system with a secure National Identification portal for authorization and authentication using OAuth2.0. Personal user data was encrypted on the database level to prevent unauthorized access. The system also had to support one-time-password SMS notifications. There was additional integration with the National Medical portal to provide users with Healthcare institution details and Healthcare practitioners.

Solution delivered

To address the client’s needs, our team developed a comprehensive system with intuitive design. It allows users even with basic computer skills to handle their complaints data. The system is integrated with the State Healthcare portal which allows medical practitioners to participate in the process of a complaint investigation as well as to provide testimonials and conclusions. Users, in their turn, are able to check their complaint statuses online and track the progress.

medical errors reporting system solution
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Key features

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  • User management

    System admins are able to manage users’ identity, access to system service, and onboarding procedure. This feature addresses the need to manage users’ access to various resources available within the system.

  • Complaint capturing

    People can easily file a medical error complaint or malpractice lawsuit which is the first step in bringing accountability. The system is user-friendly as much as users with basic computer skills can enter their data for review.

  • Complaint processing from registration to court

    We designed and implemented a clear logic for complaint processing that automated this procedure and reduced the time needed to process a complaint from registration to court.

  • Complaint assignment and reassignment

    All complaints, upon receipt by the system, are to be entered and processed. Assignment and reassignment are used for an accurate sequence of complaints and their effective management.

medical errors reporting system key 2
  • Dashboards for different users

    We introduced clear dashboards for different types of users to effectively track and analyze information needed to manage medical error complaints.

  • Integration with national healthcare portal

    The system is also integrated with the National Healthcare portal which is a central hub for getting accurate information and e-services in the healthcare sector.

  • Integration with national authentication system

    To better manage identity access, the system was integrated with the National e-Authentification service which provides digital signing services and secure authentification for government online services.

  • SMS and email notifications

    We implemented SMS and email notifications to provide users with real-time information and simplify the processes of acquiring the needed data.

Value to our client

  • 2 times faster complaint processing

    By implementing a certain number of features like a complaint assignment/reassignment and integrating the system with national healthcare portals, Medical Errors solution offers people to easily file and get instant accountability of their cases.

  • 100% trustworthy e-system

    Due to integration with the National e-Authentification service and maintenance of the SLA procedure, the system guarantees high security and reliable user identity.

  • Better assessment of medical errors frequency

    A fully workable solution provides now accurate information on medical claims frequency and empowers healthcare entities to devise effective prevention strategies.

Our tech stack

  • ch C#
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • react ReactJS
  • type script TypeScript

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