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Team extension services

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Team extension services

IT team extension is a confident step towards ultimately boosting the performance and overall efficiency of workflow. In the long run, this results in dozens of common pitfalls avoided and tons of extra profits accumulated. An operating team should be expertise-packed and complete. If your working team is still lacking certain relevant skills or field knowledge, timely team extension should come in more than handy.

Team extension services

We fill the expertise gaps and reinforce the versatility and scope of the usefulness of your team by introducing the lacking qualified specialists to even an ongoing workflow. At the same time, the team extension services we provide don’t involve any hassle related to the standard recruitment process. Thus, you stay in control of all the workflow processes while your operational powers grow and cover more responsibilities.

Wide skillset and competencies

Letting DICEUS specialists extend your team, you are looking to get highly-competent, seasoned professionals with an extensive set of relevant skills from the get-go. No need to bother searching for reliable candidates, interviewing them, and making the difficult decision of who is the best of the best to pick. You either outline the required specialists yourself or we recommend which gaps to fill coming from our experience.

Industry expertise

When it comes to software team extension, the gist is to hire professionals that can fulfill a specific responsibility, work out certain issues, or get around a particular tool or technology. This helps handle complex project patches and make your team capable of working with certain advanced solutions and technologies. This approach also helps keep everything segmented and structured in order to reach the smoothest workflow.

Top experts

The pool of team extension specialists we provide consists of in-depth experienced, seasoned in the field professionals ready to fulfill extra responsibilities in your team. There won’t be any trials and worker integration periods. Our team extension services allow you to get the top industry talents for your team without going far. We just need to settle the exact positions you need to fill. From there on out, we do all the work.

Team extension services

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Team extension services

Have you been looking to compensate for the expertise gap in a certain tech niche or specific industry? At DICEUS, we have the pool of candidates and managers to help you pick the best of the best without wasting time and nerves on cumbersome recruitment routines.

We provide software team extension capabilities that can help you efficiently handle a rough project patch, complete a product you have never worked on before, or get a permanent boost of your in-house work powers and start covering new tools and niches.

Benefits of our software team extension services

DICEUS professionals have years of field practice to help you get the most out of your software team by extending it with specifically-skilled specialists. You don’t have to go far to start covering more complex niches and handling more diverse issues and software creation and optimization challenges. You get great long-term benefits from timely team extension, avoiding many common risks due to the lack of expertise, saving costs, and boosting profits accordingly.

Qualified resources

Employing our team extension services, you, basically, get the top-notch expertise “out-of-the-box”. That means that you can rapidly hire qualified professionals with specific skill sets without wasting time searching for the most fitting candidates, rendering the best candidates of the best, and introducing them to your running workflow. We do all that for you while you focus on your primary tasks and enjoy a great team performance boost. On top of that, you get access to advanced tools that specialists in certain niches use.

Quick hiring

The process of extending a team by DICEUS is fast and hassle-free. We have a pool of talents that allows us to reinforce your team with new professionals in no time. All of the talents we offer are highly-qualified and seasoned in their line of work so there won’t be any team integration issues. Everybody is usually ready to start working right away and is used to getting around running workflows. All in all, we take all the cumbersome routine out of the hiring process to help you efficiently add up expertise and boost market powers.

Organized onboarding

The specialists you require get through a specially-organized fast onboarding – you can call “express onboarding”. In terms of it, everybody is ready to take on a running workflow, waiting to jump into work as immediately as possible. Once the workers for hire are defined and selected, we kick off their preparation and schedule an upcoming full-on integration with the existing workflow. This way, you don’t have to discuss too many specifics with new workers before they get to work and skip the onboarding phase yourself.

High retention rate

Team extension specialists are willing and ready to work as an extra addition to the existing team of professionals from the start. This means that they are not switching between options and positions looking for the best spot – they have already found their niche. Extending your team, there are the lowest chances of a newly-hired specialist leaving your team and dropping your project for some reason. And this confidence in the consistency of your reinforced team will save you lots of time and nerves in the long run.

Our hiring process

The top priorities of our hiring process are simplicity, smoothness, and reasonable effort consumption – everything to make the whole process a breeze for our clients. To achieve such conditions, we thoroughly select talents for the pool of team extension candidates and handle all the organizational work, i.e., interviewing and trialing candidates, preparing them for the workflow integration, etc. Our pool is formed based on particular specializations, qualifications, and skills so that we could offer you fast integration of exactly the specialists you require.

Detailed job descriptionTo kick things off, we analyze your requirements and discuss your specific needs with our team extension managers to better outline who exactly you are looking for. Next, we will need to discuss everything with you individually so that not a single detail is missed and you get to define each and every smallest desire and need of yours. If you have no project or team brief prepared in advance, we will also help you elaborate on it and compose one.
Candidate’s screeningWe start studying and picking the most fitting talents right after all the requirements are in line and we have a detailed, analyzed brief that describes all the upcoming workflow specifics. We have a full-on team of top-notch recruiters and business analysts doing their job to help you get some of the market’s top talents that are guaranteed to fit the specifics of your project or in-house operation. You get to look through the CVs they render out.
Preparing trialsThe list of potential candidates’ CVs is filtered by the level of qualification and core specialization, demographics, and other essential worker traits. You get all the sorted out CVs to check from your perspective. We have seasoned professionals that will recommend which particular specialists to best pick if you find it difficult to pick an expert yourself. We guarantee to supply you with a number of CVs of only in-depth experienced candidates.
Testing the candidatesThe candidates selected from the sorted out list then have to pass a number of test tasks based on your project or company workflow specifics. It is always good when the client has such trial tasks prepared. But we can also compose unique test assignments based on our experience, your workflow nuances, and your particular requirements as a client. Together, we can really test whether particular candidates have what it takes to complete your team.
Gathering feedbackAll test assignments have strict deadlines, after which the completed tasks are collected and sent to you for review. You can take a look through them from your perspective. To achieve the best results, our in-house experts will discuss every worthy candidate with you separately and point out the most capable specialists in their opinion. In particular, we will be looking for the most responsible and expertise-driven test completion approaches.
Further recruitingOnce we categorize and select the initial pool of candidates, test them, review their scores, and settle all the results with you, it’s time to move on with recruitment phases. We now need to interview the most fitting candidates. As for the format of the interview, you can either conduct it completely on your own (you get all the contacts right away) or employ our expertise to make the interviews more niche-specific and technically focused.
Job offerThe final stage of the team extension process is selecting the candidates and offering them a contract. Together with our recruiters and tech leads, you can discuss if a person fits your requirements fully. Besides, you will get assistance with onboarding processes. Our Project Managers communicate all project details to newcomers, helping them get acquainted with the rest of the team members. Our approach to onboarding allows employees to become a part of the team as soon as possible.

What impacts your project duration

With the team extension services we offer, you can ultimately speed up the hiring process. In particular, only the following essential points will affect your project duration.

  • Immediate involvement of resources from our bench
  • 1-2 weeks to engage the resources from our recruitment pipeline
  • 4-6 weeks for hiring from the market

What affects your project costs

Team extension is a great way to cut down significant costs, too. The final costs of your project handled by an extended team are affected only by the following.

  • Chosen technology 
  • Developer rates
  • Seniority level

What we need from your side

We help you with pro recommendations, tips, and direction at every stage of the team extension process. To make things work like a clock, however, it’s best that you provide us with:

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available
  • Job descriptions, if available
  • Understanding of hiring and onboarding processes

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What are the most frequent reasons for scaling up a software project team?

The top most frequent reasons for extending one’s team include the lack of certain expertise or the intention to grow and develop further as a service provider/technical specialist/business. Secondary reasons may be numerous – from the mere desire to extend team powers without spending huge chunks of budget to the client’s need to access guaranteed in-depth expertise fast.

Why hiring developers overseas is better than extending your in-house team?

In a nutshell – it is cheaper and faster while you are still getting an equal level of expertise. Due to different living conditions in different regions, overseas developers may set much lower rates while offering the same level of savviness and skill specialists from the biggest IT hubs can offer. And considering the current global situation, such profitable remote opportunities become all the more relevant.

What are the biggest challenges of team extension and what are the solutions?

The biggest challenge in the whole process of team extension is to find the most fitting candidates, properly employ them in the shortest terms, and get reliable performance out of them. All of that, however, is efficiently handled and turned into a piece of cake with the team extension services we provide at DICEUS. You don’t have to bother finding and recruiting the most profitable and reliable candidates. We do it for you.

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