Discovery phase and mobile app development for insurance company UNIQA

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Project overview

UNIQA is an insurance company that contacted DICEUS for professional assistance in mobile app development. Their main goal was to improve customer engagement through the mobile app. The project is divided into two significant milestones — the discovery phase and the development stage. Firstly, we needed to analyze the user journeys and generate hypotheses about UNIQA’s clients. For that, interviews with users were conducted, user personas identified, and user journeys created. Based on the findings of the discovery phase, we formalized requirements for the new mobile app development and created the mock-ups. Secondly, the development phase is planned for iOS and Android mobile apps.

Client information

UNIQA Insurance Company (non-life insurance) has operated in the Ukrainian market since 1994 and has been a member of UNIQA Insurance Group since 2006. For many years, the company has stably remained the leader in the insurance market of Ukraine. UNIQA Insurance is a universal insurer and provides insurance solutions for corporate and individual clients. Currently, the company enters the TOP-3 insurers in Ukraine and has a nationwide sales network.

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Business challenge

Traditionally, insurance is a paper-heavy business. Severe industry-specific regulations and rather complicated processes require plenty of documents that are continuously increasing. Meanwhile, customers expect simpler processes of policy purchasing, claim filing, reimbursements, etc. Thus, insurers start investing in digitization, which means becoming paper-free and introducing new ways of customer engagement. UNIQA contacted DICEUS with a similar challenge. Although the company already has a mobile app, its users are not satisfied with how it works. As a result, UNIQA’s customers avoid using the app. Instead, they prefer calling the call center or using a Telegram chat. So, our client wanted to double the number of customer requests via a mobile app and decrease the overload on the call center. Since UNIQA didn’t know why people didn’t use the app, the DICEUS team needed to conduct a business analysis and figure it out.

Technical challenges

UNIQA has a lot of internal software products to integrate with, a complex data flow process, and high-security standards (personal data processing). Thus, we had to consider all these points while performing business analysis and UX research.

Solution delivered

We started with a discovery phase aimed at gaining a clear understanding of the customer’s business and technical challenges as well as learning better who UNIQA’s buyer persona is. As a result, our UX researchers conducted a series of interviews with the users of the existing app and created user portraits, including user needs, goals, frustrations, habits, and expectations. That research helped us create a new app concept and offer mock-ups designed with a deep understanding of the customer’s business logic. In addition, we have recommended improvements for the internal systems and informed the client of the required integrations to make all the apps work as one system effectively. Finally, for the product development stage, we offered the technology stack, team composition, and defined non-functional requirements.

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Key features

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  • Buy insurance online

    Users can buy various insurance products directly from their mobile phones wherever they are at any time. People can choose the insurance they need, select various conditions, check the cost, and pay online. For example, while buying a travel insurance policy, they choose the number of travelers, trip dates, countries, etc., pay online, and get their policies by email. This feature allows customers to get convenient services quickly. The company, in its turn, is becoming paperless — the overload on the branches and call centers is significantly decreased.

  • Make an appointment with a doctor

    Customers can easily make appointments with doctors through their mobile phones. You don’t need to contact the call center — you can arrange a visit in a few clicks. For that, users should specify their complaints, choose among the appointment options like a face-to-face meeting or telemedicine, choose the desired time and medical facility, inform if they need sick leave, and that’s it. Once the inquiry is processed, the user gets a notification with the appointment details.

  • Symptoms checker powered by Symptomate

    The mobile app has a symptom checker powered by Symptomate, an online app for self-diagnosis. Users enter their symptoms, answer questions, and get a preliminary assessment of possible causes of their complaints. Symptoms checker helps users find the right words to describe their symptoms and understand their state of health. Along with entering complaints, people can also choose the parts of the body where they feel pain or have complaints. This game-like feature simplifies making an appointment with a doctor and makes it exciting.

  • Get status notifications and keep data

    Customers are notified of their inquiries’ statuses directly in messengers (Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.). People get instant notifications about planned, canceled, or completed appointments. Users can also store their medical records and upload photos and images of such papers as doctors’ reports, diagnoses, medical prescriptions, etc. These features allow insured persons to be aware of their inquiries’ progress, and check, send, upload, or download any medical papers they have inside the app.

Value to our client

  • User journey mapping

    To understand why people don’t want to use the existing mobile app, our UX researchers explored user journeys, habits, and needs. They specified a set of problems users face while using the app and the reasons for which they don’t want to use it. Along with the findings, we developed possible ways to overcome all these challenges with the help of technology improvements and a new app development strategy.

  • User portraits

    User portraits were created. These are descriptions of UNIQA’s customers, containing information about consumers’ needs, expectations, frustrations, motivations, and some feedback. Why does it matter? Understanding buyer personas allows our client to adapt their services and products to buyers’ needs and meet their expectations more effectively.

  • Mobile app development strategy

    Considering all the findings of the discovery phase, we created wireframes and presented them to the client. These wireframes were designed with regard to user portraits and journeys. We also offered a detailed project roadmap, including tech stack, team composition, and timeframes. If released, the new app is expected to increase the number of users and make the request process clear for the user.

Our tech stack

  • ios iOS
  • android icon Android

Client feedback


We were impressed by the depth of the UX analysis they did in terms of our customer's research, buyer persona creation, user journey mapping, etc. All the information like research findings, for instance, was presented in a clear form (presentations, Miro boards, clear infographics) so it was quite easy to understand what we need to build and why.

Elena Markova, Board Member, UNIQA UKRAINE

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