Custom mHealth app development services 

DICEUS provides custom mHealth app development services and solutions. We offer tailored native, hybrid, progressive, or cross-platform applications with unique software foundations. DICEUS can become your one-stop mHealth app development company to keep your target audience satisfied and healthy with an accessible, secure, and budget-efficient application. 

Custom mHealth solutions we can build 

DICEUS empowers healthcare with innovative technologies, making your services more capable and cost-effective than ever. For this, we put more than 12 years of field experience into your project, making sure the final product grants fast access to medical data, streamlines disease management, and tracks treatment progress. 

Mobile patient portals 

DICEUS enables secure and convenient access to all relevant medical information in one place. With a detailed understanding of industry requirements, we are up to implementing a wide range of features for simple and effective healthcare management. Mobile patient portals give you advanced scheduling capabilities, messaging features, and access to educational tools through custom mHealth app development. 

Doctor-patient channels 

Improving the quality of patient communication with healthcare organizations is a top priority for DICEUS specialists. We help create a comfortable space for transparent conversations using up-to-date tools, including video calls, live chat, text messages, emails, social media, virtual patient surveys, and fast-access phone calls. 

Telehealth applications 

DICEUS produces software solutions that simplify access to qualified medical assistance. Users can get timely critical doctor recommendations via remote consultations and diagnosing using built-in mHealth tools. Your staff gets to treat patients and save lives at a new level of efficiency with an app that expands physicians’ capabilities within and beyond clinics. 

Medical IoT solutions 

The fruits of mHealth app development by DICEUS streamline administration and make healthcare more efficient through location tracking, physical activity analysis, convenient access to stored data, and continuous monitoring of sleep and blood pressure. Our mobile solutions enable users to stay within their doctor’s reach at all times, thanks to the flexibility of interconnected networks. 

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Features of mobile health apps we can implement 

Based on a deep understanding of your project needs and goals, our team offers a full range of mobile capabilities that allow your business to achieve new goals and leverage performance. Here’s what we enable in your mHealth solutions. 

  • Appointments with doctors 
  • Electronic Health Records 
  • Health data analytics 
  • Streamlined communication 
  • Maps showing the nearest clinics or hospitals 
  • Compliance with regulations 

Some facts about DICEUS

2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

Custom mHealth app development services

At DICEUS, we put clients above all, which is why we adhere to the principle of a personalized approach to service delivery. We offer applications that seamlessly integrate with other platforms. An open API allows access to more information, enhancing value. In our work, we utilize advertising and social networks, analytics, advanced information storage systems, and proven algorithms. All to deliver a market-defining product through the following stages. 

Product discovery First things first, the DICEUS team defines the application’s scope of functionality based on your goals and expectations. We learn how the technological components will fit together and create a shared vision of the product. We then compile technical specifications, design an adaptive user interface layout in line with industry standards, and coordinate the work schedule with the client. 
Architecture and business logicWe design multi-level application architecture ready for all types of mobile platforms. This grants flexibility, scalability, clarity of code, and testability of the finished app. Features are added according to the client’s business goals, and server-side functionality is shaped by various application usage scenarios. The consistent business logic we achieve as a result makes it easier to access critical data and simplifies operations.  
CX research and user journey mapping DICEUS experts thoroughly research different customer experience scenarios to create a patient-oriented user journey. We implement interface elements and visual compositions while ensuring a high level of interaction and engagement. Our team identifies functional capabilities and begins coding based on the chosen platform’s specifics. And a flexible workflow process allows you to stay updated with rapid releases. 
UI/UX designAt DICEUS, we are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction through visually appealing, user-friendly, and consistently available software products. We offer a comprehensive approach based on business analysis and understanding of particular goals, making your concepts truly recognizable. Our apps are unique and actively encourage action with flawless design and servicing efficiency. 
Front-end for mobile apps The DICEUS team delivers in-depth experience in implementing platforms based on .Net, Node.js, React, Python, and Flutter. We are well-versed in all relevant mobile frontend technologies, so we can ensure your project’s success with the best programming methods and tools. And our creative input guarantees a custom-designed app with no equals. 
Back-end for mobile apps In terms of the behind-the-curtain mHealth app functionality, we build secure and easily scalable cloud-based server solutions. Or we can take existing legacy software and modernize it. DICEUS engineers take care of all internal development tasks and integration of third-party APIs into your app, making it fast, accessible, and appealing to new users.  
Testing and quality assurance We verify the results of our work at every development stage, compiling documentation spanning all project specifics and business analyst recommendations. Our specialists conduct automated and manual testing sessions for both the MVP and the ready-to-launch version of an app. Followed by comprehensive QA, this gives you a guarantee of high quality, performance, and absence of code errors, bugs, discrepancies, and other potential issues and risks. 
Support and maintenanceDICEUS will manage the entire project from start to finish until you achieve the desired outcome. Our team guarantees regular support and updates for your application to ensure it remains reliable and secure after the launch. You can request additional functionality changes, as well as services for a major or basic redesign.  

How DICEUS custom mHealth app development services work 

DICEUS always sticks to the cause. We know how to achieve the best custom app development results for your exact requirements, be it digital product creation from scratch, modernization of the app, or integration of new features. To make our collaboration more productive, some input we are going to need from you includes: 

  • Application goals, vision, and roadmap (f available) 
  • Key requirements 
  • Documentation (e.g., software architecture and layouts) 
  • A few hours a week for requirements gathering meetings 
  • Project timeline 

Benefits of cooperation with DICEUS 

Based on your request, our healthcare mobile app development company can create unique EHR, EMR, mobile healthcare platforms, patient portals, remote patient monitoring (PRM) applications, clinical process management solutions, and much more. We offer a one-stop way to elevate your healthcare performance to a whole new level of customer satisfaction, RoI, and profits. With DICEUS by your side, you get: 

  • A custom product shaped by individual requirements 
  • Cost-efficient solutions as we offer only the features you need 
  • Increased customer base and expanded service offerings 
  • Improved patient service through enhanced quality and accessibility 
  • Seamless interaction with healthcare organizations worldwide 
  • Streamlined medical information retrieval and exchange 
  • New revenue streams 
  • Reduced administrative burden through process automation 

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Frequently asked questions

What is mHealth?  

Mobile health is a term used to describe the practice of providing medical and public health services using mobile devices. The concept is most commonly associated with smartphones, tablets, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and smartwatches, which are used for accessing information and accessing medical services of all sorts.

What are custom mHealth app development services?  

These are services for developing and maintaining applications that meet individual healthcare requirements. Unique, tailored digital products create additional sales channels for clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical and equipment manufacturers, etc. The goal is to achieve a stand-out mobile app that streamlines service quality in well-planned and analyzed ways. 

Why should I consider a custom mHealth app for my healthcare business?  

A unique mHealth application that leverages your services gives you a competitive advantage by reducing administrative burdens and the overall cost of medical services. By tracking symptoms and calling a doctor via video communication, patients save money and time on clinic visits, ultimately benefiting the budget associated with outpatient examinations and treatment. 

What are the benefits of custom mHealth app development services?  

The ability to remotely administer medical services in real-time offers competitive advantages such as: 
1) Improved service quality 
2) Increased customer loyalty and revenue 
3) Reduced staff workload 
4) Rapid response and reliable feedback 
5) Personalized offerings 

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