Offshore product development services

DICEUS provides offshore application development services according to the Dedicated Team model, Time & Material, and as part of IT staff augmentation. You can hire us for end-to-end development project or scale up your teams by using our IT staffing service.

What we offer

DICEUS provides a wide range of software development and other IT services focused on boosting all types of businesses through experience, expertise, and custom approaches. To suit your individual needs, optimize your costs, and save you from common risks and pitfalls, we offer well-tried and tested offshore product development teams. These specialists can help you execute a project of any purpose and complexity without burning a hole in your pocket and undermining the end product’s quality at the same time.

Quick hiring

We have a well-formed pool of potential candidates for your dedicated offshore software product development team that can start as soon as you need it. The specialists we work with have been accumulating the profiled experience for years, becoming savvy at jumping into both short- and long-term projects, conducting business analysis, and providing the most business- and software-efficient ways to get things done.

Predictable budget

We guarantee cost-efficient project implementation options that fall in line with your business capacities and never spawn hidden costs. Going offshore, you are looking at additional cost reductions on top of our pricing management efforts. Thus, you can quickly hire an expert with rates lower than those of their local counterpart and one who can bring you higher product quality. Affordable rates are due to geographical nuances, while our talent pool consists of some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Extensive expertise

You can get the top industry talents who will also provide access to advanced, expensive technologies without making you go far and requiring extra investments. We provide specialists with a skill set that fits your requirements. This allows avoiding many common risks and adjusting your project in the proper direction from the get-go. The experts you hire have all the necessary tools to get their job done and never require additional resources to finish what they started.

Seniority level matrix

We employ a specialist seniority-level matrix developed exclusively by our company that allows clients to easily pick potential employees based on their qualifications, niche expertise, and overall position. That ultimately helps us avoid offering vague offshore product development services where you hire random, nameless “this and those specialists.” You can see transparently who you are to work with, what they specialize in, their outstanding traits, and how much experience they have in a particular field.

Account management

At DICEUS, we provide full-cycle offshore product development services where we take care of all the organization and management matters. In particular, we handle the requirements gathering, regular reporting, related paperwork like recruitment agreement logging, payments settling, and many other tasks for smoothly integrating new employees with the existing or starting workflow. For this, we have a team of dedicated managers who will clarify all the cooperation details for you and help you keep all processes in a firm grip.

Employee retention rate

To quickly hire a specialist or a team that will help patch up a rough spot or to cooperate long-term with dedicated experts working on a full-on project from start to finish – the choice is up to you. If you are focused more on long-term prospects, though, we can guarantee a zero attrition rate. The specialists we provide are interested in elaborating projects and getting complete experience working with you. This is a win-win situation for both you and your potential employees.

Are you looking for reliable developers, designers, managers, or other specialists that won’t make you go bankrupt on covering the rates while delivering high quality? You are in the right place. Product development offshore will help you achieve that.

This may as well be your project’s best—case scenario—no matter its scale and complexity. By hiring offshore specialists, you save costs without sacrificing quality.

Offshore product development services

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Offshore product development services

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Benefits of offshore product development

The offshore approach to the development of software products is a method that stood the test of time and became a real game-changer for hundreds of businesses. It ultimately allows for achieving the best rate-quality ratio by shifting the geography of your potential employees to locations where rates are lower than in your local labor market.

Large talent pool

We have been accumulating and expanding our pool of offshore specialists for years to now bring you the widest selection of seasoned, trusted, reliable experts in all possible areas of software development, maintenance, and optimization. All you need to do is specify who exactly you are looking for — the rest is our regular job, where we find the most matching candidates and help introduce them to your project or tasks as smoothly as possible.

Mature hiring process

Specialized professionals from our talent pool are ready to jump into your project workflow at once. It doesn’t matter whether you already have a running project, a half-finished thing abandoned by your former employees that needs revamping, or a project that needs to be kicked off and launched. We have fitting candidates for any scenario and can be quite flexible to meet your requirements and goals.

Organized onboarding

The vast majority of specialists from our offshore software product development talent pool are in-depth experienced aces of their craft who know how to properly integrate with new projects and jump into solving tasks at hand immediately. However, for every individual project, we always conduct onboarding sessions to immerse new specialists completely into the specifics of your particular project.

High retention rate

We guarantee that your hired offshore software specialists won’t go anywhere until they finish their job and report everything on the agenda. Moreover, if you enjoy working with specific specialists, you can always offer your favorite employees to do more work for you (e.g., stay for further maintenance and support of the developed and finished product). It is your choice, and our talents are always happy to put their skills to use.

Benefits packages for employees

The talents we provide in terms of our offshore product development services are also so good because they are cherished by our company as their intermediate employer and are privileged with all sorts of work benefits. For this, we grant benefits packages that include compensated sick days, health insurance coverages, training and qualification boosting, days off on demand, performance expenses reimbursement, and a number of other incentives.

Reasonable rates

We know firsthand how much companies seeking qualified contractors are fed up with extremely unreasonable rates posed in the main labor market areas today. That is exactly why we decided to introduce offshore hiring opportunities in the first place. This allows us to give you some of the most reasonable rates out there while you hire truly seasoned niche professionals who may as well outrun their Western counterparts.

Some facts about DICEUS

2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

Our hiring process

We provide offshore hiring opportunities, which is always a well-structured, prioritized process where we take things stage by stage to achieve the smoothest, most consistent project completion. For this, we always lead your work candidates through subsequent preparation to your particular project with all the underlying tasks. This is how we do things to make sure you get just the professionals you were seeking in the first place.

Detailed job descriptionTo kick things off, we analyze your particular requirements as to the tasks to be handled, the desired skillset, and even the personality traits of your future offshore contractor. It is always best when you have a detailed work description so that we are able to pick the most fitting candidates. And if you are not sure who exactly you are looking for, we put our experience and expertise into giving you recommendations and helping you pick just the right person.
Candidate’s screeningOnce we gather and analyze your requirements and settle with the position, background, skillset, and other aspects of the required specialist, we can start screening candidates from our talent pool. That is, we browse the pool and render out the most fitting candidates first by the general criteria. Then we filter out the selected specialists additionally and have our list of hand-picked professionals that should do the job for you just fine, of which we make sure.
Test assignmentsAfter the previous stage, you can already see the list of CVs we filtered out. The selected offshore software product development talents get individually tailored test assignments to prove their skills in terms of your particular work requirements and project specifics. Based on the test results, we further pick candidates that not simply successfully completed assignments but excelled at the underlying tasks and demonstrated direct interest in the work to be handled.
Passing the testThe way the selected candidates pass the test is the last frontier of employment for them and a guarantee of qualification and working responsibility for you. If you have pre-prepared project-specific test tasks of your own, candidates go through them. If you do not, we assist you in composing the most proper, qualification-testing assignments that you can customize yourself if you wish. You get all the details and results of tests to inspect on your own, too.
Feedback on the testWe never take a step further without your direct approvals. That’s why we select the final work candidates strictly based on your approval of their test results. We can always initiate additional candidates’ research and give extra tasks if you are still unsure whether particular candidates have what it takes to work on your project. After getting the full view of your impressions, we can move on to further specialist recruitment and management steps.
Interview with the candidateOnce all the formalities are settled, the best candidates are rendered out, and you have your approved potential employees, we can move on to personal interviews. These should help finalize your choice by assessing the candidates verbally, checking out some of their soft skills, and simply get to know your project specialists in the face. Here, we can also help you thoroughly prepare the format and questions for the interview so that you don’t bother with these details yourself.
Job offerLastly, once the candidates are filtered out, interviewed, and selected, we can start officially introducing your new employees to your project. For this, we compose a detailed job offer which you must first approve. The job offer is logged and used to even further clarify employee responsibilities and project aspects to handle. As always, we can consult you on the job offer specifics coming from our own experience of recruiting and hiring specialists.

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What impacts your project duration

DICEUS is a specialized offshore product development company with well-adjusted methods of quick offshore specialists hiring and augmentation. The essential aspects that affect the overall duration of your particular project include:

  • Immediate involvement of resources from our bench
  • 1-2 weeks to engage the resources from our recruitment pipeline
  • 4-6 weeks for hiring from the market

What affects your project costs

We guarantee to offer you some of the most reasonable contractor rates in the market due to a well-established offshore recruitment and hiring process. However, the following points should be taken into attention as well:

  • Chosen technology
  • Developer rates
  • Seniority level

What we need from your side

We always try to make your offshore cooperation experience as hassle-free and smooth as possible, taking responsibility for all organizational aspects. There are, however, certain things that only you can provide, and, if you do, we can really boost the overall performance.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap, if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation, if available
  • Job descriptions, if available
  • Understanding of hiring and onboarding processes

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Frequently asked questions

What is offshore product development?

The offshore product development approach hires geographically distributed contractors instead of local ones to find more reasonable work rates and achieve a better cost-efficiency to product quality ratio. This is a principle employed for years by companies that managed to really preserve huge chunks of the budget without sacrificing quality.

What are the benefits of offshore product development?

The advantages are plentiful when it comes to the offshore approach — you get to cover less managerial routine, spend less budget on employee rates, avoid expensive and resource-consuming employment organizations, as well as affordable access to the leading technologies.

How to find offshore product development specialists?

A specialized offshore software product development company like DICEUS can help you find, select, and hire dedicated offshore software specialists from the vast talent pool. We help you find and recruit only highly qualified engineers and other tech specialists that will help you achieve top-of-the-line results at affordable rates.

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