Mobile application support and maintenance services 

Providing mobile application support and maintenance services since 2011. DICEUS has experience developing custom mobile apps from scratch, upgrading ready-made solutions, integrating apps with various business systems, modernizing UI and UX, and more.

Mobile application support and maintenance services are vital for organizations whose business activities rely heavily on the seamless performance of these software products. By commissioning competent mobile application maintenance and support, you will make sure your apps function according to expectations and get the necessary updates to stay relevant for the tasks they are called to fulfill. High-profile specialists of DICEUS will accompany you as long as you need to provide all-embracing mobile app support and maintenance services of top-notch quality. 

Our mobile app support services 

In fact, we start our support by offering proactive user assistance of Level 0 type, where we furnish a complex of guiding materials for users. These comprise a voluminous knowledge base with foolproof search, app technical data, manuals, FAQs, etc. If you already have all this information at your exposal, we move on to deliver our core support services.  

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Our mobile app maintenance services 

Even if the mobile app operates without any issues, it still requires looking into it from time to time to forestall problems and keep it rolling smoothly and performing all its functions. This is the mission of mobile app maintenance. DICEUS, as a first-rate application maintenance company, provides an entire range of iOS and Android app maintenance services that embrace the following aspects. 

Mobile app upgrade 

However perfect your enterprise app might have been at the outset, it slowly but steadily lags behind the ever-evolving IT landscape and growing needs of your organization. That is why the first step in app maintenance is its comprehensive upgrade, which includes updating the product to ensure its continuous compatibility with other elements of the infrastructure, enriching it with new features and modules, introducing changes to its architecture and code, and cloud migration (if necessary). 

UI/UX optimization 

If your app has a poor design, it will frustrate the users, yield negative feedback, and cause people to abandon it. UI/UX experts of DICEUS will analyze your app’s current interface and the user experience people have when running it and suggest a complex of measures to make it more visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly, thus guaranteeing enhanced customer satisfaction, engagement, and retention. 

User journey optimization 

People who use your app must take the smallest amount of steps to reach their goal. We will assess your current user journey, create a user journey map, collect feedback on the operation of your app, pinpoint inadequacies in it, come up with a comprehensive strategy for doctoring it, and implement it. After it is done, we gather people’s opinions again to see how satisfied they are with the new version of the user journey and react to them. 

Mobile app security 

When making purchases via an app, consumers consent to disclose their personal and financial data. That is why they want to be absolutely sure it is safe to do. Our security experts perform code audits and penetration testing to expose vulnerabilities and security gaps. Then, they implement all necessary measures to provide strong protection for the app and mitigate the chances of system compromise and data burglary.  

Integration services 

This component of mobile application maintenance services is crucial for companies where apps are part and parcel of their enterprise IT environment. They must make sure applications play well with other elements of the infrastructure, no matter whether it is a cutting-edge solution or a legacy product. We cater to their needs by providing app integration at the four basic levels: presentation, business processes, data, and communications. 

Testing and QA 

An app will function properly only if it is subjected to a thorough check-up and quality assurance procedure. Seasoned testers and QA engineers if DICEUS will conduct all kinds of manual and automated tests (unit, input/output, performance, compatibility, accessibility, usability, regression, integration, functional, and more) to pinpoint any issues that hamstring the app’s operation and address them immediately. 

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Why choose DICEUS for mobile app support and maintenance 

With the advent of outsourcing, entrepreneurs worldwide gained access to an unlimited pool of software vendors to solve their high-tech-related problems. Why should you hire DICEUS among an ocean of IT companies to provide support and maintenance for your mobile app? 

  • 13+ years of presence in the IT outsourcing market. We have delivered various services to numerous organizations and have obtained precious experience in cooperating with people who have diverse backgrounds, cultures, cooperation styles, and values. 
  • In-depth technical proficiency of our specialists. Vetted mavens of DICEUS have a wide scope of hard skills in the IT realm that comprise proficiency in core tools, frameworks, programming languages, and disruptive technologies (IoT, blockchain, AI, ML, and more). 
  • Numerous mobile apps built. The development of a great amount of high-end mobile products allowed us to accumulate substantial hands-on experience and theoretical expertise in the niche.  
  • The customer-first approach we adhere to. In our relationships with customers, we practice utmost flexibility, trying to meet our partners halfway in all aspects of cooperation, including pricing, engagement models, and communication channels. 
2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

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How it works

Thanks to our extensive experience in providing first-class mobile and web app maintenance services, we have devised a four-step strategy that allows our cooperation with partners to proceed smoothly.  

Step 1. Request analysisAfter receiving a request from the customer, we schedule a communication session with them, during which we lay the foundation for future actions. Our experts find out the client’s vision and duration of the project, its objectives, and requirements, learn everything about the solution(s) requiring support and maintenance, audit its current state, study the available technical documentation, listen to the users’ complaints, and establish further communication sessions’ schedule and frequency (typically several hours a week).  
Step 2. Service planning With all the preliminary data on the table, we outline and negotiate with the customer a Service Level Agreement (SLA). It covers all project-related information, such as support levels and hours (24/7, 24/5, 12/5, 8/5, or on demand), app performance requirements and evolution roadmap, support and maintenance deliverables and KPIs, parties’ responsibilities, payment details, etc. 
Step 3. Responsibility transfer Now, we create standard operating procedures as an algorithm of measures to follow, according to which support and maintenance workflows are set up. With all the processes established fair and square, our team’s functioning will be fast and efficient. 
Step 4. Launching support and maintenance Finally, our specialists embark on support and maintenance delivery by monitoring the operation of apps, updating them, optimizing their functioning, running their regular checks, and performing all other tasks stipulated by SLA. During the project execution, you can track the team’s progress via the defined KPIs and reporting tools we have in place. 

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What is mobile application support and maintenance?

It is a complex of measures whose mission is to provide uninterrupted and bug-free functioning of mobile apps. Typically, it covers three-tier handling of emergency problems of mobile app operation and a number of app maintenance services aimed at forestalling future issues (upgrading, security, UI/UX and user journey optimization, integration, testing, and quality assurance).  

Why is mobile app support important for businesses?

Mobile applications are the staple of many modern enterprises. For some, a mobile app is a major channel of interacting with customers and making money, and others employ it in their pipeline activities. Either way, such mobile apps should be secure, user-friendly, and responsive products that seamlessly perform the expected functions. App support and maintenance services are called to ensure the app ticks all these boxes.  

How can I choose the right mobile app support provider?

Before you start your headhunt, you should understand the scope of services you need. Then, you should scan vendor rating resources (such as Clutch and Goodfirms) and pick several candidates with excellent reviews. Next, visit their sites to learn about their expertise in the niche, projects they have delivered, staff qualifications, pricing policy, engagement schemes, etc. After this, contact their previous customers and learn how satisfied they are with the cooperation and its outcomes. Finally, communicate with the prospective vendor in person to complete your picture of the future partner and negotiate contract terms. 

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