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Custom web app development services

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Custom web app development services

DICEUS offers a full range of custom web application development services for one-stop creation, optimization, and support of multipurpose software solutions of any scale, complexity, and purpose. We put 13 years of experience, relevant expertise, and firsthand-tried best practices in the foundation of competitive web apps, websites, and online portals for business, tech and marketing, or non-profit goals. Here’s what we do.

Web app development consulting

A team of seasoned specialists with up-to-date expertise and firsthand knowledge of market trends consults on any project-related questions: the choice of the right tech stack, the development of candidate architecture, recommendations on team composition, project roadmap, etc. Anything to help you get a clearer picture, prepare, and deliver a smooth project.

Custom web app design

Our teams of software engineers and UI/UX designers tailor unique wireframes and architectures for high-performance, user-friendly, responsive custom web applications. We help achieve traffic-stimulating user experiences based on firsthand market insights and the use of well-tried practices. The time-tested result-driven approach usually speaks for itself.

Development of custom web apps

DICEUS is lucky to employ some real software development vets – certified developers with enough hands-on experience to cover all your project needs issue-free. We source reliable professionals wielding tools for fast and efficient implementation of competitive solutions. These experts handle all hardcoding, system engineering, functional testing, and business logic.

Integration services

To give you flexible web solutions that empower convenient user experiences, we integrate systems for automated data flows and expanded user capabilities. We can also help you modernize and improve a legacy system by connecting a data exchange mechanism for safe transfers. This stage involves refactoring, redesigning, and migration as well.

Support and maintenance

We ensure that you get stable solutions with sturdy performance, security, and risk protection with post-release support and maintenance. This includes responsive tech guidelines, timely updates, bug fixes, and security patches, as well as regular troubleshooting. Furthermore, we help polish out, optimize, and perfect the solution based on early feedback and readings.

IT staff augmentation

With many software development specialists in our sourcing pipeline, our recruiting department will find you the resources, skills, and expertise you lack. Our hiring procedures are simple and quick. It takes around 2-4 weeks to hire one or more specialists you need. Besides, we offer dedicated teams for complex projects with a large scope.

Benefits of custom web app dev

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Benefits of custom web app dev

Turning to DICEUS for custom web app development services, you pick a reliable tech-driven route to digitize, modernize, and improve. We are a one-stop provider of full-cycle software development powers with well-adjusted collaborative workflows.

We handle everything that can be implemented with relevant tools and expertise, from basic one-pagers and info portals to feature-rich online platforms and themed websites. Feel free to get a profiled consultation before kicking off a project.

Benefits of custom web app development

At DICEUS, we deliver business-boosting, project-pushing custom web applications – the results of our work are initially focused on individual needs and requirements. A custom approach allows you to stand out from the crowd while tailoring your software to your core processes. Combined with our in-house expertise, it grants you a number of advantages.

Rapid time-to-market

We adhere to Agile methodologies in project management to deliver expected results timely. Our approach to web development allows for fast time-to-market without delays and extra expenditure. Every project starts with discovery phase that is a key to success as this phase gives all needed for further development: understanding of requirements, project timeline and roadmap, tech stack, team composition, budget, etc.

Competitive edge

All web application development services we offer are powered by advanced technologies, well-tried approaches, and insights from seasoned professionals. At the same time, custom design and development gives you a unique solution with authentic UX that translates your business attributes. Our UI/UX researcher will conduct interviews with the users of your existing app or similar products, create user journeys, and offer a list of features that will help you gain a competitive edge.

Long-term results

Turn to DICEUS if you are looking for consistency and integrity in your web development. We build complete solutions with comprehensive code architectures and support and upgrade finished products for future scaling. The goal is to make it all work for you, compensating you for your investments. Moreover, you own the code and get all project knowledge once the project is over. Further technical support is also available at your request.

Smooth workflows

Our teams of seasoned specialists build tailored platforms that can help you tie up all essential communications, workflows, daily routines, and whatnot. All with a single flexible solution equipped with info-intense dashboards and automated tools – anything from a basic website to a complex platform.

All-around support

We support your project post-release, providing continuous maintenance to timely handle all the bug fixes, updates, and new features’ integration. We build our tech support workflow around your schedule, keeping in touch and reporting every little change that’s been implemented along the way.

Saved costs

It all comes down to the overall cost-efficiency and profitability. We help you cut expenditures via smooth personalized workflows, smart solutions, and avoided pitfalls. At DICEUS, you get a flexible collaboration with an in-depth focus on your budget, expectations, and post-project impressions.

Our custom web app development process

We have been working with projects big and small across industries and niches, perfecting our workflow based on the best, smoothest-implemented cases. This is why we prioritize a well-sequenced structure in every other project. A well-organized workflow usually looks as follows.

Discovery phaseFirst, we gather requirements, provide application development consulting, conduct market studies, and compose a project roadmap. This is where lots of research and analysis takes place to come up with the best-fitting collaborative model, set project milestones, and outline a scope of work. A thorough discovery phase sets the stage for the smoothest workflow.
UI/UX designThe design team creates a web app wireframe that outlines basic UI elements, shapes, and colors, which is then turned into a full-on architecture. We put a lot of focus on user experience research, tying all elements up to achieve an all-around intuitive, subsequent, and easy-to-grasp UX. We can build a functional prototype, an MVP, or a PoC at the end of this stage.
Software developmentOur team of developers enriches the UI/UX architecture with interactive features, ties things up in the backend, and connects the frontend. At the development stage, the architecture “carcass” is filled with the functional “meat” and set in motion for convenient future use. We do any scope of hardcoding, integrations, and configurations to complete your solution.
Configuration and adviceWe seal every step of each custom development task with proper configurations, core customizations, and individual adjustments. This includes everything from minor calibrations to migrating legacy solutions to upgraded environments. We also provide professional advice on every aspect of your digital solution and the related use of the custom tech stack.
Testing and supportTo guarantee the ultimate quality of performance, we combine manual and automated testing iterations and polish things up with quality assurance sessions. While testing allows us to perfect things on the technical side, QA helps us achieve a market-ready UX. All finished solutions get continuous support and maintenance for stable deployment, launch, and post-release performance.

What impacts your project duration

We try to grant the fastest time-to-market possible based on well-adjusted collaborative processes, thorough project roadmapping, and experience. But every project is unique, and the following specific factors ultimately shape the timeframe of your project.

  • Organization and scope of requirements
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and tools
  • Management intensity
  • Overall desired project timeline

What affects your project costs

Making DICEUS your web app development company of choice, you get balanced performance at a reasonable price calculated individually for you. Here’s what shapes that price

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen tech stack
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model (Time and Material or Dedicated Team)
  • Need for extra services

What we need from your side

We cover all technological and organizational needs of your project throughout the custom development lifecycle. But you can help us improve the workflow and achieve top results by providing the following points of input.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap
  • High-level requirements
  • Any specifications, documents, and layouts
  • Compliance with industry-specific regulations
  • Time for regular requirements’ consolidation

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What are web application development services?

A range of web application development services includes tasks and initiatives focused on the creation and launch of web solutions. Websites, web apps, online platforms, and web portals can all result from a web application development lifecycle. Businesses and product/service providers of all sorts require such services to establish a presence online, cover online and mobile customer audiences, and digitize processes.

Why are custom web apps the best option for businesses?

In today’s fiercely competitive and increasingly unstable market conditions, businesses need versatile, resilient, yet authentic solutions. Turning to a custom web application development company, they get to build original web solutions from scratch. The solutions that perfectly resonate with the specific target audience, convey the business message, and reflect brand attributes.

What programming languages are used for web app development?

Most web app development projects are implemented using stacks of programming languages that usually include HTML/CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript, PHP, etc. At DICEUS, we possess an extensive range of expertise, providing certified expertise in such web development languages as Python, Ruby, C#, Golang, Java, and more.

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