Web app development for the telecom company Nema

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    Self-service capabilities for users
  • Easier-integrations-with-APIs

    Easier integrations with APIs

Project overview

Nema contacted DICEUS with a need to scale up their engineering capabilities and develop a ten-modular web app from scratch, integrate it with other existing solutions, ensure interoperability, and execute testing. Besides, the customer looked for someone able to perform integration with third-party APIs like Sinch (SMS REST API), FarPay (payment gateway API), HSS (data and data configuration REST API), and FnF REST API. They needed a full-stack developer with solid skills in .NET and Angular.

Client information

Nema is a communications technology, telecommunications, and stationery company, founded in 2007 and located on the Faroe Islands. In 2019, the company merged with Hey (formerly known as Vodafone Føroyar), and since 2022, all the products and services of the company have been offered under the Nema brand. Now Nema also provides broadband, fiber, and telephone services. In 2023, Nema launched a mobile 5G network on the islands.

Business challenge

Nema has an existing telecom web application and an online charging system—a self-service solution for private clients with subscription-based engagement with Nema. They could log onto the website and use the packages they purchased as they needed.

The critical business challenges lie in Nema’s desire to migrate its customers from the old telecom app to the new one called Nobill. The latter uses API to connect with a telecom system and serves as a middleware between Nema’s financial department and legacy app. Nema expects Nobill to be integrated with the system directly. So, a need was raised to develop a new web-based app from scratch since the legacy solution had limited functionalities and didn’t meet customer needs.

Technical challenges

The challenge was to build an application from scratch, considering complex integrations, and move data from an old operator to the new one. DICEUS’s goal was to create ten different modules; some had unusual integrations such as old-fashioned API, TCP server with raw string commands and responses, and GraphQL APIs. The whole project works under a vast spectrum of tech stack (EF Core, Saga architecture pattern, RabbitMQ, Ocelot, Docker, Elasticsearch, etc.), and every part should work together correctly. Four of the ten modules are external partners (Sinch, FarPay, HSS, FnF), so the project required good business logic and considerable planning and business analysis effort.

Solution delivered

DICEUS helped the customer build a new web app from scratch and integrate it with the existing telecom system and multiple APIs. Now, users can quickly sign into the app and manage their subscriptions, buy new packages, and monitor their data, whereas back-office staff can also manage the products and services when needed.

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Key features

  • Sign in and sign up

    Customers can sign up/sign into the application to manage their subscriptions.

  • Self-service capabilities for users

    Users can buy, cancel, and modify internet packages, buy roaming and SMS packages, and send an internet package as a gift from their GB packages to other customers. Users can also see their transaction history, buy new numbers, add another user as a family member, and share their balances with them.

  • Functionalities for back-office staff

    Employees can manage customer data in case of any errors or customer mistakes. They can also administer customer subscriptions, update invoices, and manage available services, e.g., put them on pause or restart when required.

Value to our client

  • Business value

    With a new solution, Nema can provide their customers with a broader range of functionalities, which improves customer and employee satisfaction, ensures more accurate data, and enhances the overall company's performance.

  • Technical value Using a modern tech stack provides the company with better flexibility and scalability. It would be easier to integrate the app with other technologies in the future.

Our tech stack

  • ch C#
  • NET .NET 
  • angular js Angular
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Azure Azure Cloud Services 

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