Payment software development services 

Getting paid for its goods or services is what any business aims at. To do that in our IT-driven age, consumers increasingly resort to digital channels in their shopping routines. Naturally, companies that want to meet their clients halfway and keep abreast of the latest trends in this aspect of their activity leverage mobile terminals and harness online payment software solutions on a large scale. 

Payment software development services we provide 

As a long-time expert in delivering high-end payment software solutions, DICEUS has sufficient skills and a cutting-edge tech stack to cope with any project in the realm of online payment software. The scope of services we provide can cover every need an organization may have regarding software for payment processing, management, and fulfillment.  

Payment processing solutions 

Alongside the old-school cash, contemporary organizations and individuals employ a wide array of payment options, such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, etc. We can design and develop bespoke payment processing software solutions to help you accept and handle payments conducted via any of these channels in person, by phone, etc. 

Payment gateway development 

It is a must-have aspect of creating an e-commerce site, enabling customers to pay for the products they acquire there. Our payment gateway software development experts will integrate a robust and secure gateway into your e-store, mobile app, or professional site, offering your clientele multiple options for transferring money to your company’s account.  

Custom payment applications 

Today, there are plenty of off-the-shelf payment apps on the market, but being garden-variety products, they can’t give your company a competitive edge. Vetted specialists of DICEUS will develop a unique app for your enterprise that will contain only the features you require and thus will become a cost-efficient instrument for boosting your financial pipeline.  

EMV integration 

Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) chips embedded into debit and credit cards are responsible for creating a one-of-a-kind code for each payment, which enhances its security. We will provide USB and BlueTooth connectivity and design software to enable this technology in all transactions your organization completes, no matter whether they involve card dipping or NFC payment. 

PCI DSS compliance 

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of regulations aimed at providing a secure environment for companies that receive, store, process, and transmit bank card information. We will assist you in onboarding and maintaining the complex of measures to obtain a PCS DSS certificate and stay compliant with it in all your operations. 

Fraud protection solutions 

The safety of the enterprise and customer financial, business, and personal data, as well as the inviolability of money on their accounts, are the top concerns for organizations and individuals today. Advanced security know-how and machine-learning algorithms built into our payment software will identify suspicious activities and prevent fraudulent practices. 

POS and contactless payments 

The Point-of-Sale software that we develop will turn smartphones and tablets your employees utilize in their workflow operations into full-fledged registers. Such solutions are equipped with APIs to enable their seamless integration with existing POS systems and are tailored to cater to the tastes and preferences of your customers regarding their design, UI, functionalities, etc. 

Real-time payments 

Enabling real-time payments is a surefire recipe for the outstanding customer experience clients get while collaborating with your organization. DICEUS will integrate RTP solutions into your current payment mechanisms to provide immediate funds transfer and availability, instant transaction confirmation, and settlement finality, which people greatly value today. 

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Our expertise 

  • Over 250 competent and certified professionals who have accumulated a huge amount of experience during 13 years of delivering products and services in the IT realm. 
  • Multiple payment software projects we completed working for fintech, banking, retail, logistics, healthcare, e-commerce, and other organizations. 
  • Utilization of cutting-edge tech stack containing the most efficient back- and front-end tools, programming languages, and the latest know-how (AI, ML, blockchain, Big Data, IoT, etc.). 
  • Our focus is on security and AML compliance, which are mission-critical for payment processing software that must be fully protected from any malevolent activities and fraud attempts. 
  • Exceptional client-centricity of our approach, allowing us to deliver solutions tailored to satisfy all customer requirements, which play well with other professional software they use and have a considerable upscaling potential.  
  • Adaptability and flexibility of our cooperation style when we meet our partners halfway in setting up communication sessions, establishing interaction channels, and offering engagement models. 

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Our development process 

One of the hallmarks of a solid and reliable IT vendor is the well-established SDLC they have for different solution types. We at DICEUS have a time-tested strategy in place that enables us to swiftly develop high-quality payment software.  

Validation The initial phase aims to clarify project ideas and define requirements that comply with industry regulations. It is done during interviews with stakeholders, where we learn all relevant details and then assess risks and come up with a rough estimate of the project’s cost.  
Planning The information obtained at the previous stage serves as the foundation for the project roadmap. It contains the solution’s specifications and architecture, indicates the tech stack to be leveraged in the development process, determines project team composition, and outlines the development timeline.  
Design This is the first practical phase of the project when we create the product’s visual concept, check it by building a Proof of Concept and prototype, take thought for UI and UX, and finally arrive at the look and feel of the solution that lives up to users’ expectations.  
Execution The implementation stage is the core of the SDLC. Here, our developers and engineers work on creating the back-end and the front-end of the solution, carrying out all steps stipulated by the plan. It is done with an eye to project requirements and other parameters the roadmap contains. 
Testing Since security is vital for a payment solution, our QA team never lets the product go live unless it is thoroughly tested. They not only detect and eliminate bugs but also conduct penetration testing, examine data protection mechanisms, probe multi-factor authentication, and ensure security compliance. 
Deployment and maintenance The finished product is deployed on-premises or in the cloud and launched into operation. The specialists of DICEUS stay with the customer as long as necessary to monitor the solution’s initial performance, correct minor flaws and inadequacies, and consult the customer on using the product. 

How long does it take to develop a payment solution? 

As a serious IT vendor, DICEUS never hurries to make short work of any software project, especially if it is a payment solution. We will deliver the product according to the timeframe, which can be established when we know: 

  • Project requirements 
  • Expected deadlines 
  • The size and composition of the project team 
  • Technologies the project implementation requires 
  • Change requests 

How much does it cost to develop a payment solution? 

It is no chump change issue, yet it doesn’t have an exorbitant price tag on it either. A precise sum can be announced after we take into account the following details. 

  • Project scope and complexity 
  • The urgency of project delivery 
  • The tech stack involved in the project 
  • Engagement model you prefer (Dedicated Team or Time & Material) 
  • Integration needs 

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What are payment software development services? 

These are called to cover all needs of an enterprise related to the creation of various payment solutions. A competent vendor typically provides the development of custom payment processing solutions, applications, and gateways, EMV integration, and POS products that accept contactless payments. Special offers in the niche include fraud protection solutions and guaranteeing PIC DSS compliance. 

Why do businesses need payment software development services? 

Money transfers are the blood of the global economy, whose fast and unimpeded circulation is the bedrock of its robust functioning. In the 21st century, payments are mostly made via digital channels enabled by specialized software. The design and development of payment solutions is a no-nonsense endeavor that can be entrusted only to high-profile mavens with profound expertise in delivering such services.  

Is payment processing a SaaS? 

It is one of the options which promises weighty perks to companies that go for it. By subscribing to it, organizations regularly receive invoices according to their package and choose the method they are comfortable with to pay for the services. Such an approach allows for easier accounting, more efficient billing, and broad flexibility in pausing, renewing, upgrading, or downscaling the subscription plan. 

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