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    Frontend optimization
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    Thorough testing

Project overview

Blockchain steadily continues to prevail as the ultimate IT and business-boosting progressive technology that you simply must reckon with today. It has long proved its efficiency in the field and is now in the phase of gradually reaching its full potential. This potential is discovered and unraveled further by major market players that make up fierce competition in different business areas. That is why a company that owns and manages an in-house blockchain system must provide the smoothest and highest performance to stay reputable in the market. And this was precisely the primary aspiration of our client, who was looking to refine and polish their up-and-coming authentic blockchain platform for trading, staking, managing, and flexible investing in cryptocurrency powered by great financial analysis capabilities.

Client information

SmartValor is a young yet already renowned European provider of crypto and tokenization solutions with headquarters in Switzerland. It was found only in 2007 in the Swiss Crypto Valley to eventually be deemed as one of “Europe’s 10 most exciting technology SMEs” by Forbes. Initially, the company was among the pioneers of tokenization methods and decentralized finance (DeFi) approaches. The SmartValor crypto platform is currently backed up by some of the top Venture Capital funds and a vast global community of Valor stakeholders. And, yes, they have their own token, too – it’s called Valor.

smartvalor blockchain app development img project overview

Business challenge

For our client, we had to work on both frontend and backend software assets of SmartValor’s upcoming blockchain-based marketplace for reinvented private banking powered by crypto and decentralization capabilities. The main idea was to provide a safe haven for investors, financial managers, and business representatives seeking alternative investment opportunities. Thus, we had to influence a very fruitful yet challenging market niche, which required the most thorough approach.

Technical challenges

The project was the development of a semi-distributed crypto marketplace that was in the PoC stage. The platform is a digital ledger for issuing and distributing real assets backed by cryptographic tokens. Our task was to provide support for frontend and backend implementation of version 1.0 and some extra input when scaling the platform. We needed to hardcode and integrate many frontend elements for an interactive web app. As for the backend, we needed to dive into the complex Java-driven specifics to make the system core reliable.

Solution delivered

SmartValor’s semi-distributed cryptocurrency marketplace is still being scaled, but we managed to offer a lot of expert input to build a powerhouse of a blockchain platform already. We teamed up with the client’s main project specialists to mend all the flaws, optimize each and every moving element, and synchronize frontend and backend performance. We also had to work a lot on cloud integrations, encryption protocols, and blockchain configuration. Given that we were working on a completely authentic platform built by the people we were now working alongside, the workflow was smooth and strictly focused on subsequent technical tasks.

smartvalor blockchain app development solution
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Key features

smartvalor blockchain app development img key future
  • Capable dashboard

    There is a rich dashboard with all the essential options, stats, and management elements, and even more in one place.

  • Investments section

    All the investment activity can also be conveniently managed via a separate big section with versatile search filters.

  • UI/UX improvements

    We were analyzing and tweaking the major elements of UI/UX along the way in order to optimize the frontend.

  • Code optimization

    Our specialists reworked huge patches of code to achieve a clean, readable low-level software infrastructure.

Value to our client

  • Frontend optimization

    We built big chunks of the user interface, helped optimize its other parts, and test the whole thing manually all throughout.

  • Backend optimization

    We dug deep into the core of the system to eliminate any downtime-causing errors, mend software flaws, and boost performance.

  • Thorough testing

    We were engaged in testing a lot, mainly focused on manual testing to create a sturdy, stable system stage by stage.

Our tech stack

  • bootstrap Bootstrap
  • AngularJS AngularJS
  • javascript JavaScript
  • java Java
  • Jasmine Jasmine 
  • Mocha Mocha 

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