QA outsourcing 

We offer complete coverage of QA outsourcing services, from consultations on running solutions to full-on implementation of a turnkey QA system. The in-depth experience and well-adjusted approach to all project processes enable us to help you deliver genuinely market-shaping products. And we know how to make your project excel, too.

Outsource QA services from DICEUS

DICEUS offers solutions that are tailored to your exclusive business needs. We employ meticulously refined processes to achieve the best results regardless of the industry or business type we work with. Here are the services we provide.

Test planning 

We create a roadmap that allows us to achieve all the set goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. A thorough roadmap outlines the overall project scope, major and minor milestones, preferred approaches, technologies, tools, and the roles of all specialists and stakeholders involved in the project.

Test strategy 

Our QA specialists develop test strategies that outline the overall approach and guidelines for testing a software product or system. They will provide a broad view of the testing objectives, methods, and resources required to meet the project’s quality goals.  

End-to-end quality assurance 

Thorough QA audits guarantee high quality at every stage of collaboration, from start to finish of the project. Dedicated Quality Assurance helps us build project workflows, product development models, and tech support milestones around specific pains and demands of your end-user target audience. 

Manual software testing  

Well-tried and custom-tuned tools enable us to test software components to deliver genuinely high-quality products meticulously. We have specialists explicitly focused on manual testing procedures that join forces with designers and developers to help achieve impeccably polished project results.

Test automation 

We minimize the human-factor error chances, speed things up, and cut expenses down by automating certain testing and QA processes. Furthermore, we set out to improve things even further by combining manual and automated testing approaches to get the best of both worlds and strike a perfect balance.

Software audit 

Audits we provide are complex trials for your newly built or existing software that helps us find all possible ways to improve it. By challenging its performance and inspecting it from all angles, we achieve dramatic boosts in operational stability, security, and the overall level of UX your product offers to the masses.

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Types of software testing we execute 

The range of QA outsource opportunities we offer at DICEUS drives your technological success and business prosperity. We offer state-of-the-art methods for testing software products for startups and established companies.

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Why choose DICEUS  

At DICEUS, we guarantee fast and smooth project deployment free from common pitfalls and driven by relevant tech and trends. By outsourcing our QA powers, you get a cost- and time-efficient way to manage the quality of your software with the help of advanced expertise. And there is more where that comes from, including the following:

Top QA engineers 

Our experts wield the latest tech, making project workflows of any scope highly efficient. Forget about going to lengths to train your staff – get a highly professional team at your disposal right when and where you need it. Moreover, we can replace or provide additional team specialists at any time.

Domain knowledge 

Our specialists regularly undergo workshops and participate in professional development courses. Their wealth of knowledge enables them to handle the most challenging tasks and offer competitive initiatives based on firsthand market experience. 

QA and testing expertise 

In-depth, practice-backed expertise is a key strength of our experts. On top of providing highly trained QA and testing professionals, we also give you access to a pool of specialists in any field. You get the widest selection of professionals to outsource and boost your project anytime.  

13 years of experience 

Our experience in outsourced quality assurance combines with the ability to respond to new challenges quickly. Our teams easily scale to meet up-to-date requirements, take on new types of work, and support your initiatives as a client every step of the way. 

More benefits

Turning to DICEUS for QA outsourcing is ultimately beneficial because, on top of all the above, you also get: 

Quick kick-off Unlike long-term hiring, outsourcing a readymade team ensures a swift time-to-market without extra expenses. This can help you optimize the development budget and lead a highly profitable project all around. 
Independence and full control You get a full-on QA team equipped with professional competencies, knowledge of the necessary tools, and a clear view of the project. This takes many of your worries away while letting you retain direct control over all processes.  
Flexible collaboration models We regularly revise the collaboration models we support to ensure the most widely convenient outsourced quality assurance. You can choose the one that provides maximum flexibility for you specifically. 
On-demand testing As a full-cycle IT services company, we can jump in and start working at any stage of your project. We can test your existing application either in production or in the post-release phase, helping you better adapt to market realities. 
Reasonable pricing Our rates are 100% transparent. We are happy to keep you clear of hidden fees and help eliminate extra expenses further. And you can choose the pricing model that best suits your business. 
Testing planning from scratch To outsource QA processes, our experts dive deep into the domain and study how well the requirements match your business tasks. They then build the testing process, incorporating the necessary types of testing.
Optimized in-house testing We can provide tips and initiatives on how to establish a seamless workflow for the product, study major processes, define key tasks, and help train the team. Anything to enable all-around efficient testing. 

How it works 

We enable you to outsource QA testing processes through a well-adjusted step-by-step process:  

Step 1: Project discovery We develop a strategy, pick testing methodologies, and establish relevant metrics. Based on that, we create instructions and organize online or in-person training. After that, we provide a plan for the team to work independently, which typically includes: 
– Assessment of QA processes 
– Preparation of SLA agreements 
– Handing over responsibilities 
Step 2: Testing and QA We determine the effectiveness of testing processes, evaluate the level of QA specialists, and align them with your project’s needs. You’ll see the results of each stage of work, ensuring that everything is executed with quality and according to the plan: 
– Conducting testing 
– Defect verification 
– Evaluation of testing performance and reporting 
Step 3: Further scalingWe ensure:  
– Review of current operational business processes 
– Preparation of proposals to improve software QA outsourcing processes and team communication in collaboration with the client  

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As a DICEUS client, you will: 

How much does it cost to outsource QA and software testing? 

The sooner you bring in experts, the better. The overall budget is shaped by your business goals and desired success criteria. We know more than one way to help reduce your expenses, which depend on the following factors: 

Project scope and complexity 

Project scope and complexity 

Chosen technology stack

Chosen technology stack

Project completion urgency 

Project completion urgency 

Preferred engagement models

Preferred engagement models

The need for extra services  

The need for extra services

The seniority level of QA engineers

The seniority level of QA engineers

Some facts about DICEUS

2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

What do we need from your side? 

Outsourcing software testing helps improve the quality of the developed software with minimal costs while reducing common risks. If you want to create a truly competitive product, be sure to provide us with as much information about it as possible. 

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap (if any) 
  • Project-specific documentation  
  • Openness to initiatives and insights 
  • High-level project requirements 
  • Client’s availability for requirements gathering sessions

Our tech stack

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What is QA outsourcing? 

QA outsourcing is the practice of delegating quality assurance testing functions to an external party. This involves hiring third-party specialists or companies to perform quality checks on products or services, allowing you to focus on core competencies and business resource optimization. 

Why do companies choose to outsource QA? 

The main reason to go for QA outsourcing is that It eliminates the need to maintain a large in-house team of QA engineers. A skilled outsourced team will conduct comprehensive product testing at all stages of development and complete it within agreed timelines at an affordable cost. 

What services can be outsourced in QA? 

A range of QA-related services can be successfully outsourced, including: 
1) Testing automation  
2) Quality audit of applications and websites  
3) Development process audit  
4) Project management audit and more 

How to choose the right QA outsourcing provider? 

Here are some hot tips for picking a reliable QA outsourcing company: 
1) Inquire about their experience and reviews. The experience should be substantial, and reviews should be positive.  
2) Learn what successful projects they have in their portfolio. Find out what types of testing are available and how customer communication is handled during the collaboration. You need maximum capabilities, including transparent communication.  
3) Examine company requirements and service pricing. 

Can QA outsourcing save costs?  

It surely can. Cost savings are a key advantage of outsourcing. Building core competencies and setting up resources internally leads to increased testing costs and requires expensive infrastructure setups. This is why outsourcing leads to an overall reduction in operational expenses. 

What are the signs that indicate the need for QA outsourcing? 

You most probably need to outsource QA services if: 
1) You experience frequent critical errors with releases.  
2) You are getting negative user feedback.  
3) In-house QA specialists have insufficient skills.  
4) You experience a long time to market for new features.  
5) There is a need to establish or expand your own testing team.  
6) There is a need to identify and address bottlenecks in the testing process. 

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