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IT solutions for customer experience

Customer experience is the only key factor that helps retailers individuate among their rivals. DICEUS offers custom IT solutions for retail to turn ordinary contact centers into omnichannel communication portals covering multiple aspects of the customer experience through voice, text messages, email, chatbots, and social media. Our solutions enhance customer assistance with the most up-to-date digital technologies to turn every interaction with your customers into another strategic advantage in the fierce competition. Proactive support and clock-around monitoring provided by our IT services for retail can add more value to every moment your customers spend with your business.

IT solutions for ecommerce

Out-of-the-box ecommerce solutions drive retailers to e-market without pre-adjusted individual features that provide an unprecedented customer experience allowing your clients to distinguish your business from others. DICEUS offers custom IT solutions for ecommerce that include those features. We create easy-to-use ecommerce software with individual design having no redundant functionality. At the same time, we provide our clients with everything necessary to fulfill ecommerce orders of any kind. Tax-calculating options, communication, and support, payment gateways, efficient product inventory, as well as any other feature can be integrated into your custom IT solution upon request.

Supply chain solutions

Moving physical products over global and local supply chains through digital services is what DICEUS sees as the value we can add to your business with our supply chain software solutions. This is about both the optimization of production and distribution, synchronization of supply and demand. Planning purchase seems to make no sense without planning supply and distribution. Our supply chain solutions facilitate planning to help retailers adopt business automation in their product delivery. We create highly customized supply chain software capable of meeting any replenishment scenario.

AI and data analysis solutions

No business agenda is viable without efficient data processing nowadays. Every customer generates a lot of data to be analyzed for precise sales predictions and well-targeted marketing. DICEUS helps collect raw data related to your business and process it with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. Our machine-learning options help bring your business analysis to the farsighted strategies for leaving your rivals behind. No magic, but clever engineering is what our AI and data analysis solutions imply. The deeper the understanding of a market situation is the richer the retail business becomes.

retail it solutions

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retail IT services

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Benefits of our IT services for retail

Bespoke solutions

It is possible to copy someone’s infrastructure to replicate the success. But the approach is dangerous since modern customers appreciate individuality. They would hardly accept Amazon 2.0 and the like. Just be yourself and impress your customers with the bespoke software solutions created by DICEUS exclusively for you. Let’s merge your vision of retail with our software expertise. We know how to make your business ideas come true with advanced digital technologies. We practice an individual approach to each customer while believing that every retailer is unique.

System modernization

Technical progress never stops. Your infrastructure has to keep pace with the digital zeitgeist since the IT environment is constantly changing. DICEUS helps retailers upgrade their IT infrastructures according to what the current ecommerce market requires. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the modernization of software systems. This is about your business profitability when your infrastructure starts working faster with fewer errors and downtimes. Besides, we can add new features and functions to the existing systems to make your workflows more flexible and efficient.

Maintenance and support

Whatever happens with software happens for a reason. Only professionals can figure out the reasons and fix the system. Leave your system maintenance to DICEUS and dispose of your own time to make strategic business decisions. Retailers know better than anybody that customer support can hardly be overestimated. Allow both your customers and your staff to be effectively supported by software experts. Well-timed system updates along with predictive maintenance become easily affordable with IT services provided by DICEUS. We set no temporal limits for our customers in terms of system maintenance and technical support.

Vast technology expertise

Experts become experts with nothing but a real experience. We are always proud to introduce our finished projects in various industries to any interested customer. We have spent years creating a team of professional engineers and architects who know everything about the most up-to-date software technologies. Our portfolio demonstrates the vast technology expertise we possess. Visit our website sections dedicated to industries and services we can professionally deal with to make sure that any of your expectations can be met with cost-effective solutions from DICEUS.

Our retail IT solutions development process

Requirements gatheringEvery project starts from a certain business idea. This is up to customers to explain what business results they expect from software products they are going to order. In many cases, retailers do not care about the technologies to be used to achieve what they want to achieve. And that’s all right since technical means belong to developers’ expertise. The initial stage of any development lifecycle is requirements gathering when customers indicate what the future product should do in the context of their retail routines.
Design and developmentAfter customers deliver their clear vision of the future product, our specialists create an SDS (software design specification), which includes the desired features and software technologies and frameworks for product development. The designing/prototyping sub-stage begins to finalize both the configuration of the future retail solution and the development agenda for engineers and architects. Programming moves over the iteration procedures determined by one or another project management method (Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, etc.) selected for the current project. According to the method, the customer can be involved in the process for ongoing approvals and amendments.
QA and testingWriting code is only half the battle: customers pay not for code but a well-working product. Hence, quality assurance and testing appear to be no less important than programming. DICEUS never performs tests somewhere along the line: all of them are pre-planned in detail and meticulously recorded. The more complex the developed solution is, the larger the variety of tests that have to be performed. DICEUS puts special focus on QA because we share all reputational risks with our customers in case something goes wrong with the already deployed solution. Besides, future maintenance and technical support can become trouble-free if QA and testing are executed with due diligence.
Deployment and launchDevelopers are unlikely to relax when finished software is deployed. In many cases, deployment is far from being a once-off process: software starts working part by part after the finished elements have passed through necessary iterations in the development lifecycle. This is about savings in time when CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) methods are practiced. Besides, only real working conditions allow a new product to demonstrate its operability under intensive traffic. The retail business is dynamic enough to make a post-launch operation experience very valuable for developers.

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What impacts your project duration

Despite many software solutions for retail look similar, they may require different periods of time to be completed. Especially when it comes to the highly customized software products which we use to propagate. Software development is a very artistic process that implies many non-trivial approaches the timeframe of which is hardly predictable. Nonetheless, our specialists can make more or less precise calculations of the working hours necessary to complete the project when SDS is available. In general, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms

What affects your project costs

As in the case of project duration, the cost of each retail solution depends on the final configuration of the developed software. There is a direct correlation between the amount of work required to complete the project and the final cost. We always represent a transparent calculation in which even customers who stay far from software development can find exhaustive information about why the solution costs as it costs. Such info usually includes the following cost-determining factors inter alia:

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time & Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

We never require a ready-to-use SDS from our customers: creating such a document is far from what they do in their business. However, we seek to have as tight collaboration as possible with our clients to avoid any misunderstanding in the future development process. That’s why we propose to arrange face-to-face meetings (the online ones are also acceptable) to reach a shared vision of the project through the most natural communication. If such meetings appear problematic for some reason, we’d like to get the following data from customers to start our work:

  • Project goals, vision, and a roadmap if available
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation, if available
  • Client’s availability for weekly gathering sessions

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

Do you provide business analysis, and what are the deliverables of this service?

Our vast experience allows us to provide business analysis in the domains where we feel confident in terms of software technologies. The results of any business analysis are usually formalized in the deliverables dedicated to various stages of a business lifecycle. We can deliver standalone documents that cover the following business aspects: 1) business profile: a backstory of the business, main drivers, a domain (domains) where the business can successfully run, presumed vulnerabilities and problems, dependencies and responsibilities of the business owners; 2) use case specification: the business requirements along with the desired functionality to be achieved, the approaches to be used to implement one or another IT solution according to a current business model, the approximate cost and possible risks.

Can you recommend to us what should be modernized in the software we use?

We provide a wide array of consulting services for our customers, including the assessment of their software-hardware infrastructures. We can check the status of the software products used by our customers to figure out whether they correspond to the contemporary IT standards. We can do both performance tests and the codebase review to detect those elements of the system that ought to be modernized. The origin of the customer’s system does not matter: DICEUS can dissect any sort of software to grasp both the structure and functionality. The results of our analysis can be represented in the form of a document with our suggestions on possible upgrades and modernization.

How are you different from other custom software development companies?

In contrast to many rivals in the software development sector, DICEUS never looks for one-time customers. We expect each of our clients to turn to our permanent partner. It means we clearly understand the degree of responsibility we’d like to share with our clients regarding everything that might happen with the IT solution we create over its entire lifecycle. Every custom software solution requires an individual approach. This is the most delicate point in the relationships with customers since the tiniest incompetency from our side can result in severely destructive effects on our reputation. That’s why we never “wash our hands” after the solution is launched. On the contrary, DICEUS always seeks to establish a true partnership with every customer regardless of the scope and cost of the ordered solutions and services.

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