Healthcare help desk services 

DICEUS has strong expertise in custom software development for the healthcare industry. Since 2011, we have completed dozens of projects that brought healthcare providers and health tech companies meaningful business values.

When we talk about healthcare, we tend to focus on examinations, tests, prescribing medications, surgeries, and other procedures. However, paperwork is no less vital for the efficient provision of medical services to customers. The mission of healthcare help desk software is to streamline and facilitate the administrative pipeline for physicians, managers, and patients, and DICEUS can lend a helping professional hand in healthcare IT support. 

Our healthcare help desk services 

Custom help desk software development 

Off-the-shelf help desk software is cheap and accessible, but being garden-variety products, they can never cover all the unique needs of a particular healthcare facility. We can design and build a broad range of web and mobile medical help desk solutions that will contain only the features you will use, enabling you to improve various aspects of your shop floor routine and oblige patients.  

Technical support for healthcare providers 

Modern high-tech products are sophisticated and intricate mechanisms whose functional efficiency requires constant attention. With our IT support, healthcare organizations can be sure their solutions, networks, hardware, and other elements of digital infrastructure run seamlessly. We monitor their performance, eliminate malfunctions if they occur, and guarantee issue-free operation of the IT environment. 

Healthcare help desk consulting

Handling cutting-edge professional products is a real trial for non-tech users. Hospital personnel needs regular advice and assistance in learning the ropes of the solutions they use daily. Vetted mavens of DICEUS can provide competent consultations on any aspect of the functioning of help desk software a healthcare organization utilizes in its workflow.  

Help desk solutions modernization 

In conditions of the rapid progress of the contemporary IT sector, hospital help desk software becomes obsolete very quickly. We will assess its performance, pinpoint inadequacies, and perform full-scale modernization of legacy solutions, including technological upgrading and cloud migration of infrastructure, software, and database your medical facility relies on in its activities. 

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Key features of custom help desk software we can develop

The top-notch IT competence of our specialists allows them to design and build a long roster of functionalities for custom help desk solutions in the healthcare domain.  

Patient information management 

Modern hospitals are snowed under tons of patient-related data. By having a robust patient information management feature in place, you will be able to organize all data from EHR, test results, contact information, medical history, etc., into a manageable system and critically enhance its observability.  

Patient registration 

This functionality essentially facilitates patient onboarding routine when their personal data is entered into the system. Then, a chart number is automatically assigned to a person to serve as a unique identifier in all further activities. Plus, the tool directs them to a certain department, depending on the priorities and criticality of the case. 

Patient communication 

By implementing this feature, you will be able to interact with patients securely. It includes appointment scheduling, automated appointment notifications and reminders, HIPAA-compliant texting enablement, and an open API for linking with the EHR system. 

Document management 

Healthcare providers work with multiple documents, such as EHR, patients’ forms and consents, lab results, accreditation and licensing papers, insurance policies, legal documents, billings and claims, etc. The document management functionality will guarantee their accessibility and send alerts if any of these documents need to be updated or renewed. 

Treatment satisfaction feedback 

Medical facilities should track customer experience and eliminate bottlenecks in providing their services to improve the quality of care and sharpen their competitive edge. By adding a treatment satisfaction feedback feature, they will keep abreast of what patients think about them and react to negative reviews promptly. 

Knowledge base management 

In healthcare, 24/7 access to knowledge databases is oftentimes a life-and-death matter. If you implement this feature, you will improve a doctor’s search for valuable data, augment collaboration between specialists, and ultimately increase your medical facility’s services.

Regulatory compliance 

Healthcare providers should stay HIPAA-compliant to guarantee the privacy and security of patient data they process and store. We will develop special tools honed to automatically track compliance with HIPAA regulations to let you avoid hefty fines and other penalties your medical organizations will incur in case of breaching them. 

Data analytics and reporting 

The performance data you collect can be used as actionable insights for enhancing the quality of services. To enable such an opportunity, you should have a set of custom analytical tools. They can be configured to choose the metrics for tracking and making a report on the analysis results. 

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Why choose DICEUS to build or modernize healthcare help desk software 

Today, plenty of high-tech vendors render services in this niche. What makes DICEUS stand out among the rest?  

Over a dozen years in IT outsourcingDuring 13 years of our presence in the IT market, we have accumulated a vast store of hands-on skills and theoretical knowledge to draw upon in creating software. 
Special expertise in the industryWe have delivered multiple healthcare IT service and development projects, which enriched us with valuable competence in this domain. 
Diverse tech stackThe roster of technologies our experts employ includes both mainstream frameworks, tools, and programming languages as well as disruptive know-how like AI, ML, cloud computing, Big Data, blockchain, and more. 
Utmost customer-centricityOur client’s interests and convenience are the top priorities for us. That is why we do our best to accommodate to the communication schedule and channels our customers are comfortable with. 

Facts about DICEUS

2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

Benefits of custom help desk software 

When properly designed, developed, and operated, custom help desk solutions can usher in the following boons. 

Cost reduction

By delegating the lion’s share of administrative tasks to machines, hospitals rule out the necessity to recruit human employees and thus save on related expenditures. 

Improved communication

With a first-rate help desk system in place, doctors enhance their cooperation with colleagues, managers run the hospital better, and patients receive a constant channel for interaction with medical personnel.  

Shorter waiting time

No more exasperating queues for patients in need of help. They will be able to receive answers to their questions promptly, get directed to the right specialist, make an appointment online, and obtain the necessary assistance within minutes. 

Augmented quality of treatment

A vibrantly functioning medical facility with immediate access of people to competent help, availability of a large database where doctors can get a 360 view of patients, and minimized paperwork is what high-quality, innovative healthcare looks like. 

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What are healthcare help desk services? 

They include all types of services aiming to step up healthcare providers’ administrative, organizational, and paperwork shop floor activities. Thanks to them, hospital staff can boost the quality of medical aid, and patients can get quicker and simplified access to the services healthcare facilities provide

How can healthcare help desk services benefit medical facilities? 

By harnessing a robust help desk solution, healthcare organizations will improve internal coordination, enhance communication between doctors and patients, streamline paperwork, monitor treatment satisfaction feedback, automate query handling, cut down on expenditures, and generally increase the quality of services they provide. 

What types of issues can healthcare help desk services assist with? 

A digitally-powered help desk of modern healthcare facilities can be greatly instrumental in patient registration and communication, document, patient information, knowledge base management, treatment satisfaction feedback, HIPAA compliance, data analytics and reporting, and more. 

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