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Support levels

Application support and maintenance services are a combination of routines and measures that provide the ongoing care and maintenance of existing applications and programs. They include addressing issues and bugs, managing updates and upgrades, and providing valuable insights into the health and usage of the apps.

DICEUS offers a full range of application maintenance and support services that can be proactive and reactive depending on the help your app may require. Our engineers possess various protocols to ensure your apps’ proper functioning, performance, and uptime. We proactively monitor and prevent potential problems or issues within your application from technical and infrastructural perspectives.

Mobile app maintenance

Within the scope of our application support services, DICEUS monitors the performance and stability of mobile applications and manages user feedback and requests for new features or changes. Besides, we help customers update their app versions, fix bugs, and patch security vulnerabilities. Proactive troubleshooting, managing app store updates, and providing guidance to app owners on handling the app is also in the range of our services.

Web app maintenance

DICEUS provides monitoring web apps for issues, managing server updates, and supporting web app teams to ensure their project runs with no interruption. Our web application maintenance and support service also includes tracking and analyzing user metrics and app usage data, allowing the web app to remain up to date with current technological trends and standards and capable of withstanding fluctuations in traffic. We help web app owners work on regular and occasional upgrades to ensure everything runs smoothly as new features are introduced.

Cloud app maintenance

We provide managing and maintaining apps hosted on cloud-based infrastructures. It includes managing the infrastructure and maintaining the app components within the cloud environment. Our cloud application maintenance service also covers regular monitoring of the performance, uptime, and availability of the cloud application. DICEUS participates in the planning and implementing updates and upgrades to the cloud apps. Sometimes, we provide technical support through live chat, email, and phone.

Level 1 support (L1)

L1 is typically the most basic level of support and is usually the first point of contact for users and customers with technical issues or questions. Our Level 1 support provides initial guidance and troubleshooting and often involves answering frequently asked questions or helping users through an app or service workflow. Level 1 support usually does not have the necessary visibility or access to provide more complex technical support requests. It often serves as a gatekeeper for other support specialists to filter out basic-level issues and requests before they are escalated.

Level 2 support (L2)

More senior and experienced support engineers provide Level 2 support with a more flexible scope and mandate than Level 1 support. Our L2 support experts assist customers in configuring servers, setting up monitoring systems, arranging cloud migration, and optimizing DevOps routines. Even though Level 2 support typically handles more severe and critical issues than Level 1, it remains client-facing and directly accessible. L2 requires more robust communication and customer service skills when dealing with more frustrated and upset users who cannot resolve their problems via Level 1 support.

Level 3 support (L3)

Our Level 3 support team is the central point of contact for all technical support requests from the app owner and handles all sophisticated inquiries related to the app’s functionality. Our L3 support experts get down to work when app maintenance requires the most profound expertise and knowledge. They can revise the app’s source code to determine whether the current issue is rooted in the legacy architecture. They help customers develop a plan for a comprehensive app restoration when fundamental changes in the app functionality are necessary.

Application support

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Application support

Since 2011, DICEUS has provided professional application maintenance and support services that can reliably ensure any application’s stability, security, and uptime. By monitoring and managing the apps, DICEUS helps customers keep the app running smoothly and effectively. Our application maintenance can provide valuable insights and feedback into any issues or problems with the application, which allows the app owners to understand better and address them. We help our customers stay confident that their apps always work as intended and provide maximum value and benefit for users.

By providing access to specialized support and guidance from our technical experts, DICEUS enables organizations and businesses to use and optimize their applications to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity while minimizing risk and downtime. Our app maintenance services help customers reduce the risk of security breaches, data loss, fraud, and other potential threats in such a context. Thus, our application support services can considerably boost the app’s performance and be cost-safe for any organization.

Benefits of IT support and maintenance services we provide

Any application is intended to bring value to users and revenue to the app owners. The longer the app performs consistently, the longer users and owners benefit from the app. Hence, we aim to keep the stability of the app’s performance over its entire lifecycle. DICEUS has and uses an extended range of means and tools to provide our customers with knowledge, assistance, and workforce, facilitating app maintenance at any level of expertise.

Agile practices

We use agile practices for application maintenance and support to provide a quick, flexible, and adaptive response to user needs and requirements. We believe agile approaches are more efficient than traditional, rigid, and formalized maintenance and support procedures and methods. When utilizing agile practices, our support engineers can better adapt and respond to rapidly evolving business needs and requirements. Thus, they focus more on delivering value and business outcomes to our customers. Ultimately, our agile practices provide substantial competitive and cost-saving benefits for our clients.

Expertise in innovative technologies

All our engineers are highly skilled in mobile app development, cloud computing, and big data analytics. We actively use those skills for application maintenance and support. These innovative technologies provide our T support professionals access to the latest and most cutting-edge tools and techniques to deliver more efficient and cost-effective services. Being familiar with these innovative technologies and knowing how to utilize them helps our engineers allow customers to stay up to date with industry standards and best practices.

Microsoft, Oracle, and GCP partnership

Our partnership with the major technology providers helps DICEUS get access to the latest and most cutting-edge software and technologies while providing a broader distribution and client base for our application maintenance and support services. In addition, such a partnership enables us to reach many helpful resources, such as training and certifications, technical support, and access to valuable data and analytics. Finally, working closely with these tech giants helps ensure a consistent and high level of service delivery.

Experience with enterprise apps

Our vast experience with enterprise apps helps us dive deep into the requirements of enterprise customers and anticipate their technical and support needs. Our application maintenance engineers understand the technology and business processes involved in enterprise app development and implementation, which help DICEUS provide clients with a more informed and detailed level of support. Besides, our practical experience with enterprise apps enables us to build credibility and trust with potential customers, leading to more successful engagement and delivery of services.

How we provide application maintenance and support services

Over the years in the business, DICEUS has developed a particular algorithm for application maintenance and support. Our support engineers work closely with the customer during the initial phase to create a complete understanding of the customer’s business and organization. Once a detailed scope of work has been completed, the implementation phase begins, in which all the necessary technical elements of the project are implemented, monitored, evaluated, and adjusted accordingly. The maintenance and support can last until the application lifecycle is over or until the project’s completion.

Analyzing your requestThe analyzing customer’s request phase is typically the most time-consuming step in the process. Since application maintenance and support is an ongoing process, it is essential to carefully analyze the customer’s request to ensure that the project’s final results meet the customer’s needs and expectations and that the overall service solution will be as effective and viable as possible. This phase involves gathering information from the customer about the use of the application and the specific goals and desired objectives of the maintenance project. This phase results in a detailed understanding and evaluation of the client’s current needs and how the application maintenance services can help the client meet and achieve those needs to ensure the best outcomes for the customer.
Planning and preparing SLAPlanning and preparing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is crucial to any application maintenance and support project. The SLA is a detailed document that outlines the service expectations and responsibilities of the customer and the service provider and serves as the basis for the mutual agreement between the two parties. The SLA clearly outlines the project expectations throughout the service relationship, including timelines, service scope, and response times. The SLA defines expectations and responsibilities to ensure that both parties are on the same page and working in coordination to ensure the success and efficiency of the project.
Transferring knowledgeDuring the transferring knowledge phase of an application maintenance and support project, our engineers pass along their knowledge and experience to the customer to share their technical expertise. This phase is crucial to the project’s success, as it helps DICEUS build trust and confidence with the customer. Additionally, it helps our experts establish a base level of understanding and knowledge that can be built on moving forward. By transferring knowledge back to the customer and being available to answer questions and receive the customer’s feedback, we allow customers to stay confident in a smooth and effective project overall.
Support and maintenanceThe phase is when our engineers monitor and manage the application and its technical elements. This phase can include performing regular checks and evaluations of the project and its progress, responding to any issues or problems that may arise, and performing any necessary updates and maintenance to the application to ensure it remains in optimal functioning and operation. This phase also helps ensure the project remains on track and within the original timeline and budget. Overall, the goal of this phase is to maintain the quality and performance of the application and the service.

What impacts your project duration

Each of the following factors can impact the duration and timing of the project, so it is essential to consider them all when planning and executing an application maintenance project.

  • The complexity and scope of the app
  • The level of support and service required from the application maintenance service provider
  • The level of involvement and commitment from the customer
  • Any unanticipated events or unexpected delays
  • Insufficient access to the customer’s infrastructure and IT resources

What affects your project costs

It is essential to be aware of the following potential factors and variables and to discuss them with the customer to determine an appropriate and accurate budget and costing basis, allowing for successful project delivery and cost efficiency.

  • The scope and complexity of the app/project
  • The technical expertise required from the application maintenance service provider
  • The urgency and timeline of the project
  • The availability of the customer’s executives for communication
  • Unpredicted events or unforeseen challenges

What we need from your side

We expect our customers always remain engaged and involved with the project. We typically require the following materials and actions from them to ensure that the development and implementation of the project run smoothly and within budget and timeline.

  • Detailed project scopes and requirements
  • Project timelines
  • Budgetary limitations, if applicable
  • Any specific data and metrics that can be used to monitor and improve project progress
  • Access to application servers or other internal systems as required

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Frequently asked questions

What is application support and maintenance?

Application support and maintenance are activities to ensure an application’s smooth and optimal functioning. It is often performed regularly and typically includes checking and monitoring the app for any issues or problems, providing technical support and assistance to users, and ensuring the application is up to date with the latest features and capabilities. Additionally, these services include providing ongoing security measures to prevent and address potential threats and vulnerabilities.

What is the difference between application support and application maintenance?

Application support and application maintenance are two related services but have distinct focuses. Application support is a more proactive service that usually involves regular customer interaction to assist with specific requests or questions. It can also include providing more long-term support and guidance for the application. Application maintenance focuses on monitoring and addressing potential issues and problems and keeping the application up to date. It is more reactive and short-term focused than application support and is geared towards preventing and quickly resolving problems.

Why choose DICEUS for application maintenance?

Our application maintenance engineers understand the technology and business processes involved in enterprise app development and implementation, which help DICEUS provide a more informed and detailed level of support for clients. Our partnership with the major technology providers enables us to reach many helpful resources, such as training and certifications, technical support, and access to valuable data and analytics. When utilizing agile practices, our support engineers focus more on delivering value and business outcomes to app owners, providing substantial competitive and cost-saving benefits for all our clients.

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