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DevOps consulting is a service that ushers in a highly effective approach to developing IT products. Why? Because DevOps is more than just a set of practices aiming at the automation and integration of efforts of the two crucial agents in software creation – development and operation teams. It is an entire high-tech philosophy aiming to accelerate the building, testing, and launching of top-level software. DICEUS, as a competent DevOps consulting company, can be your guide to success in the domain by providing the following services.

DevOps consulting

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DevOps consulting

DevOps strategy and launch

The preliminary phase of introducing DevOps in your workflow begins at the planning level, when you establish the strategy, draw a detailed DevOps implementation roadmap, and prepare resources and workforce to launch it. Our specialists will bolster your efforts at each stage and let the onboarding process go smoothly.

Consulting on DevOps implementation

This is the core of our services when vetted DevOps consultants of DICEUS help you implement it across all IT product development lifecycle stages. Here belongs the application of the Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) approach, harnessing module containerization, onboarding test automation, instituting automated application monitoring, and more.

CI/CD pipeline development and optimization

The process of setting up a CI/CD pipeline encompasses the compilation of the product through a version control system, its validation in accordance with the requirements of the customer, testing the code, delivering the solution to the repository, and its deployment to the cloud infrastructure. Our DevOps consultancy will ensure you correctly move through each stage.

DevOps security audit services

DICEUS as a seasoned DevOps service provider will totally reverse your attitude to safeguarding the security of the solution. Under our guidance, instead of attending to security when the product is completed, you will adopt the DevSecOps best practices with security integrated into the development process from its very inception.

Right DevOps tools selection

Without proper tools, establishing DevOps practices is doomed to defeat. The assistance of our DevOps consulting firm will allow you to opt for the best tool set that guarantees setting up a robust DevOps environment. Besides, we will install and configure the tools as well as train and upskill your in-house team in the usage of the tech stack we recommend.

IT infrastructure development

DevOps tenets can be applied not only to software development. That is also highly instrumental in the implementation and management of infrastructure. We will lend a helping hand in any infrastructure optimization endeavors (whether on-premises or cloud-based) and direct the data and infrastructure migration process if you find it necessary.

Swift and flawless software creation is imperative for our fast-paced digital civilization. Yet, in the real world, this process is often hampered by the lack of collaboration between the numerous teams responsible for delivering the final product.

By switching over to the DevOps methodology, you can breach the endemic gap between development and operation IT personnel and end their siloed functioning. The DevOps consultation services by DICEUS will enable you to unite their efforts and keep them on the same page all the way to obtaining a high-end solution.

Benefits of DevOps consulting services

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Benefits of DevOps consulting services

Benefits of DevOps consulting services

In the highly competitive business environment of the early third millennium, it is the agility and exclusive quality of software an enterprise employs that becomes a differentiator, giving it an edge over competitors. DevOps consultancy by DICEUS will allow you to enjoy all the perks this innovative approach to software development yields.

Efficient collaboration between teams

This is what DevOps is basically honed to provide. It creates an environment of shared coordination, cooperation, and alignment across all IT departments. Team members are encouraged to interact on a constant basis in the process of product development, no matter if they work under one roof or are located in far-sundered offices around the globe.

Faster development

Having its roots in the Agile methodology, DevOps has three pillars to lean on: automation, continuous delivery, and rapid feedback. Their combination fosters collaborative culture and enables DevOps teams to step up each phase of IT product development, swiftly address issues, and react promptly to any changes in the business and technological landscape.

Enhanced security

By harnessing infrastructure as a code and policy as a code, monitoring compliance on a large scale becomes a breeze. Moreover, DevOps allows you to leverage fine-grained controls, automated enforcement techniques, and configuration management procedures without compromising security. Automation and continuous monitoring buttress security as well.

Risk mitigation

Since DevOps team members are empowered to provide constant feedback, all flaws can be detected earlier and dealt with as soon as they are discovered. Besides, rollbacks can be implemented almost immediately when the solution creation process is split into smaller projects. As a result, the majority of risks are removed or considerably minimized.

How we provide DevOps consulting services

One can issue relevant recommendations only if one knows the nitty-gritty of the domain inside out. DICEUS has been in the IT market and providing DevOps services for a decade. Hence, its mavens have the necessary skills and experience to advise enterprises on the onboarding of DevOps principles. So what do we do to ensure a smooth implementation of DevOps?

PlanningTogether with the in-house team, we assess available resources, gauge current infrastructure, and analyze the development procedure the company utilizes. After that, we pinpoint IT constraints and capabilities and outline business expectations. Finally, with all these data at our fingertips, we assist in devising a DevOps implementation strategy.
RoadmappingAt this stage, we define containerization techniques, design the CI/CD approach (with the choice and configuration of respective tools), recommend the test automation strategy that would fit into the CI/CD pipeline, design the integration of CI/CD tools with IaaC and configuration management software, anticipate DevOps-specific challenges, and envisage their solutions.
ExecutionHere, we not only assist in the implementation and configuration of test automation tools and CI/CD but also upskill all stakeholders (such as project, program, and delivery managers, developers, test engineers, system administrators, and others) to let them embrace DevOps processes and tools. Besides, we introduce them to the IaaC approach.
SupportThis component of our consulting services is aimed both at machines and humans. On the one hand, we maintain the functionality of the entire software infrastructure, implement changes in it, and monitor the right load distribution across the IT ecosystem. On the other hand, we supervise and mentor DevOps team members to ensure they attain the goals set for DevOps implementation.

What impacts your project duration

We can’t say precisely how long the project will last unless we know the following information:

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team roster
  • Chosen platforms and tech stack
  • The state of the current infrastructure

What affects your project costs

We will be able to calculate the exact budget you need to allocate for the project in case we know the following:

  • Adopted technology
  • Project scope and complexity
  • The urgency of project completion
  • Engagement model you prefer (Dedicated Team, Time and Material)
  • Whether you aim for an on-premises or cloud solution

What we need from your side

The very notion of consulting presupposes guidance and advice provided on a constant basis. Naturally, we can render such services only in close cooperation with the customer. To make this collaboration fruitful and efficient, we must know the following information.

  • The project vision, goals, and roadmap (if it exists)
  • High-level project requirements
  • Available documentation relevant to the project (software architecture, mockups, etc.)
  • Project deadlines
  • Your accessibility schedule (usually a couple of hours a week for requirements-gathering sessions)

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Frequently asked questions

What is the role of DevOps?

Called to bridge the notorious gap between the development and operation teams within an IT organization, DevOps is more than just a set of practices and techniques. This whole culture enables close collaboration between software specialists and ensures the robust creation of high-end and secure products that meet all customer requirements.

What is the scope of DevOps services?

These are meant to cover all elements and phases of introducing DevOps approaches in an organization’s workflow. The services embrace the planning and launching of DevOps strategy, infrastructure development and/or migration, CI/CD pipeline design, selection of DevOps tools, and providing security for the obtained products.

What are the most popular DevOps tools?

Tools are divided into categories depending on their application sphere. The most powerful DevOps automation tools are Jenkins, Docker, and Puppet. The best CI/CD pipeline solutions include Bamboo, CircleCI, and TeamCity. Git is the most efficient version control tool. Finally, the configuration management tools to look for are Kubernetes, Ansible, and Chef. For testing, choose Selenium and TestSigma.

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