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What we offer

Point of sales

In terms of expertise-infused ecommerce application development services we provide at DICEUS, we can create a secure, reliable, and convenient point of sales solution for your ecommerce business. Whether you already have an up and running store or are just looking to build a new ecommerce, we have a pool of seasoned specialists that will implement a sturdy piece of software that fits your goals and requirements perfectly and runs on the market-defining practices and approaches.

Mobile apps

Mobile commerce is brimming with demand and offers a huge chunk of customer audience you should cover if you haven’t already. We are your trusty ecommerce application development company when it comes to building customized commercial mobile applications that satisfy both end users and your managers with performance, stand out among the market competition, and bring streamlined regular profits.

On-demand apps

Are you looking to build a more extensive SaaS product to distribute on-demand? We can help you with that as well. We have staff and outsource professionals specializing in the major SaaS development platforms who are savvy and experienced in creating new solutions or turning your existing software into a software-as-a-service solution. At that, they will point out the most efficient optimization methods and recommend the best ways of enabling SaaS subscription functionality for your particular project and store.

Payment gateway

Our ecommerce app development services also include the custom creation of separate modules, plugins, and add-ons, including sturdy, highly protected payment gateways that can be easily integrated with any type of ecommerce store or resources where online payments are meant to be made. We integrate the market-leading readymade solutions or create gateways from the ground up according to your specific type of ecommerce software. For example, developing a custom plugin will be a great solution for an exclusive goods store.

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Benefits of custom ecommerce apps

Real-time monitoring

Implementing a custom ecommerce application via our ecommerce app development powers, you get a solution tailored specifically to your needs and goals that also features a set of management tools that make the regular software performance transparent and fully controllable. You can monitor the state of the app and metrics like the flow of traffic, the number of transactions via an elaborate dashboard. This data can be leveraged for further analysis and subsequent app optimization based on specific readings.

Advanced UX and UI

With a custom approach, we can design a truly original, authentic piece of ecommerce software brimming with standing-out interface elements, visual features, and corporate attributes. We can also go deeper than any other readymade ecommerce platform and achieve the highest level of user experience by analyzing specific needs, desires, and behavioral patterns of your target audience of customers. Going for a custom-made application, you are looking to get a unique product that will be innovative to the market.

Multiple features

We professionally handle ecommerce mobile app development for simple one-page stores and large, complex online marketplaces alike. For any type of ecommerce, our specialists point out the most relevant and individually efficient sets of features. Having outlined that, we implement and integrate these features seamlessly, making your software product versatile, multipurpose, and utterly convenient to navigate and shop through. Understanding the latest industry trends, we know how to impress and satisfy modern mobile and online shoppers.

Further integration

We offer full-cycle ecommerce mobile app development project implementation spanning all of the essential stages and helping you handle all the post-launch efforts. Once we complete a new ecommerce software solution tailored just for you, we can help you integrate it with bigger systems or compatible platforms and properly deploy it in the required operational environment. We will support further integration to help you avoid common risks and pitfalls at these finalizing stages of the project.

Our ecommerce application development process

Business analysisEvery project we take up is kicked off with an individual business analysis that helps research your business more in-depth and better point out the essential goals, collaboration workflow format, and other project specifics. In a major way, the preliminary analysis also helps to outline the most efficient and potentially profitable directions of implementing a certain ecommerce solution — niche trends and target audience nuances can help create the highly demanded product with a satisfying TA-focused user experience.
Design and developmentHaving outlined the initial product requirements and planned out further project workflows, we initiate the design and development stages. First, experienced designers create a basic software architecture — sort of a “carcass” of the future app. This design foundation outlines the major visual and interface elements of the whole application. The architecture “carcass” is then passed on to developers who add some software “meat” to it. They implement the required features, make proper integrations, and set the whole functionality in motion.
Testing and UATAt the point where we have a running piece of software, we initiate multiple testing cycles to identify any errors and bugs appearing in the running infrastructure and polish up the software performance up to the fail-proof operation. For this, we employ several formats of testing, including traditional manual and automated testing cycles along with User Acceptance Testing where real users try out different aspects of your ecommerce application and leave feedback, based on which further optimizations are implemented.
Deployment and launchWith the software up-and-running and polished to the state of seamless, bug-free, high performance, we can finally deploy it in the proper operational environment and launch it among end users. At these stages, we implement the most fitting deployment models based on the target platform/store/resource/etc. and kick off the technical support and maintenance for the full-on field performance of your app.

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What impacts your project duration

Timelines for different projects differ a lot based on different levels of complexity and other specifics. These are the major factors influencing the total duration of your project.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms
  • Data availability and quality

What affects your project costs

The total cost of every other project can also be calculated only based on particular specifics. However, here are the basic pricing factors we can highlight.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team
  • The level of customization

What we need from your side

DICEUS is an established ecommerce app development company with a well-adjusted workflow and guaranteed high-quality results. The only essential things we require from you to kick off an efficient project include the following.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available, for example, software architecture and mockups
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What are the key challenges of ecommerce app development projects?

The major challenge of creating and implementing every other ecommerce app for many companies is achieving a proper clear understanding of the client’s needs and desires. Some companies also lack tech stack items for implementing highly versatile products. To avoid these, hire an established ecommerce mobile app development company like DICEUS.

How to find a trusted and experienced ecommerce app development company?

Nothing can tell you more about the expertise and experience of a certain ecommerce software provider than their previous projects and the clients’ level of satisfaction with them. You can usually check reviews and look through the portfolio on the official website of the company. Established providers also have all sorts of certifications, partnerships with renowned brands, and dedicated blogs.

Why custom ecommerce app development is better than a ready-made solution?

A custom application is tailored closely to your specific requirements and desires, giving you space for original thought and infusion of exclusivity into the design of your final solution. Thus, you can create an authentic product brimming with your unique corporate attributes that will most favorably represent your brand. In comparison, readymade solutions are bland and generic.

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