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(IoT)  Internet of Things

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(IoT)  Internet of Things
As a leading IoT development company, we know what you need. Our experts can develop various applications and other software modules. Tools for smart homes and smart cities help maintain green lifestyle, manage climate and safety. Healthcare solutions for IoT connect clinics, doctors, patients, and researchers, track health data 24/7 but keep it private and secure. Industrial IoT empower manufacturing and operations, while retail sensors optimize supply chains.

IoT development is in full swing, and you don’t want to miss it. There will be myriads of gadgets and sensors talking to each other and exchanging data. Thanks to IoT solutions, we already can open and close doors or windows, turn on and off appliances, manage our fitness activities, measure blood pressure, get notifications about dangers, and so on. What’s the catch? All these things are now packed in smartphones or other gadgets connected to the network of smart sensors.

Benefits from IoT development services

Regardless of the chosen IoT development service, you can get several invaluable benefits. They ensure your project’s success and help your team reach new heights. Overall, IoT offers unlimited opportunities, from simple remote appliance management to large-scale health insurance optimization through predictive services. With our professional team, it’s possible to get exactly what you need in any industry.

Wide technology stack

Wi-Fi, NFC, RFID, Bluetooth, AWS, REST, HTTP, Android, iOS, and more, and more. You may need one specific IoT development service. And we have the relevant expertise. Be sure that our developers can work with different technologies and create apps specifically for your business.

Up-to-date infrastructures

The industry of IoT develops quickly. Previous trends are forgotten, while new ones are emerging right now. We’re always keeping the pace of the industry to provide you the most tailored Internet of Things solutions: smart sensors, trackers, etc.

Flexible engagement options

Talking about our cooperation, you can choose the most suitable engagement model. Fixed Price, Dedicated Team, Time & Material, any custom variation – feel free to choose these ways or contact us to find a more tailored option.

Full transparency and project control

Thanks to the Customer Portal, our IoT software development company ensures 100% transparency, monitoring convenience, and reaction speed. Using this custom tool, you can manage all the projects, compare metrics, send change requests, and contact the teams.

Our IoT solutions and services

Continuing the discussion about our Internet of Things services, let’s review them in detail. Note that this list isn’t ultimate because we’re always ready to start working on your custom request. If you need an exclusive IoT solution, just reach us, get your first free 30-minute consultation, and share your requirements.

Software development

The main offering relies on mobile and web apps for IoT. By creating a custom IoT solution, we analyze the required features, choose the best architecture and type, ensure reliability.

Hardware design

Apart from the Internet of Things development focused on mobile and web applications, you can get gadget designs. We utilize boards and other supportive tools to plan your smart solution.

Edge computing

Internet of Things services aren’t always limited to actual development. For example, you can get data gathered and processed via gadgets themselves instead of clouds or servers.

Integration and configuration

For any IoT solution, either existing or new, we can set the needed integrations such as API. Our specialists help with tuning IoT gadgets, connecting them, and managing them remotely.

What impacts your project duration

To create or optimize an IoT solution, we need to gather requirements, plan the project, design the software, develop it, test, and release. Exact schedules depend on the next factors:

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms
  • IoT infrastructure complexity

What affects your project costs

The same is true for the costs of Internet of Things services. There are simple and cheap solutions, and there are complex projects. Look at the factors:

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time & Material, Dedicated Team
  • IoT configuration and integration requests

What we need from your side

Internet of Things development is a process that requires contribution from both sides, including developers and clients. We prepared a list of things we might need from the client’s side. Check it and contact us if you have any questions or need consulting.
  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available, e.g., software architecture and mockups
  • A couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions
  • Project deadlines

Our tech stack

  • android Android
  • arduino Arduino
  • aws AWS
  • google cloud Google Cloud
  • http HTTP
  • ios iOS
  • microsoft azure Microsoft Azure
  • Raspberry-Pi Raspberry Pi
  • rest REST API

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Frequently asked questions

What is custom IoT development?

It’s a process handled by a custom IoT services company. According to it, the vendor collects project requirements, analyzes them, and creates a solution from scratch to meet these needs. Custom IoT technology solutions are unique, there's only one copy of each.

Which IoT development platforms are used by DICEUS?

Mainly, we stick to the powerful cloud and IoT companies that provide the Internet of Things as a service. The list includes Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. If you want to work with another platform like IBM, be sure to contact us to agree on the terms.

What are the top IoT boards for development and prototyping

There are dozens of boards used by our Internet of Things development company. The selection depends on the requirements, the requested software and hardware, budgets, etc. As for the examples, the most popular boards are Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, Intel Edison, and Arduino MKR.

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