IT infrastructure support services 

Properly functioning digital infrastructure is the bedrock of a modern enterprise's efficient workflow and business success. However, not all can afford to keep a permanent IT department on their payroll that would set up a first-rate infrastructure management system and constantly keep its cogs greased and rolling. If this is your case, the wisest way out is to outsource the job to a qualified IT infrastructure company that will maintain the seamless work of your digital environment 24/7. 

Our IT infrastructure support services 

The infrastructure of a contemporary organization is a complex unity of IT equipment, software that includes the database ecosystem, web, mobile apps, and other professional solutions, plus the network structure that links the workstations and gadgets together. Our team of seasoned experts provides a complete IT infrastructure service roster that can cover all your needs concerning the support of this environment aimed at its stability, security, and smooth performance.  

IT infrastructure consulting 

If your personnel is well-versed in using your organization’s IT infrastructure solution, it doesn’t make them qualified in all aspects of its architecture, functioning, and maintenance. The competent mavens of DICEUS can analyze infrastructure’s elements, assess their efficiency, design a new architecture for it (whether on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based), and outline the strategy for revamping the existing IT environment.  

Continuous support 

This is the core of our IT infrastructure management services. We exercise 24/7 monitoring of your organization’s ecosystem via specialized tools, generate reports (where we evaluate its performance and resource consumption, pinpoint inadequacies and malfunctions of its elements), and solve identified problems on short notice due to the automated ticketing process we have in place.  

IT help desk 

In case your employees have issues with the functioning of any element of your enterprise IT infrastructure or have questions about its operation, our consultants are always there with a helping hand and timely advice. We provide L1, L2, and L3 support services that cover user support of any complexity and tech support of a regular and advanced level, including troubleshooting and code-fixing measures.  

IT infrastructure optimization 

Very often, various components of a company’s infrastructure are designed and implemented at different times by different vendors. As a result, they are inadequately aligned and have problems playing together well. Our specialists will map out and implement a total overhauling of your IT infrastructure resources to ensure their seamless integration and improve the efficiency of their operation.  

Cloud migration 

Companies that rely on on-premises infrastructure are doomed to lag behind their cloud-powered rivals. We will help you hydrate the cloud by leveraging our end-to-end cloud & infrastructure service list. It includes advising you on choosing Azure, AWS, or other cloud providers, drawing up a migration plan covering data, app, and workload migration, and configuring a new cloud infrastructure. 


The safety of their customer, financial, and business data is one of the primary concerns of all digitally-fueled organizations. DICEUS provides a full scope of security measures, such as the audit of the current IT environment, detecting vulnerabilities and security gaps, penetration testing, and the development and implementation of a comprehensive infrastructure protection strategy. 

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Why choose DICEUS

  • 13 years of experience in the sphere of rendering IT infrastructure support services, during which our professionals hoarded a vast store of knowledge and skills in the domain. 
  • In-depth competence in a wide range of industries (namely logistics, banking, fintech, healthcare, insurance, and more) whose peculiarities and fine points are an open book to us. 
  • 250 vetted and certified experts on our staff whose gamut of skills and broad tech stack competence allow them to handle any project related to IT infrastructure support. 
  • DevOps practices we rely on in our work enable us to swiftly develop high-quality solutions aligned with our clients’ business needs. 
  • Our innovative focus inspires us to keep abreast of the latest trends in the IT realm and leverage state-of-the-art technologies in our work. 
  • Exclusive client centricity in our relationships with customers, where we readily adapt to the communication channel and schedules comfortable for our partners and display flexibility in discussing cooperation models and rates. 


2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

What affects the cost of the services 

To let you know the sum you will have to allocate for the IT infrastructure support, we need to be aware of the following details. 

  • Project scope and complexity 
  • The urgency of project completion 
  • Technologies involved in the project 
  • Engagement model you opt for (Dedicated Team or Time and Material) 
  • Level and type of IT infrastructure support services you require 

What affects the duration of the services 

The term during which you will make use of our IT infrastructure support services is conditioned by the support schedule you prefer. What options do we offer? 

  • On-demand support of various kinds 
  • Round-the-clock support (24/7 in all time zones) 
  • Round-the-clock support only on business days in all time zones 
  • 12 hours every business day 
  • Business hours only (8/5) 

What we need from your side 

Providing first-rate IT infrastructure support services is impossible without close cooperation between the vendor and the client. To ensure its quality, we expect you to inform us about: 

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap (if it is available) 
  • High-level project requirements 
  • Software architecture, mockups, or any project-related documentation you have 
  • Remote infrastructure access (if necessary) 
  • An employee to contact who will stay in touch during troubleshooting 

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How we deliver IT infrastructure support services 

Having a well-thought-out plan and following it meticulously is vital for the success of any endeavor. This is also true about providing IT infrastructure support. We have devised a five-step roadmap that we stick to in rendering such services. 

Step 1. Pinpointing the client’s needs After receiving your request, we get together with your representatives and learn everything we can about the current condition of your IT infrastructure, your complaints regarding its functioning, and your future expectations for its operation.  
Step 2. Getting the lay of the land Then, we conduct our own research on the IT environment we are going to optimize, manage, and maintain. Our experts analyze the architecture and performance of the infrastructure, identify its bottlenecks and problem zones, and expose reasons for its substandard work. 
Step 3. Planning the support measures After we have all the relevant data on the table, we prepare a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This comprehensive document contains the roster of the client’s expectations, the responsibilities of the parties to the contract, and the plan of actions with service scope, timelines, deliverables, and payment details. 
Step 4. Transferring the knowledge We put together the project team whose members hold multiple sessions with the customer’s employees. During them, vetted professionals of DICEUS pass along their theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to the IT infrastructure users, answer their questions, and react to feedback. 
Step 5. Implementing support and maintenance At this phase, our engineers begin to monitor the operation of your IT system, run its regular checks, update software, optimize its functioning, and perform all necessary maintenance procedures aimed at providing the infrastructure’s maximum efficiency, productivity, and issue-free employment. 

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What is an infrastructure support service?

This is one of the advisory and assistance practices aimed at keeping an organization’s IT infrastructure fully functional. Typically, it embraces IT infrastructure consulting, continuous infrastructure monitoring, help desk support, infrastructure management and optimization, IT infrastructure compliance, cybersecurity, and cloud migration. 

How do IT infrastructure support services differ from managed services? 

Managed services cover a greater scope of functions and may include IT infrastructure support services as its element. But very often, the borderline between the two is rather blurred. As a rule, people speak of managed services describing a continuous procedure, whereas IT support is usually perceived as a one-off project limited in time. 

Why does my business need IT infrastructure support service? 

In our digitally-driven age, the smoothly functioning IT environment is mission-critical for the efficient workflow of any organization. Even if your personnel can utilize it properly, it can’t handle infrastructure design, management, optimization, administration, maintenance, security, and problem-fixing. To deal with the entire complex of such issues, you need high-profile experts in this field. 

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