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Benefits of IT outsourcing services

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Benefits of IT outsourcing services

Outsourcing is a viable business model that has received a new boost with the growth of demand for digital services. Its chief asset is cost efficiency, which allows non-tech brands to develop state-of-the-art industry-specific software solutions of first-rate quality but avoid various expenses related to employee training and acquiring equipment. So what do you get by addressing DICEUS as an IT outsourcing vendor?

Digital transformation

The cut-throat competition symptomatic of the current market conditions across numerous industries leaves both budding entrepreneurs and blue-chip brands with no choice but to harness cutting-edge IT achievements to facilitate their workflow and interact with customers. As a result, we stay tuned to the latest developments in the realm and can deliver software products powered by such advanced technologies as AI, ML, Big Data, AR and VR, blockchain, and the IoT.

Dedicated team

Whatever software project you have in mind, our crew of seasoned mavens can tackle its end-to-end development. They will determine its scope, design architecture, select the appropriate tools and frameworks for its implementation, and form the qualified team (starting with the project manager and ending with a QA specialist) necessary for the development that will work exclusively on your project.

Services range

The gamut of services we provide at DICEUS is broad and versatile. The high qualification of our experts enables them to develop and implement software solutions, optimize existing systems, extend post-deployment maintenance and support, and furnish competent IT consulting. While handling product development, we guarantee user-friendly UI/UX design and seamless functioning ensured by meticulous automated and manual testing.

IT infrastructure management

Even first-rate enterprise software can’t become a game-changer in business unless it is reinforced by an infrastructure up to the mark. It should be flexible enough to play well with various types of apps and third-party tools and spacious enough to allow for the scalability of the solutions it contains. We can help create, manage, optimize, and maintain such an infrastructure, including servers, networks, databases, and cloud environments.

Quality guarantee

You can gain a competitive edge over your niche rivals only if you onboard high-tech solutions of top quality. To ensure such an outcome, we employ developers well-versed in the know-how they work with, utilize high-level tools and technologies, rely on efficient software development methodologies, and arrange regular communication sessions with the clients to keep them up-to-date on the progress of the project.

Cybersecurity services

The safety of IT systems and environments and the inviolability of personal and financial data are among the top concerns of modern digitally-driven organizations. DICEUS can become a reliable protective shield for your software and hardware by conducting security assessment and planning, performing security code reviews, reducing the number of security weaknesses and vulnerabilities, monitoring security regulation compliance, and holding regular penetration testing procedures.

IT outsourcing services

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IT outsourcing services

Modern IT-powered enterprises make tremendous efforts not only to stay precariously afloat in the contemporary highly competitive business environment but thrive and expand, pursuing their big-time aspirations. Yet, for many of them, hiring a full-time IT department constantly is beyond their means.

By commissioning IT services from DICEUS as a reliable and competent outsourcer, you will partner with a team of high-profile specialists in multiple high-tech fields. They can deliver first-class software products at a moderate price, enabling you to step up your pipeline activities, enhance overall business efficiency, and reach new market horizons.

Benefits of IT outsourcing services

The robust advent of Industry 4.0 has ushered in high demand for various digital products across multiple industries. However, not every company can afford to keep an IT department on its regular payroll. And this is where outsourcing IT services can bring the most value. So, what are the perks of hiring an IT outsourcing company?

Cost efficiency

This is why many modern businesses (especially startups) outsource IT support services. Paying an in-house IT team salaries monthly, defraying other personnel-related expenditures (sick leaves, paid vacations, training, etc.), buying hardware and software, renting working space, etc., make no sense if an organization has a one-off project to complete. IT support outsourcing allows them to save on all these expenditures.

Core business focus

The management of non-tech companies has neither expertise nor time to spend on such a highly specialized task as software development. By outsourcing IT support services, they can focus on the sphere they excel and delegate the ordeal of software development to seasoned mavens in this domain. Moreover, the resources they free in this way can be applied elsewhere to boost their business dramatically.

Access to IT talents

Long gone and forgotten are the times when employers, limited by the boundaries of their city or region, had to look for the workforce in their near vicinity, which may appear incompetent or too expensive to hire. IT company outsourcing opens the entire global IT community to them, placing experts from all continents at their disposal and letting them choose the vendor with the optimal price/quality ratio.


An in-house team has a constant composition that sometimes may be inadequate to handle complex big-size projects or too numerous for smaller tasks when most staff twiddle their thumbs but still receives their salary. An outsourced crew is everything the regular personnel is not. It can be upscaled or downscaled once the scope of the assignment demands it. Moreover, the client can switch the specialists between projects if there is more than one running simultaneously.

Our process

When companies outsource services of IT development, they expect to get a trusted and competent partner capable of catering to any requirement and even whim they have that can deliver a top-notch digital product or high-quality service within the reasonable time and allocated budget. And this is exactly what we are. We are proficient in the following kinds of IT-related activities.

Discovery phaseThis is a departure point of any software project when entrepreneurs want to ensure their idea holds water and the product they have in mind will meet their expectations regarding development, operation, and cost. Our experts determine functional and non-functional requirements for the solution and analyze its business goals to select the right tech stack and identify the project scope.
IT was consultingQuite naturally, the lion’s share of our customers isn’t tech-savvy enough to gauge how viable their concept is or understand the nitty-gritty of the development process. This is where we step in to perform software assessment, technology consulting, R and D, and other services where our expertise can help you in choosing tools, applying evaluation metrics, doing market research, addressing challenges, and avoiding bottlenecks.
System modernizationThe rapid pace of technological progress results in IT products and infrastructure becoming obsolete quickly. We can audit the software and hardware you are utilizing, pinpoint the legacy systems that underperform, and suggest a suitable replacement for them. Moreover, we implement the modernization of your existing solutions with an eye to augmenting the value they bring to your organization.
Data migrationSome legacy systems are hopeless to upgrade or mend, so their owners face the ordeal of transferring data to other environments. Specialists of DICEUS analyze the structure and flaws of the old software, validate the data it contains, and migrate it from the existing storage to a new one. We offer any kind of migration as well as recovery planning. Our tech stack for the ETL-driven migration process includes Oracle, Pentaho, and relevant Microsoft tools.
Software developmentOut-of-the-box solutions are affordable and swift to onboard, but being designed to address everybody’s needs, they may fail to solve your particular problems. We offer to create bespoke software products that will suit your company to a tee and are scalable enough to be upgraded together with the shifting goals and requirements of your growing brand. Plus, we can customize off-the-shelf products to maximize their value for your company.
Software supportA responsible IT developer never calls it a day once the solution they developed is deployed and put into operation. We provide post-launch support and maintenance of all our products or solutions delivered by other vendors. This service embraces bug fixing, minor updates, answering various product-related queries, dealing with emergencies, and furnishing any assistance you may need. Our support team is available around the clock to render real-time help.
Cloud computingOn-premises solutions live on borrowed time since their owners increasingly lag behind competitors who have hydrated the cloud. Utilizing all cloud computing assets, you can increase the efficiency of solutions deployed in the cloud, obtain colossal storage space for your data, and enjoy an exclusive level of security for your software that public and private cloud providers guarantee. In addition, our experts can assist you in migrating to the cloud and managing your cloud-based resources.
DWH developmentThe efficiency of using your enterprise data can be significantly increased if you deposit it into a data warehouse (DWH). Since it hoards current and historical information drawn from multiple sources, it is a second-to-none instrument for conducting data analysis and reporting that furnish actionable insights for mapping out marketing campaigns or performing strategic planning. We can create a DWH for your company and provide its management and security.

What impacts your project duration

To accurately determine the time your project is going to take, we need to know the following:

  • Project requirements
  • Anticipated deadlines
  • Team size
  • Selected platforms and tech stack
  • Data quality and availability

What affects your project costs

The overall sum you will have to allocate is conditioned by such factors as:

  • Adopted technology
  • Project scope and complexity
  • The urgency of project completion
  • Engagement model you go for (Dedicated Team, Time and Material)
  • Whether you opt for a custom solution or rely on AI-driven cloud services

What we need from your side

If you employ outsourced IT services, it doesn’t mean you can wash your hands and forget about the project until it is completed. We need your close cooperation and active participation to produce a solution that will be a perfect fit for your company and dovetail into your business goals. It means that we expect you to provide:

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap (if you have developed it)
  • High-level project requirements
  • Software architecture, mockup, or any other available documentation relevant to the project
  • Adequate data quality for leveraging AI mechanisms
  • Your availability for requirements gathering sessions (normally, a couple of hours weekly)

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of IT outsourcing services?

By opting for outsourcing IT services, you get access to the global developer pool that will implement an IT project within the stipulated time and budget without any overhead expenditures while you are busy with your core activities. You can find a vendor with the best price/quality ratio who will upscale or downscale the development team in accordance with the project requirements.

What are the pricing models in IT outsourcing?

If you know what solution with what functionalities you want to obtain, the Fixed Price model will suit you most. In case the scope of the project and its requirements are likely to change in the development process, it is better to opt for the Time and Material scheme. If you don’t outsource a concrete project but need an IT crew employed at your discretion, the Dedicated Team model is what the doctor ordered.

What do IT outsourcing services include?

IT vendors go to all lengths to offer their customers a great range of services. However, if this roster is too long, the outsourcer will likely attempt to bite more than it can swallow. A responsible vendor typically offers services, including the discovery phase for various projects, custom software development and support, system modernization, data migration, cloud computing, and IT consulting on a limited scope of issues.

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