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DICEUS offers the development of bespoke marketplace platforms as well as implementation of ready-made marketplace platform software. To choose between out-of-the-box solutions and custom products, we recommend starting the project with a business analysis.  

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Marketplace software development

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Marketplace software development company

DICEUS provides top-notch marketplace software development services for projects of any purpose, any scope, and any complexity. We specialize in full-cycle and custom software development in accordance with your requirements and specifics. Our top priorities are your goals and expectations, focusing on which we are able to achieve the best possible results by putting our expertise into your plans and ideas. Here’s what we do in terms of marketplace development in particular.

UI/UX design

A good, selling marketplace properly satisfies users’ needs and goals without requiring much extra effort. Being the essential foundation of your future marketplace platform, the proper UI/UX design never makes you go far to do something while translating all the functional elements (buttons, links, interactive objects) in the most intuitive and even direct way possible. To achieve all that, we have a team of experienced UX/UI designers that have been creating intuitive interfaces and optimizing user experience for years.

Frontend development

We transform the blueprint UI/UX design assets into the vivid, user-attractive, demand-stimulated frontend. At this stage, the whole “front part” of your marketplace application – i.e., everything your end users (traditionally, marketplace vendors and their customers) see and use. When it comes to software development in a marketplace project, we supply you with expert frontend engineers that can set the project direction to hit the spot in the long run. Marketplaces have their own commonly accepted specific elements, which we know how to implement best.

Backend development

On the flip side of the frontend, there is a technical part of the marketplace application that holds together and powers up the whole system. It is called backend. It defines how fast your application performs, how smoothly it transitions users through its functional areas and elements, and how failproof and traffic-resistant your software is. With high traffic volumes that marketplaces must usually sustain, the backend must be sturdy, optimized, and well-protected. We have specialists to reinforce your backend quality with flexible development approaches and grant top security.

CMS integration

A marketplace requires more software powers and performance capacities than your usual eCommerce store or service. That’s why there are usually two ways to create a new online marketplace – build a completely or partially custom software architecture from scratch or put a readymade CMS platform into its core. Depending on the specifics of a particular project, we can help choose the most proper eCommerce platform to power up your marketplace website development and uncover its potential to the fullest.

Marketplace platforms

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Marketplace software development company

Have you been searching for professionals that can not only build an ecommerce marketplace software project but also point you in the most efficient workflow directions and implement the most relevant practices in the market? You have come to the right place, then.

At DICEUS, we provide top-of-the-line marketplace solutions that help businesses stimulate demand, draw proper traffic, and sell more. We will help you build a state-of-the-art online marketplace, support it after its full implementation in the market, maintain any possible issues, and scale it further when the time and need come.

Benefits of marketplace application development

An online marketplace is an alternative to traditional commerce moved online where more focus is put on wholesale and multi-vendor opportunities. As a marketplace owner, you get a highly profitable possibility to provide the trading ground for a multitude of vendors and their buyers simultaneously, benefiting from both contributions. Thus, you earn on mutual services – vendors pay you for the opportunity to sell online in a convenient, promoted place while you attract customers on your behalf. Setting up a marketplace with DICEUS, you get a bunch of project-specific benefits as well.

Flexible collaboration

We have teams of experienced specialists who work adhering to well-tested approaches and can always adjust to how you prefer to collaborate and do business. We can discuss multiple formats of our cooperation, pick the most efficient workflow tactics based on the specific project goals, make changes and adapt during the ongoing project workflow. We have been practicing and upping qualifications for years to achieve such flexibility.

Transparent workflow

Staying on one page with the client throughout the project cycle is essential. That allows achieving the most satisfying results meeting your expectations. And this is exactly why we focus on necessary milestones and reports, keeping all the processes transparent, outlining all the details of ongoing work, and syncing up all the underlying aspects with your big picture of the project. We always keep you informed.

Reasonable pricing

We offer ecommerce marketplace development without any hidden costs and unexpected rough turns during the project. Every other project is as unique as it gets. However, we have been through dozens of similar project cycles and now know all the common and not-so-common risks and pitfalls. This knowledge allows us to help you optimize costs according to specific needs and goals and cut the budget without sacrificing quality wherever possible.

Guaranteed quality

We have only highly qualified, experienced, certified specialists with in-depth expertise in their field and then some working in our marketplace development company. The same goes for offshore specialists we provide – our pool of experts consists only of trusted, seasoned professionals. This, along with the practical knowledge acquired and elaborated throughout the years of professional operation, allows us to guarantee the highest project quality.

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Key marketplace software features  

Marketplace software providers offer dozens of features. DICEUS, as a custom software development company, offers bespoke multi vendor marketplace software with features that you really need. Before the development phase, we offer product discovery to identify your target users, the features they will use, and the rest important aspects to consider: tech stack, team composition, cost estimation, and project roadmap. Below are the most common functionalities marketplace software should have:   

User registration and authentication  

Product and services listings 

Reviews and ratings

Feedback and dispute resolution 

Reviews and ratings 

Payment gateway 

Order management 


Reporting and analytics 

Customer support 

SEO and marketing tools 

Mobile-friendly interface 

Our marketplace development process

We do things according to the latest trends and practices elaborated in the market by the niche leaders and follow our own philosophies of achieving the best with all we have at our disposal. The individual approach to every project allows focusing on the thorough workflow rather than on faceless task completion. Mixing custom approaches with common methods and practices, we usually do things the following way.

Discovery phase

Architecture and design


Testing and QA



Business analysisWe believe that it is essential to kick off a project with detailed preliminary research and a thorough analysis of every other aspect related to the project at hand. In particular, we gather requirements, inspect the overall state of your business niche, the competitive environment related to your product, similar competitor solutions, common market trends, and the success of particular approaches in similar fields. This allows us to start things in full arms, being prepared for the timely outlined workflow of the project and reaching the anticipated goals.
Design and developmentThe project’s initial planning and outline then go to our design team, which prepares the early “carcass” of your future marketplace solution. Our UI specialists outline the best-fitting interface elements and user experience-boosting objects and functionalities. Every other milestone is approved by you. The whole design markup is then passed on to our software developers, that write and program the “functionality meat”, setting all moving things in motion.
DeploymentWith the finalized designs and fully functional marketplace software up and running, we move on to one of the last stages of completing your product and presenting it in the market – deployment. We know how to properly deploy an eCommerce software solution of any scale and complexity based on its software specifics. We will also help you present it in the most favorable light in the proper commercial niche. For this, we have all sorts of IT specialists.
Technical supportWe do not drop your project once we fully deploy and release it for public use. Our online marketplace development professionals provide various levels of tech support (L1/L2/L3) to prevent different performance hindrances or eliminate technical issues that may arise during your marketplace’s active operation and use. This concerns handling traffic spikes, fending off cybersecurity breach attempts, as well as updating and patching up the running software where needed.

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What impacts the duration of marketplace development

To create a software marketplace can use as a major platform for selling and buying goods and services, you need to accurately estimate the timeline and budget, which can vary depending on the project complexity and specific requirements. It can range from a few months for basic platforms to a year or more for large-scale marketplaces with advanced features. 

DICEUS is an established marketplace app development company with strict quality standards and capable specialists that never miss deadlines and undermine the project schedule. So, check out the aspects that affect the timeline:

  • Project requirements
  • Expected time-to-market
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology
  • Chosen methodology

What affects your project costs

We guarantee the high quality of the end product and smoothly delivered services from the get-go. There are, however, aspects that affect your project cost in any case and which you should be aware of.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time & Material, Dedicated Team
  • Number of add-ons

What we need from your side

The cost of marketplace management software varies based on factors like scope, features, complexity, and development resources. It’s essential to work with a development team to get an accurate cost estimate based on your specific requirements. 

We take full responsibility for the technical execution of the project and for every other project milestone we handle. But here is what you may provide to achieve the best results possible.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap, if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation, if available, for example, a test strategy or test cases
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)
  • Project deadlines

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

How to find a marketplace application developer?

Nowadays, you don’t need to go far to find a team that will build you an online marketplace. It is enough to go online and choose from the available offers. However, the provider must meet all your project demands, adjust to your specific wishes, and offer full-cycle services. All of which we do at DICEUS.

What are the benefits of marketplace development?

The major benefit of creating your own high-quality marketplace is that you get at your disposal software that helps power the success of other commercial market players while profiting off the services you provide for them. We can help you set up a marketplace that will satisfy all user parties equally efficiently.

What is the cost of marketplace development?

The exact budget depends heavily on the scope of your project, the goals you have in mind, your financial capacities, and things that can be either cut down or optimized for the most optimal budget. One thing is for sure – marketplaces are more expensive to build than traditional eCommerce sites. But we can help you achieve the most reasonable costs with an individual approach.

What technologies are commonly used to build a marketplace software platform? 

Our company usually uses the following technologies to develop online marketplace software: web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Django, and Laravel, databases (for example, MySQL, PostgreSQL), frontend frameworks like React, Angular, Vue.js, payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe), and cloud services for reliability and scalability. 

What security measures do you take in marketplace software development? 

Ecommerce marketplace software requires security, so we take common security measures while building such solutions. These may include data encryption, secure user authentication, secure payment gateways, protection against SQL injection and other cyberattacks, and regular audits to identify and address vulnerabilities. 

Can I integrate third-party services into my marketplace software? 

Yes, marketplace integration software may include third-party services such as payment gateways, shipping providers, analytics tools, and social media platforms to enhance functionality and user experience. The discovery phase is the best way to identify your integration requirements before the project execution. 

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