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DICEUS supports organizations that need more time or in-house resources to manage their technology infrastructure efficiently. Our team has the expertise to help your business meet goals faster while eliminating common risks. Learn more about our IT services to make your next business-defining decision.

Types of IT services we offer  

IT consulting

Information technology consulting helps clients assess and align different technology strategies with their businesses. These IT services for businesses provide strategic, architectural, operational, and implementation planning directions through tech initiatives.  

Digital transformation

Digital transformation services help companies update and enhance by integrating state-of-the-art proprietary and open-source technologies. Revising and reimagining how the existing employees and processes operate can be easier than rehauling everything from the ground up.  

IT management consulting

IT management consulting helps organizations develop business strategies based on fast and clear insights from existing data and AI-powered analytics that can be covered at scale. We give tailored recommendations that cater to operations at the top administrative level.  

Product discovery

The discovery phase helps develop high-quality software from which users and stakeholders can benefit. This stage boosts your chances of creating a high-level digital product and reduces the risk of flaws. We analyze and prioritize strategically significant features and finalize corporate requirements.  

Managed IT services

Managed IT services make us your Managed Service Provider (MSP) of choice to handle any range of IT needs. Commonly, these needs include remote servers, desktops, and device management. Cybersecurity also turns into other common uses.  

IT outsourcing services

IT outsourcing services help you find the best matching software development providers for cost-efficient, remote collaboration. We enable outsourcing opportunities where all your IT needs are handled on a single platform.  

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Benefits of DICEUS IT services 

Companies of different sizes outsource their information technology needs to an independent provider for many reasons. DICEUS provides IT support and services that create a secure, progressive, and efficient environment. We care for tech solutions so companies can focus on their ultimate goals. How many of these benefits could help your business right now?

  • 13 years of experience in IT services and software development make handling even the most complex business cases easy. 
  • 250 full-time IT professionals make complex technology decisions to concentrate on core competencies and unveil unique growth opportunities. 
  • 24/7 support allows corporate clients to stay in touch with specialists whenever problems occur. 
  • Regular reporting and metrics ensure the business captures maximum performance from your technology infrastructure. 
  • Agile project management puts the entire IT infrastructure under your control, keeping systems up and running at all times. 
  • Strong expertise in business analysis simplifies the way towards higher-level IT skill sets so that you can properly allocate your in-house IT resources. 
  • Top-notch security is maintained to avoid data loss and unexpected IT issues by means of threat protection, flaws detection, and data support. 

Our partnerships

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IT services for businesses: How it works 

At DICEUS, we are determined to deliver an excellent customer experience from day one. Our IT company services happen to be a central element of this experience. Make sure to go through the comprehensive onboarding process. 

Step 1: Project discovery We dig into all the essential details about the upcoming cooperation, including the project approach, costs, and support. Both parties must know what to expect from each other throughout the development process. 
Step 2: Workflow assessment We examine the existing IT infrastructure to enhance the current investments potentially. We discuss your business projects in detail to understand what it has and what it needs. The main focus is put on technology challenges. As your trusted tech partner, we analyze the real pains you are dealing with along with your unique business qualities in order to find the best-tailored IT solutions. 
Step 3: Pre-project consulting We recommend the best IT support services and solutions developed around a unique strategy to push your business forward. Whether it is a cloud or security product, thorough prep stages help us set the way you measure ROI, user needs, potential risks, and future opportunities. 
Step 4: Design We start to design and build a custom network infrastructure with your business-oriented needs in mind. Our strategic IT plan is based on world-class solutions covering your individual requirements. At this stage, our wireframing specialists build a basic design architecture to work on further.  
Step 5: Development process Our software engineers employ the most relevant development practices to produce maintainable, extensible, and convenient software. At this stage, we hardcode custom parts of functionality and integrate readymade features where fit. By taking business-essential features into account, we deliver the most value early in the process. 
Step 6: Product implementation We implement the finished product based on the pre-agreed plan. DICEUS specialists deliver all necessary IT services and solutions to introduce your new piece of software with a bang and keep it stable in public performance. We don’t drop your project, no matter its purpose and scope.  
Step 7: Continued support We provide ongoing maintenance and proactive management to ensure that everything runs smoothly. With us at the center of your IT operations, you can freely focus on your business without experiencing tech disruptions along the way.  A well-tried-and-tested workflow sequence allows us to save you tons of unnecessary expenses, effort, and nerves. To give you the ultimate efficacy, we combine all the above tasks with thorough management, efficient communication, and reasonable pricing. 

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How to define the cost of the services you need?

The final pricing is shaped by the scope and complexity of information technology and services provided particularly for your project. We do everything to help you achieve the most transparent expense outline from the get-go. Here is the process of defining the cost at DICEUS:

Study the marketUsing market-based pricing isn’t stable. We analyze what the competitors charge for similar services and come up with a more reasonable price through the use of relevant practices.  
Calculate costsWe project and add up all the expenses outlined during the discovery and planning stages. These include direct costs (labor, material, and production supplies) and indirect costs (rent, utilities, equipment, insurance, etc.) 
Consider the time requiredThe time we put into your business matters. Our take on workflow roadmapping and planning helps avoid tons of common time expenses, saving your budget in the long run.  
Create a fair profit marginWe subtract the cost of goods to understand how much the project can bring in the short run. We consider the costs, the market, the perceived value, and the time invested to come up with a fair profit margin. 
Charge an hourly or per-project rateDepending on each particular situation, we may set up a per-hour or a fixed rate. The final decision is made based on your requirements, needs, and wishes. 

We do everything we can to optimize your average cost of business IT services. If your goal is to save as much money as possible without sacrificing quality, consider outsourcing IT operations. 


2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

What do we need to start working on your project? 

Starting a software project is a multi-faceted task. And while we handle all the work, there are aspects with which you can help us in order to achieve the top-efficient results. These are some project-boosting inputs we’d like to gain from you: 

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Use cases: When is it better to use IT services? 

Digital transformation services: 

– You are frustrated with your support, and you need to improve CX 
– You want to automate operations inside your organization 
– You need to gather or share information from physical documents 
– You are determined to keep your call center and in-store desk running smoothly 

Digital transformation consulting: 

– You need to decide whether to move your business from an offline to an online format 
– You look for guidelines to analyze the organization’s requirements, existing resources and ability to deliver the result 
– You want your technology to be cleansed from viruses and other malicious content 
– You seek detailed instructions for implementing a piece of software without involving third-parties 

IT management consulting: 

– You need help with your business performance through technology optimization 
– You want to create a roadmap outlining the existing IT environment and the steps to improve it in the future 
– You need to manage corporate operations by means of technology 
– You need analyze the technology to optimize business processes 

IT consulting: 

– You want to keep data organized through business process automation 
– You need to monitor digital risks through efficient management 
– You need help with the implementation of tech systems into your business project 
– You want to maintain a high level of security and data recovery in your enterprise 

Discovery phase: 

– You want to understand your target audience better through data analysis 
– You need to organize the development process and connect business goals with customers’ needs 
– You want to foresee and eliminate risks associated with poor tech features of your business 
– You identify competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to see how your product can fit in the market. 

Managed IT services: 

– You want to implement a support model to offload general tasks to the relevant specialists 
– You need to improve your product quality by organizing the workload via tech innovations 
– You want to keep sensitive business data secure and improved for further use 
– You need specialists to search for tech flaws in the management of IT operations 

IT outsourcing services: 

– You are looking to hire an outside company to handle your IT needs 
– You need to introduce innovative software to the international market 
– You need to deliver IT-enabled business processes and infrastructure solutions through foreign offices 
– You want to reduce your business budget expenses by paying less to IT specialists 

Co-managed IT services: 

– You need full control over all technology used in your company 
– You want to retain access to corporate software, hardware, and backups while employing third-party services 

Our technology stack

Additional IT support services

Feel free to explore the range of information technology services from DICEUS. Here are some more options to choose from: 

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Frequently asked questions

What is an example of an IT service? 

IT services often include software development processes to establish custom applications that cover particular business needs. For example, a startup business may get web products to develop an app for organizing and maintaining records or optimizing access to corporate operations. 

How to find a reliable IT services provider? 

The IT support services list is constantly growing, which makes customers’ choices more complicated. When searching for a reliable provider like DICEUS, make sure to consider specific criteria to make the right final choice. These include the experience level, core values, independent reviews, etc. Learn some helpful tips on how to find a reliable vendor by reading our white paper.

What are the most popular IT services? 

Small and large businesses can get access to various services based on innovative technology. The most common ones include cloud content, backup solutions, remote support, email sending, network security, firewall installation and configuration, etc. 

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