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Software product development company benefits

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Software product development company benefits

We offer both dedicated and outsourced software product development services honed by years of market operation, the in-depth expertise of our specialists, and a deep focus on constant growth and improvement. We can help you gain a competitive edge in the fierce IT market conditions and achieve a significantly higher demand among customers with a thoroughly designed and built software product that is tailored to hit your particular business goals and meet consumer requirements.

Agile methodology

An Agile approach to IT project management and life-cycle completion allows our specialists to keep things flexible, transparent, and at the highest level of service quality by implementing each stage. In the long run, we achieve superior product quality by testing each milestone and boosting client satisfaction rates by involving the client in the decision-making process. We also avoid many pains and risks with a fully controlled workflow.

Design and prototyping

We kick off our software product development services for every project by building a sturdy foundation. This is done during the design and prototyping phase where we outline the basic design of the product to be implemented, create a working prototype, and conduct early testing iterations. Timely prototyping allows for accelerating product delivery, involving real users in the early stages of development, and saving budget by eliminating lots of unnecessary costs.

Industry knowledge

Our in-house specialists and outsourced talents are seasoned industry experts with in-depth knowledge of a particular discipline and multiple similar fields. We employ the track record of the industry tendencies to make sure that we employ the most well-proven and efficient design and development approaches. A full-on 360 perspective on the industry details reinforced with regular qualification-boosting courses and activities help us grant the highest end product quality.

Mature SDLC

Years of practice in the field enable us to provide a well-adjusted, tried, and tested project implementation workflow, boosting the quality and reducing the time it takes to finish up the software development lifecycle. We offer to go by well-defined stages to keep it all clear and organized both for clients and our software specialists. The same methods can be used for offshore software product development projects and we can also combine and coin different stages to achieve utterly personalized results.

Software product development

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Software product development

In the development of a software product of any purpose and complexity, it is crucial that only highly qualified, well-experienced industry specialists handle even the smallest phases of the project. Are you looking for such specialists to tackle a full-cycle (or partial) implementation of your software project?

DICEUS gives you outstanding software engineering capabilities at reasonable costs, with result-driven approaches, and transparent processes. Feel free to contact us to discuss further details.

Benefits of sourced software product development

In a market environment where downtime and quality flaws are unforgivable, we give you software development opportunities that can help you boost your own business operations and use a well-functioning software product without going bankrupt. For this, on top of the dedicated team and turnkey development options, we also provide offshore software product development capacities that can help you save even more without sacrificing the quality of the end product.

Quick time-to-market

We will help you enter the market as soon as possible and with a bang. A well-adjusted workflow ensures fast time-to-market. Even with completely custom projects, we have a structured workflow plan from the get-go, which we tailor to your particular goals and needs in the course of the project. Agile approaches also help us handle things faster while avoiding common issues and errors.

Organized collaboration

Your close involvement in the project helps successfully complete each SDLC phase so that it perfectly fits individual requirements and demands. To keep things in line with what you really require, we conduct regular meetings, compose summaries and milestone reports on every other project stage, and clarify the specifics of all the software product engineering processes taking place individually.

Guaranteed results

We guarantee the top quality of each and every software product created. To achieve this, we focus heavily in early testing and automated testing iterations by milestones; we have separate quality control and assurance department keeping track of quality compliance through all project stages; we always establish the most convenient and active client communication; and have the proper expertise and experience.

Business thinking

When it comes to software product development, building a working solution isn’t enough, even if it is a high-quality product that complies with all requirements. We put long-term prospects in your particular business niche as a top priority to create something to help you outrun the competition if there are already similar solutions in the market. Thorough business and market analysis help us pinpoint the major ways to do that.

Our software product development process

DICEUS is a software product development company that brings versatile, individually tailored software development workflows to companies looking to reinforce their position in the market or conquer the hearts and minds of particular target audiences with an innovative digital product. Our general philosophy is to take things step by step, never rush things, and smoothly lead the project to its full completion with minimum post-implementation corrections.

Requirements gatheringTo kick things off, we hear the client out, get all the input data they have in store, gather and structure all the requirements, conduct a thorough analysis to come up with a big picture of what we will need to work on in particular. We may either start working with requirements prepared in advance or help you formulate and generate a list of requirements based on our professional experience in the field. After thorough discussions and brainstorming where the need is, we can move on to the next stage.
Design and prototypingThe stage of design creation and prototyping helps us outline the basic looks and feels of the product and set the stage for further development. To elaborate on the basic design, we structure the concept we have, gather all the thoughts and ideas, pinpoint the main pains to be solved and goals to be achieved with a new software solution. A prototype is built after the generalized outline is in place, and we know where to move. The prototype is thoroughly tested and even trialed among the real users.
Software developmentThe tested, prototyped design is then passed on to the team of software engineers who start to organize the general software architecture, hardcode and integrate features, configure implemented functionality, and tie up user experience elements within a wholesome intuitive interface. At this stage, a team of software developers puts their skills into setting things in motion and achieving functional goals. The whole process results in a fully working solution that just needs some polishing up and finalization.
Testing and UATCombined manual and automated tests for the built software are a crucial stage of finalizing your product. It allows us to prevent a lot of flaws and errors resulting in significant financial and business reputation losses. Each testing iteration is followed by a respective report and milestone analysis. This is reinforced with further user acceptance testing, which is an additional effort to make sure that the software developed properly meets all the requirements and specifications.
DeploymentOnce the product is fully functional, configured, polished up where needed, and thoroughly tested, it’s time to make it available for use. We help you properly deploy the created solution in the required system/platform/corporate environment. This is the last step before the final product release. Basically, we run the software on a server or compatible devices and make sure it looks, works, and responds to the user interactions the way it should. If not, the software is additionally polished.
Product launchThe final stage of the software development lifecycle we provide at DICEUS is the release of the tested and fully prepared product. We can help you properly post a mobile application in the respective marketplace, ensuring it complies with all regulations. In the case of a web solution, we will configure the server/hosting and assist you in handling the first traffic, keeping performance stable and preventing possible crashes while you get complete software assets.

What impacts your project duration

Projects of different complexity, scale, and direction may take different time stretches to complete. Here are some critical factors affecting the project time.

  • Requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Tech stack

What affects your project costs

We always try to settle the most closely approximate scope of the budget in the early stages of development. Here are the main factors we should analyze to do that.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Cooperation model: Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

The client’s direct involvement in the project workflow is a guarantee of reaching the most desired results. That’s why, ideally, we need the following input info from you.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What is outsourced software development?

Outsourcing helps companies fill the gap of certain expertise or skills, of which there is an in-house lack. Your existing staff can be analyzed to see what additional input you may need so that you could hire particular specialists. It also helps to handle certain complex tasks or project patches without bothering with full-on in-house specialist recruitment and employment.

What are the key benefits of outsourcing?

The major benefit of outsourcing is the ability to save costs while getting the required expertise. In particular, you can avoid all the cumbersome recruitment and work organization processes and pay only for the work done at lower rates while efficiently handling the project. It is also a great way to scale the business without going far and to keep all the underlying project processes under strict control.

Why look for an outsourcing software provider?

The practice of outsourcing IT staff is growing in demand by the day and the pool of available talents is expanding accordingly. But only an experienced, reputable provider of offshore software product development services can help you acquire reliable staff and properly augment it with your running business processes.

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