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our recognitions

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In addition to creating unique software solutions, we strive to offer the best services for our customers. Thanks to the high-quality products and excellent services, we have earned great awards and recognitions.

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our portfolio

our portfolio

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  • BenefitNet Insurance Solution

    A complete solution that provides HR professionals and insurance specialists with essential tools for the efficient and organized administration of their employee benefits programs. We have created a product for insurance companies and brokers that can automate their key business processes.

  • FSA - Benefits Management Solution

    A perfect system for both executives and workers to manage and monitor flexible spendings. We created the unique enterprise product which can completely automate FSA-related collaboration and engage people to use benefits deliberately.

  • InsuBiz Insurance Solution

    A single database that helps manage customers and business records as well as track all the insured and self-insured assets. It is aimed to organize and streamline all the processes related to risks, claims, and insurance in one system.

  • Teambase HR

    A complete human resources management system with lots of features and user-friendly interface that can improve the entire workflow in any organization. We have created a sophisticated HRMS that combines a set of tools and processes to ensure the effective management of data and human resources.

  • Data Warehouse for Asian Bank

    An all-in-one system with a data warehouse and tax-data repository. The solution accommodates 130 data sources, new elements and two reporting systems united into the common structure. We developed the architecture, models, and processes resulted in end-to-end workflows with ETL data acquisition, general ledger reconciliation, and YTD calculations.The project is under NDA.

  • Financial Management Solution for Dubai Real Estate Holding Company

    The upgraded fintech platform for real estate holding. It supports improved financial management features with live accurate tracking of records. We delivered a handy tool that gathers all core data into a single base that is easily accessible at any time. Among the features, we created reporting modules, dashboards, analytical platforms, and automated journal entries.The project is under NDA.

  • Palmers

    E-commerce solution for Austrian producer and seller of underwear with SAP integration and fulfillment solutions. We have created a user-friendly e-commerce interface for company’s website with a perfect user experience and new integration features.

  • Customer 360 System for Bank

    A complex integrated software solution for displaying all the information about each client of the bank in the front bank system. All the information about the clients and the products they use is processed and displayed in real-time.

  • Data Warehous for Bank

    Advanced data warehouse with a reliable architecture that delivers an efficient workflow and information reliability thanks to automated processes. This solution provides consistent real-time control and analysis of the major bank operations.

  • BenefitNet Insurance Solution demo screen
  • FSA - Benefits Management Solution demo screen
  • InsuBiz Insurance Solution demo screen
  • Teambase HR demo screen
  • Data Warehouse for Asian Bank demo screen
  • Financial Management Solution for Dubai Real Estate Holding Company demo screen
  • Palmers demo screen
  • Customer 360 System for Bank demo screen
  • Data Warehous for Bank demo screen

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

“The collaboration has increased by as much as 25% each year, thanks to Diceus’ technical capabilities and quick feedback adoption. The team’s professionalism, cost-effective rates, and consistent delivery continue to support both the engagement and product end-users”

customer decor line customer decor line Robert Koval photo

Robert Koval

Managing Director, Teambase DMCC

“Existing clients were introduced to the cloud software and are eager to adopt it. Although accustomed to full stack development, the team is flexible in this work, because they managed to develop a certain part of the stack. Diceus could recommend me alternatives to solve the issues. ”

customer decor line customer decor line Søren Hundebøll photo

Søren Hundebøll

Founder, InsuBiz

“The team I cooperated with was highly expert in a given business domain that’s why they managed to take into account its specific nature. All team members were easy to communicate with. The project was delivered on time.”

customer decor line customer decor line Sam Moore photo

Sam Moore

Co-founder, TBI

“My cooperation with Diceus started with a detailed technical proposal and accurate estimate. The dedicated team was available almost round-the-clock. I’ve got what I expected. ”

customer decor line customer decor line Barney Barnowski photo

Barney Barnowski

Marketing VP, Tektelic Communications

“The professional PM from Diceus perfectly managed my project. He recommended me the best-suited technology stack to develop the product. The team reacted quickly to any change requests.”

customer decor line customer decor line Steinar Talmoen photo

Steinar Talmoen

Co-Founder, NextCom Evolution

“Diceus picked up unfamiliar technologies and used them effectively to deliver satisfactory quality code in line with client's timeframe expectations.”

customer decor line customer decor line Phil Reynolds photo

Phil Reynolds

CEO and Owner of BriteCore

“Though still underway, their performance and deliverables thus far have met expectations and have been well received. The team is able to work seamlessly across multiple time zones globally, and after ironing out any initial communication difficulties, collaborates smoothly and professionally.”

customer decor line customer decor line Yair Rozilio photo

Yair Rozilio

CEO & Founder at Naya Tech



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our leadership TEAM

our leadership TEAM

We are focused on creating a team in which everyone is valued, where everyone is focused on the result and understands the importance of their efforts.

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Illia Vydysh


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Mariia Dobrovolska


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We realize how training matters for employees. We try to develop skills of Diceus teams via a nice corporate culture that helps everybody to rise personally.

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We work hard but never forget to relax

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