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We provide technology consulting, digital transformation and software development services for enterprises and governmental institutions

  • Solution Architecture
  • Cloud Transformation
  • IT Infrastructure & Software Landscape
  • UI & UX
  • Technology Integration & Prototyping
  • Business Solution Architecture
  • Enterprise Application Engineering
  • Legacy Migration & Decommissioning
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineering
  • DevOps
  • Technical Support
  • ODC Building

Value We Delivered Value We Delivered

  • Case: Customer 360 for a bank

    A complex integrated software solution for displaying all the information about each client of the bank in the front bank system.


    • Real-time clients’ information processing
    • Swift, VISA, MC operations time-delays elimination
    • Solution’s 24/7 responsiveness and reliability
    • Data dynamic visualization within custom UI
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  • Case: InsuBiz Insurance Solution

    A single database that helps manage customers and business records as well as track all insured and self-insured assets.


    • Insurance and risks calculation as self-served services
    • Claims management semi-automation
    • Insurance operations and personnel costs reduction
    • Significant time for action reduction
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  • We create bespoke solutions for the healthcare industry. Our applications are consumer-facing, user-friendly, and fully integrable with third-party systems.

    Challenges we overcome:

    • Real-time patient remote monitoring
    • Patient Information Management
    • Personal data protection and security
    • Flow Automation
    • Front Desk Management
    • Data aggregation, management and visualization
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  • Case: Teambase HR Solution

    Human resources management system to manage employee records, onboarding, process payrolls, store documentation like contracts, NDAs and track employees' performance.


    • HRM processes management improvement
    • Employee self-services and reporting time reduction
    • Employee personal data security improvement
    • Daily administrative and operations costs reduction
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  • We effectively combine our deep industry expertise in Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Government, Robotics, Green Energy, and Aerospace with standard-driven and proven SDLC process to help leading organizations from Europe, North America, UK and Middle East to build and run more innovative and efficient businesses.

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Robert Koval photo

Robert Koval Managing Director, Teambase DMCC


“The collaboration has increased by as much as 25% each year, thanks to Diceus’ technical capabilities and quick feedback adoption. The team’s professionalism, cost-effective rates, and consistent delivery continue to support both the engagement and product end-users”

Søren Hundebøll photo

Søren Hundebøll Founder, InsuBiz


“Existing clients were introduced to the cloud software and are eager to adopt it. Although accustomed to full stack development, the team is flexible in this work, because they managed to develop a certain part of the stack. Diceus could recommend me alternatives to solve the issues. ”

Sam Moore photo

Sam Moore Co-founder, TBI


“The team I cooperated with was highly expert in a given business domain that’s why they managed to take into account its specific nature. All team members were easy to communicate with. The project was delivered on time.”

Barney Barnowski photo

Barney Barnowski Marketing VP, Tektelic Communications


“My cooperation with Diceus started with a detailed technical proposal and accurate estimate. The dedicated team was available almost round-the-clock. I’ve got what I expected. ”

Steinar Talmoen photo

Steinar Talmoen Co-Founder, NextCom Evolution


“The professional PM from Diceus perfectly managed my project. He recommended me the best-suited technology stack to develop the product. The team reacted quickly to any change requests.”

Phil Reynolds photo

Phil Reynolds CEO and Owner of BriteCore


“Diceus picked up unfamiliar technologies and used them effectively to deliver satisfactory quality code in line with client's timeframe expectations.”

Yair Rozilio photo

Yair Rozilio CEO & Founder at Naya Tech


“Though still underway, their performance and deliverables thus far have met expectations and have been well received. The team is able to work seamlessly across multiple time zones globally, and after ironing out any initial communication difficulties, collaborates smoothly and professionally.”

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    Business​ analysts
    and engineers

  • 30+ ​

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    recommend us

  • 8

    Years of

  • 64%

    YoY organic
    revenue​ growth​

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