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Data analysis process

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Data analysis process

DICEUS helps businesses from various domains (banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, etc.) build robust data analytics solutions. Thus, organizations can gain powerful insights and intelligence to make more informed decisions based on data. Those insights also help companies improve operations, increase productivity, and take a more data-driven approach to their activities.

By harnessing the power of data more effectively, businesses can also gain competitive advantages over their rivals and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty over time. As an analytics services company, DICEUS helps customers develop data-driven approaches that bring significant long- and short-term benefits to businesses across all industries.

CX-driven approach to customer analytics

A CX-driven approach to customer analytics focuses on understanding and giving customers the desired experience. It implies understanding the customer’s needs and pain points for using that insight to drive business decisions and strategies that prioritize and empower the customer. A CX-driven approach to customer analytics helps foster customer loyalty by listening to their concerns and feedback and taking action to address those concerns. It can also drive innovation and new ways to enhance customer experiences in an ever-dynamic and changing business context.

Custom analytics solutions for financial services.

DICEUS creates custom analytics solutions to help banks and insurance companies better understand their customer behavior, pain points and issues, needs and preferences. We help improve the customer experience and create more personalized offers to retain loyalty and increase business growth. Our custom-made risk analytics solutions help assess the risks of assets or customers, allowing banks and insurance companies to make more informed decisions and risk-managed investments and protect themselves against losses or fraud.

Healthcare analysts solutions

We design and implement healthcare analytics solutions guiding healthcare organizations to become more data-driven in their approach to healthcare and patient care that can ultimately improve the quality of services and patient health outcomes. DICEUS delivers practical tools for analyzing data to improve medical practices and reduce costs. We also create data-analyzing solutions for research and development capable of tracking and managing population health and healthcare delivery and enhancing healthcare operations and management.

Custom analytics for retail and logistics

Data analytics for retail and logistics can provide valuable insight into customer behavior, purchasing patterns, and trends. Our solutions help make informed inventory, supply chains, and operations decisions. DICEUS develops custom data-analyzing tools to improve demand planning, supply chain tracking, and transport optimization. Our retail and logistics customers benefit significantly from enhanced efficiency and reduced waste when using our analytics solutions since they significantly foster inventory and supply chain management.

Business intelligence solutions

Business intelligence solutions provide comprehensive, real-time intelligence on business performance and operations. They include business intelligence platforms and tools like dashboards, reports, and analytics to help develop better business strategies driving continuous innovation. Our bespoke intelligence solutions provide insight into customer behavior and trends to improve marketing efforts and activities. DICEUS gives businesses a more holistic view of their performance, allowing them to make more data-driven decisions that boost revenue and increase profits.

Data analytics software for HR

When developing more effective HR strategies, DICEUS creates data analytics software for HR to analyze trends and patterns in human capital, employee behavior, and performance. Data analytics helps HR teams and managers make more informed and data-driven decisions about their people and operations. Our HR-oriented software includes various tools for talent and workforce analytics, as well as for workforce planning and management. It covers analytics on almost everything any HR specialist may need: recruitment, onboarding, training, retention, engagement, compensation, workforce culture and wellbeing, and people analytics overall.

Types of data analytics

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Types of data analytics

Businesses should use data analytics because they are continuously exposed to big data flows that bring no value without understanding the data. Data analytics solutions help companies to optimize operations, increase efficiency and productivity, and identify opportunities and trends in data to improve business performance and outcomes over time.

Utilizing the advanced capabilities of our data analytics solutions, organizations achieve more significant customer growth and business expansion through data-driven planning and strategy. Well-organized and thoroughly processed data helps our customers build and cultivate trust and loyalty with their target audiences through more personalized and data-driven customer engagement and insights.

Benefits of DICEUS data analytics services

Data analytics greatly benefits various domains by providing a deep understanding of data. It helps businesses and organizations identify growth and expansion opportunities, improve and optimize their operations, and drive business decisions.

Advanced analytics services from DICEUS aim to optimize various business processes and provide insight into trends and patterns in customer engagement and behavior. Our data experts let customers refuse to guess to start knowing instead. And knowledge is the power that provides leadership.

10 years of data analytics expertise

A decade of continuous efforts to gain professional experience in data analytics allows our experts to feel confident in whichever business domain our customers come from. We can recognize all possible data sources and the most appropriate methods and technologies to process and analyze the data in any given scenario. Whatever dataset you have, we can always create an effective tool to extract valuable information from it.

Professional data analytics consulting

Our professional data analytics consulting lets our customers develop and implement data analytics strategies and roadmaps, performing detailed and advanced data analytics to analyze trends and patterns within data. We assist them with data analytics deployment, maintenance, and ongoing management. In addition, our professional data analysts help organizations deeper understand their data with our expert-level guidance and recommendations.

Experience in DWH and BI development

DICEUS works with data via many practical approaches, among which data warehousing and business intelligence are frequently implementable. BI solutions provide a deeper understanding of data through analyzing trends and patterns, while DWH offers a framework and mechanism for analyzing and leveraging data. By combining BI solutions and DWH, businesses (as well as government and public sector organizations) can better understand and use data to drive business and organizational strategy and improve performance and outcomes.

AI and Big Data specialists onboard

Our AI and Big Data specialists perform large-scale, advanced data analysis and analytics that uncover more profound insights and understanding of data to drive and power data-driven decision-making. They develop and deploy tools and systems that power AI and Big Data capabilities. Our experts provide the data science and advanced analytics that drive business insight and value through data, making the technologies an integral part of data analytics and business intelligence processes.

How our data analytics consultants can help you

Data analytics can be complicated for non-professionals due to the specialized expertise required to analyze and leverage large amounts of data. The specifics of some data analytics processes and tools and the complexity and ambiguity of the data make it challenging to know how to extract valuable information from various data flows. Professional data analytics consultants from DICEUS turn those challenges into executable routines. They assist our customers in comprehensive data processing via the following:

Data discoveryEffective data discovery implies identifying and unlocking hidden information in data through analysis and interpretation to gain insights and generate value. We provide data discovery to help businesses and organizations understand their customers and markets, find new opportunities, improve customer satisfaction and engagement, discover new ways to manage operations and processes and create new products and services. Through data discovery, our customers can find new answers to business questions and gain a competitive edge over their rivals by using data to drive business strategy and execution.
Strategy developmentData analytics helps companies take a more proactive approach to management and planning by providing insight into business environments to understand better where their potential growth is expected. Our consultants help customers detect market trends, study competitive landscapes, and find new business opportunities. Such a holistic view of business performance and operations allows companies and organizations to make informed decisions to maximize value and efficiency and build advanced business strategies. Our data analytics consultants offer customers data-driven strategy development to benefit from.
Data managementThrough our data analytics services, businesses can get more value from their data by taking a more insights-driven approach to data management and handling. Our consultants help customers recognize potential issues and opportunities in data management and improve overall data health and governance. By allowing businesses and organizations to identify particular patterns in data, we help them make sense of the datasets they manage. Moreover, DICEUS can create custom data-management tools and solutions from scratch to meet our customers’ specific criteria and business requirements.
Data analytics solution developmentDespite numerous out-of-the-box data analytics systems available on the market, many companies and organizations still demand the custom development of such solutions. DICEUS practices a highly individual approach to every data-related project since business specificity always matters. Our vast experience in data analytics prevents us from believing in any one-fits-all solution. Both data as such and the sources it comes from vary significantly from project to project to be analyzed by any universal tool. We develop bespoke data analytics systems to satisfy our customers with precise correspondence between their needs and the achieved results.

What impacts your project duration

Although data analytics solutions are various and individually developed, there are several common factors affecting any project’s duration:

  • The complexity of data to be analyzed
  • Data management strategy
  • Number of skilled data analysts
  • Number of data sources and data flows
  • Data warehousing facilities

What affects your project costs

Price offerings depend on many individual aspects of each project. At the same time, several factors able to affect your project costs are common and easily recognized:

  • The project complexity
  • Inadequate IT infrastructure for data analytics
  • The project’s urgency
  • The scope and range of data analytics services chosen
  • The engagement model

What we need from your side

The timeline, costs, and quality of project completion become optimally balanced when a customer and a contractor can collaborate tightly. To establish such a collaboration, we expect our customers to provide us with the following:

  • Project goals and a business strategy (if available)
  • Access to data sources and flows to be involved
  • Project-related documentation
  • Project execution schedule and roadmap
  • Communication sessions with customer stakeholders

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

How can data analytics services help in making better business decisions?

Companies and organizations that use data analytics services can make better business decisions by having a deeper understanding of their data. Data analysis helps uncover insights and patterns in data to make more informed business decisions, drive strategy, and shape and inform overall business performance and outcomes.

What types of data analytics techniques are commonly used in data analytics services?

Standard techniques used for data analytics services include business intelligence tools and platforms, statistical analysis, data modeling, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), data mining and visualization, predictive modeling, analytics of Big Data, decision support systems, customer analytics, supply chain analytics, fraud analytics, health and healthcare analytics, security and incident analytics, risk and threat analytics, and more.

How do data analytics services handle data privacy and security concerns?

Data analytics services can handle data privacy and security concerns through data classification and labeling, data tagging and redaction, security and permission controls, data backup and disaster recovery, encryption of data at rest, data anonymization and de-personalization, access and authorization control, data governance policies and procedures, and data deletion and destruction policies. Data analytics services can also help comply with data management and privacy-related regulations, frameworks, and policies such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, etc.

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